Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

One winter’s day a couple of years ago, I was asked to take part in a project by the company I was employed by.

I wasn’t overly keen, there was snow lying on the ground and more forecast for that day.

I worked in the centre of Edinburgh at that time but the disaster recovery plan project was based in Livingston, a good 30 minutes drive from my house on a good day.

A colleague of mine decided they would drive so I made my way into Edinburgh and then we both headed off into the snow.

At least if there were two of us and we got stuck in the snow it wouldn’t be so bad, well maybe not so much of a disaster as at least we would have each other’s company.

If something happened to the company’s office in Edinburgh, all operations could be transferred to the site in Livingston and the company would have some business continuity.

My colleague and I were there to test that computer systems and telephone lines had been transferred successfully.

I was thinking about this only the other day in terms of my blog and whether I had a robust enough plan in place myself.

What’s My Disaster Recovery Plan?

Here is what I have in place currently – a 3 tier system.

Web Host Backup

My disaster recovery plan begins with Hostgator, who are my web host.

They backup my website every week and I would certainly recommend them as a web host.

WordPress Backup To Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service that automatically saves files to all your computers, phones and your Dropbox account online.

If your computer breaks down, or you lose your phone, any data you save in your Dropbox account can be restored instantly on another device.

You automatically get 2 GB of storage space when you sign up for a free Dropbox account.

I use a WordPress plugin called WordPress Backup To Dropbox to automatically backup my WordPress files and SQL database to my Dropbox account.


Carbonite automatically backs up all of my computer’s files when I’m online.

It’s easy to get access to my backup any time and from anywhere in the world.

I’ve used Carbonite for many years and it’s a really affordable service.

If you buy a new computer, it’s really easy to transfer all of your backed up files to it via the Carbonite website.

What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

I’m sure you’ve got something in place already and I’d be interested to hear about it.

What do you think of mine?  Robust enough? Do you have a Dropbox account already or use Carbonite and what do you think of them?

Do you use an alternative WordPress backup solution?  There are certainly a number of them available.

I’m looking forward to hearing all about your disaster recovery plan and I’d really appreciate it if you would share my post as well.

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