I Always Need Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To

It’s been a long half term here in Musselburgh and my family and I are all looking forward to having a break for two weeks. My kids had a huge change this year with my son starting school and my daughter starting mornings at nursery. They’ve both taken it in their stride but they’re also incredibly tired. I know my wife also needs to recharge her batteries. Living on the […]


My Day Job Versus My Passion

My Day Job And My Passion

If you don’t know already, I’m a stay at home dad and I look after my three-year-old daughter. It’s been almost two years since I left employment. It seems like only yesterday I was in the corporate world but I don’t miss it. Now it’s coming to the time that both my son and daughter will be going to school in a couple of weeks time. It feels like I’m […]


Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday

It’s a very short post today folks and a little indulgent I’m afraid! To mark my fortieth birthday tomorrow, I thought I’d venture into the world of Vine. You’re only 40 once after all :-). Pretty good fun actually, although my efforts weren’t anything to write home about! Have you tried out Vine yet? Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you again next week :-).


BzzAgent Let’s Me Try Out Free Stuff!


What do I get up to in my spare time? Well, amongst other things, I’m a BzzAgent. What’s that? Actually, it’s a brilliant way of getting to try out lots of cool products for free. These products are from big name brands; including some of the largest companies in the world. And you can also share the experience with your friends as you also get vouchers and special offers to […]


Holidays: This Is What Really Matters

What Really Matters

Is it Google? No. Maybe Facebook, Google+ or Twitter? Afraid not. What about Bing? No, no, no. What really matters is spending time with your family. And not just any time, quality time. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been away from Edinburgh, away from Scotland, back to more familiar ground. Crossing the border into England felt good; it felt right. It’s not that Edinburgh doesn’t feel right but it still feels a little alien, even after being here for over seven years.


Insomnia Is My Nemesis


All is quiet in the house. It’s been such a hectic day. And I feel exhausted. Absolutely shattered. But still I can’t sleep. Insomnia. It’s one of those dreaded nights where my thoughts spring into life and I can’t stop them. My mind races. I sometimes don’t even know what I’m thinking. It’s just my mind going into overdrive. It’s not even about anything in particular. It could be things I’ve done, […]