Building A Niche Site – Earnings Update

Building A Niche SiteYou may remember I started building a niche site a few weeks ago –

The website went live at the end of June and since then I’ve referred to it in a couple of blog posts.

Blogging For Free Is Really Expensive
My Day Job Versus My Passion

Since I’m now a couple of months into it, I wanted to give you an update on how things are going.

My previous attempt at building a niche site was a complete failure, so the question is, can I make it work this time?

Well, let’s first take a look at the traffic statistics from Google Analytics for the past month and the previous month.

Analytics For

Potty Train Help Analytics

The end of August saw a sudden huge increase in traffic which I suspect had something to do with a change in the Google algorithm.

It was a welcome surprise and means that unique visitor numbers have jumped in the right direction by over 250% on the previous month.

Bounce rate is sitting at over 90% with a decrease in the number of pages per visit and average visit duration.

These numbers don’t really concern me too much though.

The way that my site is set up is to pre-sell a particular ClickBank product (Start Potty Training) by focussing on different aspects of the product in the blog posts.

Most of these blog posts have a link back to my product review as well as having a direct link to the product itself.

I have also placed internal links to other pages on the site within each blog post.

You can see from the Google Penalty Checker at Fruition, I’ve had a pretty good time of it with algorithm updates.

Potty Train Help Fruition

It’s interesting to see that according to the checker, I got a huge bump up in traffic from the In-Depth Articles algorithm update.

The articles I’ve written on the site are very specific to that niche but aren’t particularly long at between 500 to 750 words.

I plan to keep adding more articles every couple of weeks assuming I can stretch the information out even further.

So far, that’s been enough to bring in the traffic.

Commission Earnings

Traffic is great but if it’s not converting into sales within a couple of months then you should really thinking about stopping and building a niche site based on something else.

I mentioned above that my earlier attempt was a dismal failure. It focussed on in-car speakerphones and selling Amazon products.

It generated very little traffic and made no commission whatsoever.

So, how is getting on? Well, let’s take a look at my up-to-date ClickBank earnings report.

Building A Niche Site - Potty Train Help

In the last month I’ve made $331.44 in affiliate commission. That’s not bad at all I don’t think at my second attempt at a niche site in its third month of existence.

There was only one refund; unfortunately it was one that included an upsell though!

Imagine if you could make ten or more sites like this, all making $300 per month. That would be a decent income to work with, huh?

I definitely plan to set up more niche sites in the future but equally I don’t want to lose sight of this one and maintaining and growing it.

The next 5 sites I put together may not work and I could end up scrapping them too!

I’m also conscious that traffic from Google is fickle and whilst I’m getting some love from there now, in a few weeks time it could be the opposite.

How Did I End Up Building A Niche Site?

I ended up building a niche site all thanks to a man named Steve Scott.

He’s a six-figure affiliate marketer who has written a number of Kindle books and in particular he wrote a book called Your First $1000 – How To Start an Online Business that Actually Makes Money.

I’ve studied his book in great detail and followed much of his advice in the book. is the outcome.

You can get hold of his Kindle book on Amazon:

Amazon US (Affiliate Link)
Amazon UK (Affiliate Link)

So far I’ve done very little in terms of promoting the site on social media or building backlinks.

The traffic to the site is 71.5% driven by search engine traffic with links from my blog and a Twitter account being the only things I’ve set up beyond that.

Now the search is on to find the next product worthy of building a niche site for!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to add more content to and I’ll report back when I reach the $1,000 mark.

Over To You

Have you ever tried building a site? What was the outcome? Did it turn out to be what you expected? Is your site now an authority site?

Building a niche site isn’t for everyone and it can be a little hit and miss but I’ve found it very rewarding and a great way to generate revenue.

I’ve love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this so please leave a comment below. Please also share this post on your favourite social media site!

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30 Comments on "Building A Niche Site – Earnings Update"

Angela McCall
1 year 4 months ago

Hi Tim,

What an incredible report regarding your niche site!! 😀

I love Steve Scott, he is my idol. Also, I do have his book, “Your First $1000.” I started reading it then got distracted, put it down and picked up another book. But after reading your report here, I will keep reading this book till I finish it.

So your niche site “Potty Train Help” I notice there’s no comment on there but your traffic is mainly coming from organic search…this is inspiring to see. I’m inspired by this post.

You see, I have been contemplating now for months whether to continue my other website. It’s niche is about “Love & Relationship.” Health Matters and this site L&R (lovesexmarriage) are among the two blogs I started before

However, when I bought Steve Scott’s book “Affiliate Marketing Without the Bullsh*t” he said in his book that you don’t have to have bizillion niche to make 6-figures and that you can make 6-figures in one SINGLE niche!

That’s when I stopped these other 2 blogs–one in health, the other love & relationship and just CONCENTRATE on my design & marketing site for now. Now that I think that the traffic is a bit more established on Angela McCall’s site, I want to start building the lovesexmarriage niche concentrating mainly FOCUS on the family.

I think Love & Relationship is too general. I will narrowed it down more on just love & relationship between a couple. What do you think? I’m still brainstorming on these ideas. I know that this niche is highly competitive and there are bizillion other blog about this. So I’m still ambivalent. I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

I’m passionate about it coz I think I have a lot to say based from my own experience but being passionate about one thing yet lacking vision on how to execute it is another. I want a niche that’s high in demand and yet low competition.

Anyway, thank you for sharing us REAL report on your niche site’s earning. This post I’d indeed unique. Based from your own experience is one of the BEST one!


1 year 4 months ago

Hi Angela

You’re right. There are absolutely no comments on any of the posts on my niche site.

I haven’t encouraged it either because I’m more interested in organic visitors at the moment.

People are funnelled from any of the posts to the review post or to the sales page.

I really need to concentrate on the potty train help site more because it brings in loads more money than this blog!

In 2014, I plan to do just that and also set up another niche site as well.

From my experience, focussing on one product has really worked and then possibly introducing more later on after the $1,000 goal has been reached.

If you’re passionate about the Love & Relationship between a couple niche then that’s a great start.

Are you focussing on a particular product or products? What about ads?

I’ll be interested to see how you get on!

Thank you for your comment Angela.

Happy Tuesday.


Angela McCall
1 year 4 months ago

So far, I am just concentrating on developing my website making it professional looking. I don’t have any specific product that I focus right now other than I’m an affiliate with Studio Press (Genesis), Go Daddy, Hostgator, Clickbank, Chitika…and more!

Btw, you mentioned “autopilot” and I meant to ask you about this. I’ve heard this term so many times but didn’t understand what it is or how it works. Can you elaborate more of this?


1 year 4 months ago

Hi Angela

Well, I wish you luck with it Angela and I’ll be interested to hear how you’re getting on.

When I mentioned autopilot it just means that I’ve left the niche blog to it’s own devices.

I haven’t added any posts, used social media but it’s still bringing in affiliate commission.

Does that make sense?


Ron Killian
1 year 5 months ago

Sorry to comment on an older post. Just curious if the site is still doing well for you? I think the sales you’ve gotten are impressive for a smaller niche site. Sure many people would be envious of your success on that one.

Surprised the site doesn’t have more advertising, or you planned it that way?

I use to do niche sites, but like you mentioned, they can be time consuming. Although I do build turnkeys for those who are into niche sites. When I did niche sites, they did pretty well, but it can be hit and miss at times. Also depends on G, as to how well they did.

I’ve personally moved to selling my own digital products. More control and profits. But that’s just me, I enjoy it.

Also been moving more towards my own recurring products and listbuilding. Just tired of dancing with G for so many years, it get’s old for me. Been building more reliable income streams. Least that’s the plan :)

Wish you the best with niche sites. Looks like you have a knack for it.

1 year 5 months ago

Hey Ron

The niche sites made over $500 but it’s slowed recently.

I’m guessing it may have something to do with Google and I haven’t updated it for a while.

I may put some more advertising on it but at the moment, the idea is to funnel readers to the review page for a particular product.

I’d like to eventually move to doing my own digital products too.

Niche sites are time-consuming and I must do more with the one I have to generate more traffic!

I’m building a list on this site but not on the niche site at present.

It sounds as if you’ve learnt from experience and know what you’re doing Ron!

1 year 6 months ago

Hi Tim,

Your post is an inspiration as I completely agree with you that blogging for free isn’t going to work for long. After all, we need to pay our bills, have to run our family and save money to secure our as well as our children’s future. Blogging full-time must generate revenue, at least as much profit as required to sustain our existence.

Well, I haven’t yet tried about the niche site as explained by you but surely, I need to look, research and learn to evaluate, if it can be my cup of tea.

Thanks for inspiring and opening up such an interesting topic about earning money.

1 year 6 months ago

Hi Ashutosh

My niche site has slowed down in terms of traffic since the latest Panda update but I hope to get it back on track in the coming weeks.

You should definitely give niche-blogging a go if you think it’s something that might interest you.

Word to the wise though, you should try and pick something that you’re knowledgeable about so writing the content comes as second nature to you.

Great to see you and thank you for your comments.


1 year 6 months ago

You niche site’s stats really amazed me, i’m thing my create my own affiliate niche store soon. Actually i failed in a niche store, in simple it doesn’t make a money. I believe the reason was not choosing a right niche.

Anyway keep going with your niche site..

Good luck.

1 year 6 months ago

Hi Kuldeep

I failed with the first niche site I set up too.

I had no enthusiasm for the subject matter I’d chosen and that was a non-starter.

When I set up the potty training niche site, it was based on something I knew about and could write about.

I bought the product I was promoting, read through it several times and then wrote 10 articles about it.

From there, the idea was to write at least one new post a week, although that has happened as yet.

Best wishes with starting another niche site of your own.

Thank you for commenting.


Ashley Faulkes
1 year 6 months ago

Nice work Tim, this is definitely something I am also considering. Once you get a hang of blogging, writing and marketing it all starts to get just a little bit easier and I think you can then make money. I also read some other stuff from guys like Glenn at Viper Chill (you should check it out if you haven’t) and it is definitely worth investigating. I just have to come up with the topic and product. I seem to be able to rank content (I also seem to get bumped by google and got one of my reviews to number one for the keywords I wanted) do time to put that to work?

1 year 6 months ago

Hi Ashley

I hope things get easier to make money on this blog! Although I’m thinking more along the lines that email marketing may be the best way to do that.

I’ve not checked out Viper Chill so I’ll add that to my list of things to check out. Thank you for the heads up.

I’m not great at keyword research I must admit but I seem to be able to get things ranked too.

If I spend a bit of time on it, maybe I can get to the #1 spot too. I’m on the first page with the niche site for quite a few specific terms.