Keep Your Nose Clean With This Piece Of Blogging Advice

OK, so your blog is a great way to tell your readers how you feel about things and give some blogging advice.  You can get stuff off your chest, share your hopes and dreams, provide insightful information, heck you can do anything you want, it’s your blog.

But, the question is should you just do it?  Should you let your fingers type and to hell with it?  Is it time to hold back, think and be measured before you publish your latest post?  If it is a rant are you willing to take the consequences of your actions?

I’ve seen so many posts ranting about this and that just recently.  Whilst a rant can be interesting, engaging, controversial, thought-provoking, even satirical, you need to be careful you don’t take things too far.

You could blemish your reputation in a second, lose a tonne of your readers and subscribers or face other, more drastic measures, such as legal action.

So, my blogging advice to you is simple…

Never post anything you wouldn’t say in person

It may seem an obvious statement now but when you’re having that rant, just stop and think for a minute.  Could you tone it down and make it into a critique and not a full-blown, in your face, have a go at somebody or something?

Because you know what, you can bet your bottom dollar, you’ll get found out eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional rant to get something off your chest.  Just not every post I read on your blog.  Negativity breeds negativity and if you’re preaching at me too much with your blogging advice, I’m just going to switch off to your sermon and find somewhere nicer to spend my time.

I think sometimes bloggers forget that people are listening and what they are writing may cause offence.  There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something but make sure you’re polite with it!  That way people are less likely to retaliate, well, you might be lucky :-).

Just think to yourself, would I say the things I’m writing face to face with someone and if not then consider the consequences.

What Blogging Advice Do you Have?

Are you ready to take an online bloody nose?

Maybe you’re the type of person who lives for a bit of controversy?

I welcome any thoughts or comments you may have on this subject and please be sociable and share my post.

Thanks for listening!

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