Keep Your Nose Clean With This Piece Of Blogging Advice

Heed My Blogging Advice

OK, so your blog is a great way to tell your readers how you feel about things and give some blogging advice.  You can get stuff off your chest, share your hopes and dreams, provide insightful information, heck you can do anything you want, it’s your blog.

But, the question is should you just do it?  Should you let your fingers type and to hell with it?  Is it time to hold back, think and be measured before you publish your latest post?  If it is a rant are you willing to take the consequences of your actions?

I’ve seen so many posts ranting about this and that just recently.  Whilst a rant can be interesting, engaging, controversial, thought-provoking, even satirical, you need to be careful you don’t take things too far.

You could blemish your reputation in a second, lose a tonne of your readers and subscribers or face other, more drastic measures, such as legal action.

So, my blogging advice to you is simple…

Never post anything you wouldn’t say in person

It may seem an obvious statement now but when you’re having that rant, just stop and think for a minute.  Could you tone it down and make it into a critique and not a full-blown, in your face, have a go at somebody or something?

Because you know what, you can bet your bottom dollar, you’ll get found out eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional rant to get something off your chest.  Just not every post I read on your blog.  Negativity breeds negativity and if you’re preaching at me too much with your blogging advice, I’m just going to switch off to your sermon and find somewhere nicer to spend my time.

I think sometimes bloggers forget that people are listening and what they are writing may cause offence.  There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something but make sure you’re polite with it!  That way people are less likely to retaliate, well, you might be lucky :-).

Just think to yourself, would I say the things I’m writing face to face with someone and if not then consider the consequences.

What Blogging Advice Do you Have?

Are you ready to take an online bloody nose?

Maybe you’re the type of person who lives for a bit of controversy?

I welcome any thoughts or comments you may have on this subject and please be sociable and share my post.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. says

    Whilst? Is that a word?

    Most of the time my post will have a satirical twist to it and there have been a few times someone won’t ‘get it’ and take it way to serious. If nothing else, I’m consistent with it which might get old after awhile but I can’t help it; that is how my brain works.

    Yes, I have seen people say things they would probably never say to someone’s face. Even though it’s out there for the world to see, there is a certain amount of anonymity that people think they can just cut loose and say anything.

    I’d like to think if you are reading my stuff it will be just like us talking together. I ‘get’ the fact social should be social; some seem to struggle with that because they don’t think it mixes with ‘business.’ You have to develop the relationships first if you want to have any depth whatsoever in your game.

    That’s my story for today; welcome back.

    • says

      Bill, you get my vote for social dude of the year. “Develop the relationships first” Now there IS a holy grail to this stuff we call blogging. All sarcasm aside.

    • says

      Hey Bill

      I’m a Englishman, whilst is definitely a word over here!

      I love the satirical nature of your posts Bill, it’s what makes your blog so engaging. Don’t change a thing! Your posts definitely feel like we’re having a conversation, over a beer.

      I think I’ve read far too many rants on other people’s blogs just recently that it’s getting tedious. Post after post. As you say though, people think they can hide behind their blog, like a comfort blanket.

      Spoken like you could have been Adrienne; it’s all about developing relationships. But that’s kind of fun too, hey?!

      Thanks for the welcome back Bill. I’m glad to be back.

      Hope you’re having a good day today.


  2. says


    You are so bang on with this post. The great thing with letting loose a little is that you show your personality which is really the only differentiating feature anyone has in this space.

    There are a lot of bloggers out there and in the 15 months I have been tooling around in this space I have seen some people develop nicely. You can see the confidence build and their unique voice shine through. It is awesome to see, really!

    “If you can’t say to my face don’t say it” should be everyone’s motto but alas we live in a world where that is not always possible. We also have the unique advantage in this space to tune out those that we do not agree with or like. It’s kinda like building your own little paradise. 😉

    Great stuff!

    • says

      Hey Ralph

      Great to see you here. Thanks for visiting.

      I’m just getting back on the horse at the minute after moving house, so I’ll make my way over to your blog in the next couple of days.

      I agree with everything you say. It’s great to see a blog develop and to see the story unfold.

      There’s definitely nothing wrong with being a bit edgy; I quite like that but I need a breather sometimes as well! 😉

      I guess as I’m getting older I just can’t be bothered with too much ranting. You’re right though, we have the luxury of tuning out if we don’t like something. And I do. Life’s too short.

      Thanks for your great comments Ralph. Much appreciated!


  3. says

    Hey there Tim,

    I always say be professional with everything you do on the social web, because it follow you for the rest of your life.

    I’ve let my professional guard down a few times here and there. I’m a passionate person. I cuss sometimes too and that’s not professional; but it is who I am… Hmm, catch 22 here, especially when the topic of transparency comes into the equation.

    For me, if it were my goal to grow my blog, I would want to do it by having a positive impact on lives.

    While ranting and controversy can grow blog traffic too, its not motivated by a productive, progressive positive mindset.

    On the contrary, it usually creates a very negative and hostile environment where not a lot of productive things get done.

    Just my two cents, have a great day sir!

    • says

      Hey Mark

      I can see you are a passionate man. It comes across in what and how you write. That’s a great thing Mark.

      I have cussed so many times recently due to the stresses and strains of moving house I can tell you!

      But, I try and shy away from too much controversy both in my life and on my blog. I like having an open debate though, that can be really interesting.

      I agree totally about trying to have a positive impact on lives with your blog. Mine is still evolving, who knows if it’s going in the right direction?!

      I like what you are saying a lot though mate!

      Thanks for some great comments Mark.


  4. Jeevan Jacob John says

    From my business perspective, it is not okay to take things too far, Tim. But, as with my personal opinion, I just don’t worry about what happens to my reputation – Yes, I do care, with who I really am. But, what other people think of me, far less.

    As with taking things too far, I don’t like negativity. But, if I feel that I have gone to far with my rant, I just apologize in the next one (But, I never have felt that way, maybe because I was more focused on blogging until now. I have added personal development to my niche last week, let’s see how that goes).

    And yes, I don’t want an online bloody nose 😉

    • says

      Hi Jeevan

      I really don’t mind the odd rant. I wrote my post after reading rant after rant on a couple of blogs I used to read.

      Notice the ‘used to’! As Ralph mentioned, we have the luxury of tuning out to things that we don’t like or find annoying. I voted with my feet!

      There’s nothing wrong with personal opinion though, having an open debate on your blog can really make things interesting.

      How do people react when you have the rant? And how do they react when you apologize? I think too much ranting and you may find it puts people off.

      Thank you for letting us know your thoughts Jeevan.


  5. Donna Merrill says

    Excellent advice Tim!

    We do have to be mindful when we are writing ANYTHING on our blogs or social sites. A little rant here and there won’t hurt as long as it is written well and not about anyone or any thing.

    Other than that, we do have to watch our P’s and Q’s (I think that’s an old saying..oh well) But we also have to be mindful that we are writing to the world. Our connections live all over the world and that is the best part I love about it. But we must be mindful that our message is clear to all people.

    Thanks for the insight,

    • says

      Hey Donna

      You’re exactly right.

      It would be so easy to sit down and write something, publish it and forget about it. Not really thinking about who could be listening! Or the consequences.

      Definitely a little rant here and there isn’t going to be an issue and can also ignite some great conversations.

      I think overall a positive message on your blog is the best way forward though. Don’t you agree?

      I hope you’re having a great week Donna.


  6. says

    I believe I wrote about this just last week Tim. Not necessarily about ranting but watching what you say online because this is your reputation you’re building and you can tarnish it in an instant.

    Now I truly believe a little ranting here and there to get some things off your chest is okay as long as you aren’t hurting anyone or making yourself look like a complete idiot. That’s never a good thing.

    I never say or do anything I’m ashamed of and will regret so that’s what I live by.


    • says

      Hey Adrienne

      Wow, great minds think alike.

      I agree with everything you say. I think you definitely have to be careful about ranting.

      My post came about because the first couple of blogs I visited after the house move were moan after moan. I just switched off and left for good. They have gone from my RSS reader forever!

      I’m going to take a look at your post Adrienne so thanks for making me aware of that.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.


  7. says

    Hey Tim, I normally don’t rant (much) on my blog but I do write about delicate topics such as stuff that happens to me in offline life because it affects whatever I do online anyway.

    I share that kind of information because I want to showcase that we are not super heros on our blogs.

    We are flesh and blood persons that can do mistakes from time to time, learn from them (hopefully) and move on.

    By sharing that kind of information the idea is to help others do the same but I agree with you on the fact that if you always write on the same tone, about the same things, over and over (negative or positive) you’re just going to end up with no readers at all.

    About the negative dudes, I know a LOT of them.

    Most of them are brilliant people but honestly, if I’m being preached at the whole time, it’s a no go for me and I just move on.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I can take the abuse to some extent but not to their limits, that’s not how I run things and if I wanted that, I would have never left my IT job (there’s plenty of crap in those places).

    As long as you come out real, I think that even a rant from time to time is welcome. 😉


    • says

      Hey Sergio

      I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos.

      You share so many great things with your readers so definitely keep on doing the things you do and the way you do them!

      I agree that a rant from time to time is welcome so long as it’s not all the time and you’re not hiding behind your blog ;-).

      Keep it real Sergio and thank you for some great comments.


  8. says

    Well Hello Tim, it is heartening to see that most responses are in agreement that having a little rant from time to time is to be welcomed.

    Of course the advantage of doing it on a blog is that you can set your keyboard on fire as you release all the pent up emotion then go back over it, editing your post to read in a far more helpful style for your readers.

    In person unless you remember to put your mouth in neutral whilst thinking all too often our utterances can be a recipe for disaster, ‘it sounded funny in my head’ being a typical after thought.

    igor Griffiths

    • says

      Hey igor

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      I think some people are just born to be controversial so they don’t think before they say things.

      That’s fine but it can be a real turn off. It certainly would get me running for the hills!

      It’s definitely fine to have the rant but turn it into something that will help everyone else. Negative into Positive!

      Thank you for commenting igor.

      Have a great weekend.


  9. says

    Tim, it looks like you struck a nerve with this post! It’s a great point. I’ve let loose just a couple of times, and it made me feel good at the time, but I’m not feather-ruffling by nature.

    It’s funny to see how much traffic those posts get. One of them is probably my all-time traffic leader. But I’m a lot more careful now to stick to making a point rather than a commotion.

    It’s great to find your blog. Blame Mr. Dorman.

    • says

      Hey Barrett

      Great to see you at my blog!

      I don’t think the occasional rant to let off steam is going to hurt your blog.

      If there’s some substance behind it then it can help to get things off your chest and turn it around into teaching people something.

      I just find it a turn off to read a blog which constantly rants and raves and as you say has no point!

      Thanks so much for your comments Barrett.

      I hope you have a great weekend.


  10. says

    There’s a famous blogger/social media guru who wrote a book and “called out” a major brand because he thought he had some better ideas for their (incredibly successful) social media campaign. Of course he repurposed that chapter for articles, blogs, etc. I thought it was a bit of an unfair rant against someone who had performed beyond any rational expectation.

    So I posted on Twitter that I took anything he said with a grain of salt.

    Of course, he responded in a snotty way. For a few minutes, it scared me to have crossed a guy with hundreds of thousands of followers. Then I realized tweets have a shelf life a few minutes, in most cases. :-)

    • says

      Hey Barrett

      I’m not sure I would have the guts to cross someone like that but at the same time I’d say good on ya!

      Tweets are there and gone in a second as you say though. I see so many Tweets going by it’s sometimes hard to keep up! 😉

  11. says

    Great advice Tim.

    Like you samd, if you won’t say it in person, don’t say it on your blog. I usually take a different approach, I always try to answer a question I think my readers are asking. And I want to help them find the answer.

    • says

      Hey Jens

      I think the way you do things is the best way. That’s always impressed me about your posts. They are so well thought out!

      You engage the reader. Who needs ranting when you can do that? You certainly don’t!

      Have a great weekend.


  12. Ryan Biddulph says

    Always come from a high energy place before writing a post. Tough to do at times, especially when annoyed, but this tip will save you loads of low energy resistance. A rant here and there is OK but taking the high road attracts to you successful, high energy folks, which is the ultimate goal.

    I am stunned to see bloggers rant post after post, calling people out. Big mistake. You only attract people who vibe with this low energy view, and plenty of people to fight with too. I learned this lesson early in my blogging career. I called someone out – without using names – and he followed my like a puppy. My mistake…the problem was his, and I should have left it at that…naturally when I ignored his emails after that, and pulled the post, he went away.

    Thanks for sharing the important lesson Tim!


    • says

      Hey Ryan

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Those are wise words my friend and thank you for sharing your experiences.

      It must have been quite a difficult experience with someone coming after you like that. At least he went away when you pulled the post and you learnt a valuable lesson.

      Thank you for your great comments and have a great weekend Ryan.


  13. Cynthia says

    This is an awesome post. I have been on some blogs that seem great when you first visit and then a couple of visit in, you realize the person has a lot bad moments and puts them online to view. I think a good debate is something that is healthy for the soul but a constant flurry of anger and hostility can be exhausting to read.

    • says

      Hi Cynthia

      Thank you for stopping by.

      I couldn’t agree more with your comments.

      I think some people are just looking for constant controversy to gain web traffic but have no substance to their arguments.

      People quickly get bored of being preached at I think.

      Thank you so much for your comments.


  14. says

    Hi Tim

    I have two (main!) blogs. One is very much a business blog and I wouldn’t let off steam on that one. The other is more of a “personal progress” blog and I do occasionally have a rant about life in general and Internet Marketing in particular :-)

    I live alone and none of my close friends/family have the vaguest idea why/what I am doing with this IM stuff or what I’m talking about, so my blog friends are my safety valve. I do share the positives too!

    Certainly I would never make any personal comments on a blog.


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