Crowdbooster Could Be Your Crystal Ball

I’m always on the lookout for social media tools that can help me keep on top of my online presence. I want to find an app that can help filter out the background noise and focus on what’s important. One potential candidate is Crowdbooster.

Crowdbooster describes itself as ‘a social media marketing solution that fuses targeted recommendations and data-driven insights to help brands achieve online influence.’ Sounds impressive, huh? What does all that mean though? Let’s take a closer look.

After the initial free 30 day trial period, the starter account will set you back $9 per month. With that you can add one Twitter account and one Facebook Page to the service. You’re restricted to one user and up to 50,000 fans and followers.

That should be enough for most bloggers. Although, you can upgrade to an account with unlimited fans and followers for $49 per month as your following grows.

What Can You Expect From Crowdbooster?

Crowdbooster’s actionable recommendations allow you to:

  • Schedule tweets or posts at the best time. It will find the best time to tweet or post based on your past performance and typical audience activity.
  • Engage with influential followers. Crowdbooster alerts you when a people with a high social influence follow you.
  • Cross-post between social networks. It will uncover the content that resonates with your followers on Twitter so that you can share it with your fans on Facebook.
  • Respond to missed tweets. Crowdbooster will help you increase your engagement efforts by alerting you to unanswered Tweets.

Crowdbooster’s intuitive analytics help you understand:

  • The metrics that matter most. You’ll be able to see at a glance visual feedback about your performance. You can drill down on every message to see the ones with the greatest reach and number of replies.
  • Track the growth of your audience. See the benefits of long-term engagement or the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.
  • Influential audience segments. Crowdbooster uncovers influencers in your following so that you can foster relationships with them..
  • Loyal followers and fans. Engage the fans that interact with you the most to cultivate and keep up a brand community

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect:

So what have I found most useful.


  • It’s easy to use;
  • It looks and feels great;
  • You can schedule future Tweets based on Crowdbooster’s recommended time for delivery or choose your own time;
  • It reminds you to respond if you missed a Tweet.  It has already reminded me a couple of times when I have forgotten to Tweet back to someone;
  • The ability to cross-post to Facebook based on things that go down well on Twitter with your followers;


  • For me, it took a while to crawl my Twitter and Facebook accounts to come back with any results;
  • Recommendations don’t start to come through immediately.

Why not head over to Crowdbooster now and take a look yourself.

Now, over to you…  Do you already use the site and if so what do you think?  Are there any alternatives out there which you would recommend?

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