Why Blogging Naked Is The Way Forward

Blogging Naked
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There are so many blogs out there.

Millions upon millions of them. All seeking a bit of love. Looking for some attention.

Many of them now litter the blogosphere. They no longer have any life and nothing new to say.

What happened to them? Why do they now lie abandoned?

They were a passing thought perhaps. Maybe the bloggers went on to bigger and better things. Or maybe life got in the way.

Maintaining a blog is not easy and is definitely not for the faint-hearted!  Publishing new content on a regular basis takes time and commitment.

But even then, how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s a very noisy place out there in the blogosphere.

Blogging Naked?

Blogging naked, really? Are you serious? Well, you can blog in the nude if it takes your fancy or makes you feel good but that’s not what I mean.

I visit many blogs on a daily basis, hopping from blog to blog, discovering new ones as I go.

Quite a few of them are top-notch and will keep me coming back again and again.

But others I have come across have no personality, no soul and very little to keep me going back.

What I mean by blogging naked is giving a little of yourself to your readers, keeping things simple and being transparent.

Give Your Blog Some Personality

Some of the most enjoyable blogs I read make me feel as if I already know the person who has written the post, even just a little.

They are passionate, witty, open and give me an insight into how that person thinks.

I’m not suggesting that you give out the most intimate details of your life or even your shoe size.

But little glimpses of you every now and again helps you gain trust  from your readers.

Even the most corporate of blogs needs a bit of personality and some passion, otherwise they just become robotic in my humble opinion.

KISS Your Blog

Don’t make things so complicated it alienates your readers.

When you’re blogging, focus on ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ rather than trying to impress with too much complexity.

You really want to make it as easy as possible for someone to follow what you are saying.

Avoid jargon wherever possible and remember to think about context when you’re writing.

You should always have a sense of your reader’s expectations in the back of your mind.

Be Transparent

Sincerity is something that people respect, so be genuine.

I’ve been guilty of not doing this in the past but, as an example, if you are reviewing something make sure you’ve actually bought the product or read the book.

People can usually tell if you are just rehashing the sales literature.

Talk about your mistakes; people like to hear about solutions to problems and everyone appreciates someone who can admit their mistakes.

Are You A Naked Blogger?

Blogs are a really effective way of communicating with the world but they can so easily become a chore.

So how are you making your blog stand out from the crowd? Do you think that blogging naked is important?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and I appreciate any comments you’d like to make.

If you’re feeling social, please also share this on your favourite social media sites.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Annie Andre says

    Hey Tim,
    One of the things i’ve been working on is videos. I love watching other people blog videos and it gives me a sense i know that person.

    I also try to use my own life in my blog posts.

    One area i’ve been working on is finding my voice. I tend to sound so business like in my posts and my blog is not a business blog. I would like to write more like i talk but it’s a work in progress and i still have this fear that i will repel people.

    for instance, i once posted a picture that had the word “ASS” in it. I got flack from a bunch of people on facebook for doing that but then i thought, if that word offends you than you need to get out of here because i can’t please all the people all the time. I am who i am and if you don’t’ like it, go somewhere else. But i digress.

    • says

      Hi Annie

      I love your videos, they inspire me to want to make one myself one of these days. They always look so professional and are so fun and make me want to see more.

      I tend to write how I speak a lot of the time and I think you’d be great at that too. It certainly wouldn’t repel me for sure. I enjoy how you write anyhow and you certainly now how to get your readers involved and motivated.

      Why on earth you got some flack for using the word “ASS” in this day and age I have no idea!

      I look forward to many more blog posts and videos to come from you Annie.

      Have a great week.


  2. Theodore Nwangene says

    Hi Tim,
    Long time, how did you enjoy the weekend? hope all is cool.

    Ok, i seriously agree with you on the issue of personalizing your blog, it will not only be lively, but will also make your readers to like, trust and be returning back for more.

    One important thing I’ve observed is that most bloggers don’t even have any image of themselves on there blogs. In my opinion, it is good for a visitor to see who owns the blog he is reading as this alone will even increase the trust the more.

    Thanks my man for sharing and have a beautiful week.

    • says

      Hi Theodore

      The weekend was very interesting indeed thank you. Not so enjoyable though to be honest. Maybe next weekend will be better. How was yours?

      You make a great point about having an image of yourself on your blog. When I do finally get around to changing the graphics on my blog, I will definitely get my mugshot in there somewhere. I do have an image of me on my About page but that’s not so obvious really.

      I’m a bit behind on coming back to you so I apologise and I’ll be over to your blog in the next couple of days for sure.

      Have a great week too Theodore.


  3. says

    Hi Tim

    Cool post, I was sure you weren’t referring to write in the nude…too darn cold for that! But totally agree with what you have to say. If I can get to know a little about someone I want to comeback and see what you have to say today or the next time you post again.

    Maybe some people start out that way, but get caught up in the selling they forget how people really like to relate to others. Of course some start out with not realizing that they need to relate to build trust. You are right about not revealing so much about yourself, I think that would also be a turnoff, nobody wants to work with a “basket case”. Sure we all have plenty of skeletons in the closet, but you are not required to tell all…unless of course you are running for public office. Then whether you want to or not it becomes public knowledge!

    Thanks for the post today.

    • says

      Hi Mary

      Definitely too cold for writing in the nude!

      I think you are definitely right that people get caught up on selling so much that they forget about their readers and creating compelling posts for them to read. Without the trust there though, people just don’t stick around.

      I also agree that whilst you don’t want to reveal too much of yourself, it’s good to let people into your world just a little so they can get to know you and are compelled to come back for more. I still remember your blog post about the library for example and keep coming back to see what else you have to say.

      Thank you for your comments Mary and I hope you have a wonderful day.


  4. Praveen Rajarao says

    Well…you got my interest roused with your title for sure !!!!! I got similar response to my “Naked Series” of posts a while back early this year.

    Yea, some of the points you have mentioned do hold true in my case, being transparent with our thoughts is very important, since a reader can easily identify if it is really you and your thoughts that are put forth in your articles.

    • says

      Hi Praveen, Yes, I immediately thought of your fantastic Naked series when I saw this title. I thought Tim was telling us that we should all follow your lead (which wouldn’t be bad advice at all!).

    • says

      Hi Praveen

      I will definitely check the “Naked Series” out on your blog. They sound really interesting and something I would enjoy reading!

      Transparency, I think, is essential to gain your readers’ trust. As you say, without it people will see really quickly that you’re not who they thought you really were.

      Thank you so much for your comments Praveen and I’ll be back over to your blog in the next few days to check out those posts.

      I hope you’re having a great week!


  5. says

    Hi Tim, You are so right. The most engaging blogs have personality. They show a bit of the author’s humor, warmth and perceptions. These are blogs, after all, not encyclopedias.

    You make a lot of great points in the article and, after I realized that you weren’t talking about Praveen’s wonderful Naked series, I immediately thought of Adrienne. Not because she blogs with no clothes on (though I honestly have no idea how she is attired when she writes), but because her blog is a shining example of each of these traits.

    Adrienne is warm and friendly and those qualities shine through her blog. After you read one of her posts, you feel like you just had a cuppa with your best friend.

    • says

      Oh thanks Carolyn for immediately thinking of me. You’ll be very happy to hear that I do not blog in the nude. I actually am jealous of those people who blog in their jammies but since Kayla has to go outside to do her business that would not be too cool.

      I’m glad though that I’m able to have people connect with me on that level. I think that’s what we all strive for.

      Thank you girl!!! :-)


    • says

      Hi Carolyn

      I’m so glad that you agree with me and thank you for introducing me to Praveen’s Naked series.

      And you’re right, Adrienne was one of the inspirations for my post! She fits everything I wrote to a T doesn’t she :-).

      Equally though, your tech blog has a great personality and helps people understand techie things without needing a degree in Astro-physics. That’s why I enjoy it.

      Great to see you Carolyn and I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


  6. says

    Hi Tim, it’s not always easy but I do try to add a little of myself in each post, especially if I’m posting about something I learned from a mistake. My readers will know every error I’ve encountered along the way with my websites and blogs. I will probably never run out of material. This reminds me of Twitter logos/photos – when I just used an icon I did not have much engagement but when I let the Twitterverse know who I was it made a huge difference. I imagine that works in the blogverse too right? I think it helps if people humanize their blogs so we can better understand them and what they are doing or trying to help us with. Love your title :)

    • says

      Hi Lisa

      I couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s a personal or a company blog, humanizing your writing makes it easier for people to connect with you and for you to gain your readers’ trust.

      I always find what you share on your blog informative Lisa and that’s why people will keep coming back!

      Thank you for your comments and I hope you’re having a great day.


  7. says

    Fab post! I AM the Naked Blogger!
    This is exactly why I rebranded myself and am delighted to find other like minded people out there who realise what is required in order to maintain a loyal readership base.

    I’m all about getting back to basics, stripping off the excess and focusing on building something great from the core.
    Happy Blogging!


    • says

      Hi Laura

      Welcome to my blog. I’m really glad that you came to visit.

      I am also delighted to meet THE Naked Blogger! I definitely like the sound of what you’re about and I’ll be sure to check out your blog in the next couple of days (I’ve added you to my RSS reader).

      Thank you for your comments Laura and I hope to see you here again soon.

      Have a great day.


  8. says

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking lately. I’m not sure exactly where we should draw the line, because I don’t want us to become too personal on our blogs, but we should be both personal and transparent. We should always relate what we write to what we feel or things we have experienced in the past. It makes the blogs so much more interesting to read. Great stuff Tim.

    • says

      I’m not sure either where the line should be drawn Jens. It’s a tricky one but I know it’s how I want to write.

      I also know I agree with everything you just said! Amongst only a few, both you and Adrienne were the inspiration for this post so thank you for all the work you’ve done already. It’s certainly helped me drive the direction I want to go in on my blog.

      I hope you’re having a great week Jens.


  9. says

    Hi Tim
    I do agree that blogs that have more of the writers personality coming through are much more interesting to read. I have read some blogs where the posts are so boring, which makes it difficult to connect!
    It has to be a balance though as you don’t want ALL your intimate details in your posts :)

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

    • says

      Hi Pauline

      I completely agree with you. Even if you’re writing about the same thing as everyone else out there, so long as you write about how you feel and bring your personality into it, then that is what is unique.

      Thank you for your comments Pauline and I hope you’re having a great week.


  10. says

    Absolutely agreed! Letting it all hang it all out there translates to being honest and open both if which lead to greater connection. Sharing your mistakes and how you reverse them gives readers a chance to learn themselves.

    • says

      Hi there Ally

      Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for visiting.

      I’m really pleased you agree and yes you’re so right, sharing mistakes and their solutions is really a great way for everyone to learn and connect.

      Thank you for your comments Ally and I hope to see you again soon.


  11. says

    Hi Tim,

    My favorite blogs are always written by people who share parts and pieces of themselves. The folks who show us they are real people are more engaging and interesting to me because I don’t feel like they see me solely as someone to sell.

    Show me your human side and give me something to connect to and I am much more likely to do business with you.

    • says

      Hi Josh

      Sounds like we think alike! You share my sentiments exactly.

      I have visited so many blogs over the past few months that are just too dull for me to keep visiting. Really, there are only so many times I want to hear about SEO or something similar without an ounce of personality in the post.

      Thank you for your comments Josh and I hope you’re having a great week.


  12. says

    Well Tim I seriously think that I am a naked blogger. Figuratively speaking that is…

    As I responded to Carolyn, I do blog with my clothes on but I am about as authentic as the come. I’ve just learned while being online that you have to put some of you in your posts or when people stop by they’re just going to think oh great, another boring post.

    I’m not talking about having a great sense of humor because I don’t think I have that but I have no problem admitting my mistakes and what it took me to get to where I am now. I think people can relate to you so much better because they see you as being just a regular human being like the rest of us all here to achieve the same goals.

    I totally agree with what you’ve shared Tim and I think if everyone put more of them into their posts they would enjoy this experience so much more.

    Thanks for sharing this and I think this will help a lot of people let those walls down more.


    • says

      Hey Adrienne

      I’ve already given it away that you were one of the inspirations for this post, so you already know! :-)

      You are definitely a naked blogger, figuratively speaking, and I’ve learnt from you and a few others that by giving some of yourself and your personality in your posts, people are going to come back and visit.

      What I really like about you particularly Adrienne is that you provide solutions to problems. But it’s not just providing solutions, it’s that you’ve discovered a problem or had an issue with something yourself and you’ve found a way to deal with it and you’re passing that information on so everyone else can learn too.

      It’s taken me quite a while to reply to comments on this post. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way over the last few days and I’ve had little time to do anything online. Hopefully things will settle down again now.

      Anyway, I thank you for your comments Adrienne and I hope you’re having a great week.


      • says

        Hey Tim,

        Well I was still happy to know that I was a little bit of the inspiration behind you writing this post. And look what the heck you’ve created too! See, you just poor a little Tim into your posts and we can’t help ourselves.

        Who can’t relate to a stay at home Dad who loves his family and is here making away for himself. Who can’t appreciate you sharing part of you in all of your posts no matter what kind of stories you’re sharing.

        I appreciate that Tim and I know that as I continue my journey online that I’ll run into other issues and problems I need solving that I can share with my readers. Hopefully everyone will be excited about my post tomorrow. I sure am!!!

        Hope everything is okay. Life does get in the way but hope it was nothing serious.

        Thank you Tim for sharing that and my week is going fabulously. Hope yours is as well now. 😉


        • says

          Thank you Adrienne. I really do appreciate your comments and I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow!

          Everything’s ok here now thanks. Looking forward to the weekend already!


  13. says

    I knew what this was going to be about as soon as I saw the title, and you know I absolutely agree with the premise. Unless you’re an ultimate jerk, being yourself in anything you write will be a great benefit to your blog. I know people who write on topics I could care less about who I follow because of their style. That could be any one of us.

    • says

      Hi Mitch

      I’m glad you agree and you make a good point.

      There are a few blogs that I follow that while they are interesting, they wouldn’t necessarily be my regular read. However, I read them because I like the person, their personality and how they portray their story.

      Thank you for your comments Mitch and I hope you are well.


  14. Chimezirim Odimba says

    Keep it simple! I don’t know how if many bloggers understand this: A blog is meant to communicate NOT show off. I often tune off when I get to a blog that seems intent on showing how complex a topic is — I love blogs that make complex matters look simple. That’s what good bloggers do.

    • says

      Hi Chimezirim

      I couldn’t agree more.

      I have sometimes found myself on a blog wondering what on earth the person is talking about. I really like to leave a comment if I read the post but sometimes I just have no idea what to say.

      That’s never a good sign as I’m unlikely to go back again.

      Thank you for your comments and I hope you had a great day.


  15. says

    It takes a lot of self confidence to blog naked.

    If you do not like your figure, you feel you need a rain coat to take a dive into the swimming pool. 😉

    The big question is are you faking it or making it?

    That determines more than anything else how personal you can get in your blogging. If you have so much to hide, then you will need layers of clinical gauze bandages to wrap your crap in. If you are however walking the talk, it would be difficult to hide all that reality away.

    Pardon the metaphorical excursions… 😉

    That said, if one can blog with the same conversational manner of everyday talk, the audience falls into place, naturally.

    • says

      Hi Yeremi

      Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate your visit.

      That’s a great question. Faking it or making it?

      All I know is that I try and blog about my life experiences, what I feel about things and in the way I would normally speak to people. Hopefully people like that and if they do, they’ll come back again.

      Thank you for some great comments Yeremi and I hope you’re having a great week.

      I’ll be sure to stop by your blog in the next few days.


  16. says

    Hi Tim,
    a nice comparison as usual – blogging naked for blogging with an open heart. I must admit that it is something everyone should learn from you because you are definitely doing good.
    My favorite example of blogging in the nude was your post “Self Confidence – Oh Yes, I Can Dingle Dangle With The Best Of Them”. I was impressed with you sharing your feelings and making sarcastic remarks. It was the first post I read from your blog which won my heart and made me come again and again.
    Best regards and please keep on posting this wonderful stuff

    • says

      Hi Jack

      That’s really kind of you to say, thank you. I’m pleased you enjoy my writing. It really does make it all worthwhile and I truly appreciate your comments.

      I’m trying my best to do something a little different with my posts and relate them to my experiences of life and to blog naked!

      Thank you once again and I hope you have a great weekend Jack.


  17. Sunil says

    Hey Tim,
    the title of this post is really catchy, just popped in after coming across Adrienne’s share on her fb wall today. Awesome post and i completely agree on giving a life like touch of one’s in writing a post,even if its a little part of it. Happy weekend

    • says

      Hey Sunil

      Welcome to my blog. It’s great to see you here.

      I really appreciate your comments and I’m glad you agree with my sentiments.

      I hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you again soon.


  18. Raaj Trambadia says

    As I said sometime earlier Tim – Just love your titles! Yes I try to blog ‘naked’ whenever I can. If you’ve read my posts (which I know you have!), you must have observed that I literally talk to the reader, and no give a tutorial or something. So that’s me…and everyone has their own style like you do :) Cheers to this!

    PS – Check out my giveaway of WP Subscribers! (It’s actually my new site! Take a look if you haven’t done yet!)

    • says

      Hey Raaj

      Thank you!

      I do know you blog naked :-) as I’ve read many of your posts and can see that you engage with your readers.

      I will definitely check out your new site too. Exciting stuff!

      Have a great weekend Raaj.


  19. dadblunders says

    Hi Tim,

    Blogging “naked” (said with a bit of Southern twang) is the only way to go! I agree that if you want to be successful in blogging you have to be willing to give some of yourself. I know when I write a piece I write from my heart and with humor (depending on the subject matter). I have always believed that is part of the reason people follow me in the first place. I think for me the hardest part about blogging is finding the time to do everything and still be a stay-at-home dad.


    • says

      Hi Aaron

      That’s what I’m coming up against at the moment, finding the time to do everything and still be a stay-at-home-dad. In fact, I didn’t manage to get much done at all last week!

      But that is what I am here for, to look after the kids and there will be a time in the future when I’m not needed so much. So, I’m just going to ride the waves and see what happens.

      I can see from spending time on your blog that you are a naked blogger Aaron. I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back again.

      Thank you for your comments Aaron and I hope your week goes well.


  20. says

    Hello Tim,

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the points you make in this post. I think it’s so important to allow at least some of your own personality and experience to shine through – in my view, that’s the magic sauce that makes the really great blogs stand out from the crowd.

    It makes a blog much more entertaining and enjoyable to read – and I think people are more likely to comment and engage with you – it’s nice to know you’re talking to a real person when you leave a comment on a blog.

    Not sure if I always achieve this yet, but it’s certainly something I aim at when I write my posts. ‘Naked’ is a good way of putting it, because it does mean leaving yourself a bit open and vulnerable – but I reckon it’s worth the risk.

    Many thanks for this,


    • says

      Hi Sue

      Welcome to my blog. I’m really pleased to see you here.

      I definitely agree with everything you’ve said. By giving a little bit of yourself, you’re putting your stake in to the pot and while it does mean some vulnerability it also makes for a more interesting read.

      Thank you so much for your comments Sue. I’ll definitely be over to check out your blog in the next couple of days.

      Have a great week.


  21. Andrew says

    Heya Tim, I love your input on this!

    Being transparent is, indeed, a very important thing. Many people try to transform their personality and “act” unoriginal on their blog. I believe that sometimes, trying to be who you think your readers want you to be can go one bit too far.

    If, instead, you write on the edge of your own life experience, you won’t be likable by just everyone that comes to your blog, but you will be loved a lot more by other people that feel and think the way you do.

    Blogging is like real life networking in many ways. I could probably write a whole blog post in a comment about this, but I’ll stop now :)

    • says

      Hi Andrew

      I find it much easier to write about my own life experience and I agree that while that might not be to everyone’s liking, some people will be on the same wavelength at least!

      If you’re not transparent in your writing, people are going to find out eventually, particularly if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

      Thank you for your comments Andrew and I hope you’re having a great weekend!


  22. Kabenlah says

    I guess not. I’m not a naked blogger but rather a naked affiliate online marketer. lol..
    Anyway, I really enjoyed your post.

  23. says

    Hi Tim,

    Excellent point regarding doing blogging the ATTRACTIVE way. I surely think that being transparent is very important. There are so many bloggers there? Who are we? Why are we there? Who are we serving (helping with problem solving)? These are some of the questions that we have to ask ourselves.

    I agree with Yeremi that it takes confidence to be naked. I think sharing past challenges is a great way to start. Something I did :) The idea of including a video clip is something that I have recently done despite the fact that someone said that ‘Welcome video was out of date’….

    I believe doing Video Blogs (videos inside the blog) is a great way to go! I will be doing that in 2013.

    Viola The Business Mum

    • says

      Hi Viola

      I think as bloggers we need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and the only real way to do this is to bring a little of ourselves into our blogs.

      It’s your uniqueness that will bring people back to your blog. It can be a gamble too though as people make assumptions very quickly about who you are, what you’re trying to achieve and whether they like you or not.

      I completely agree that sharing past challenges is a great way to go. You have to strike a balance I suppose but some of the most interesting blogs I’ve read do this and it’s something that I’ve been doing over the past few weeks too.

      I love the idea of including videos and it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. Definitely something for 2013! I don’t agree that the welcome video is out of date at all. It’s just like an about me page and a great way for people to get to know you a little better.

      Thank you for some great comments Viola.


      • says

        Hi Tim,

        I appreciate your insights! I look forward to seeing more of you around in video form :) I heard that uploading one video a day in a 30-day row is a very powerful way to get good at doing this. Also great for SEO too.

        Take care,

        Viola The Business Mum

        • says

          Hi Viola

          Now that would be a lot of videos in a short period of time! I’m not sure I could manage 30 videos in a row. My son or daughter would end up being in the background somewhere in one of them no doubt :-).

          Video is certainly something I want to delve into though.

          Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    • says

      Hi Atish

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them.

      Engaging readers is the key so having something unique about your blog is the way to go. Bringing your own experiences and your personality into things is definitely one of the best ways to do this.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to see you again soon.


  24. says

    When I write a post in any of my blogs I try to make it entertaining because that’s just who I am. I don’t always succeed but a lot of the time I do. It’s not all to do with entertaining though because the readers are also looking for information and that can be a little harder but if you can supply that and do it in an entertaining manner then you’re pretty close to hitting the nail on the head.

    I think I’m doing OK because my list is slowly growing and I’m not really doing anything to promote it. No popups, no give aways or anything, nothing but the promise that I will never spam them.

    • says

      Hey Peter

      Sounds like you’re doing all the right things!

      I have a popup the first time someone visits my blog but I don’t really like them. It’s what has brought many people to my list though.

      I don’t really like giveaways either but I think people have come to expect them.

      I’ve been considering purchasing the WP Subscribers plugin or something similar for list building. I’ve not taken the plunge yet though.

      Glad to hear you’re making a success of the list building!

      • says

        It’s a slow process Tim but that’s OK because the purpose for my list is not so I can sell them something. It’s so I can inform them when I’ve posted a new post that I think they’ll be interested in.

        • says

          Do you plan to monetize your list in future and sell them stuff?

          I’ve not really done too much selling to my list. I just generally do what you’re doing and let them know of a new blog post and what I’ve been up to during the week.

          • says

            Nope, I promised them I wouldn’t and I always keep a promise. I’m happy enough that they visit my posts and give them a plug when they consider the post good enough.

    • says

      Hi Veena

      I’m good thanks.

      If it’s warm where you are then blogging in your birthday suit may be beneficial :-).

      Certainly bringing your own personality into your blog is essential, I think.

      You are, afterall, what makes your blog different from the next person’s.

      Have a great weekend Veena and thank you for your comments.


  25. says

    Great thought provoking post Tim!

    And without a doubt, you are so right when it comes to or listening to a rather lifeless presentation of any kind.

    You’ve gotta had some type of personality in there, to spice things or (you’re) right, your visitors not only won’t leave skid marks!

    They’re probably not coming back! Great insights and thanks for sharing them!

    • says

      Exactly right Mark.

      I know some blogs deal with subjects that their authors might think don’t require any personality.

      They’d be wrong though. No-one wants to read a tech blog for the sake of an example that’s lifeless!

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