Fed Up With Your Email Marketing Service? You Should Give INInbox A Try

INInboxOne of the most important things you need to do as a blogger is build a list of email subscribers.

They’re not only a great source of traffic to your blog but also potential customers in the making.

After all, by becoming a subscriber they’ve shown that they’re interested in what you have to say.

So it’s important that you choose the right email marketing service for your circumstances.

I’ve tried a few of them already: AWeber, Mad Mimi and currently GetResponse.

Just recently there’s a new contender on the block that’s showing huge potential though and it’s called INInbox.

When the guys at INInbox approached me to write a post about their email marketing service, I was intrigued.

I’ve been giving the service a once over the past few days and want to share some compelling reasons why you should take a look at INInbox.

Tempting Prices

When you consider that AWeber’s prices currently start at $19 per month, GetResponse at $15 per month and Mad Mimi at $10 per month, you can’t help but be tempted by INInbox’s pricing.

INInbox PricingYou can start with a free account which allows you up to 2,000 contacts and 20,000 emails.

That’s great but what completely surprised me is the price for up to 5,000 contacts.

At $3.95 per month, that’s a serious saving when you consider that for the same number of contacts it currently costs:

  • $49 per month with AWeber;
  • $45 per month with GetResponse, and;
  • $27 per month with Mad Mimi.

What’s not to like, huh?

Useful Integrations

INInbox currently integrates with 27 other marketing tools, including:

  • Magento;
  • WordPress;
  • Survey Monkey;
  • Zapier, and;
  • Nimble.

If you use WordPress there’s a plugin specifically for INInbox.

The plugin allows you to preview, select and insert any of your INInbox webforms using either a widget, shortcode or template tag.

You can find out more how INInbox integrates with WordPress in the following video.

Great Email Deliverability

INInbox have an independently checked 99% delivery track record according to their site.

Since I’m still testing things out, I can only take their word for it but what is a good indicator of their commitment to email deliverability is that they are Return Path Certified.

This increases the chances of your email reaching your subscribers’ inbox because only senders meeting strict quality requirements are allowed into the Return Path program.

Return Path is used by providers such as MSN, Windows Live, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo! as well as important anti-spam filters such as Spam Assassin, Iron Port Systems and Barracuda Networks.

Anything which helps keep emails away from my subscribers’ spam folders is great in my book!

Other Standard Features

OK, so with a cheaper service, you probably reckon you might get a watered down service too, right?

Not so. Even on the free account, you get the following features as standard.

  • Split Testing;
  • Autoresponder;
  • Tracking Analytics;
  • Advanced List Segmentation, and;
  • Free Premium E-Mail Templates.

What’s The Catch Then?

Nothing’s perfect and there are a few things about INInbox that I think might be considered cons (although some of them are common to other email marketing services too).

  • Before you can send a broadcast to your subscribers, the INInbox team have to approve your email. This ensures that your delivery rate remains high but can take time especially if you haven’t factored this in and your email is time critical. This feature can be disabled assuming you can prove that you can write quality emails.
  • Setting up a web form to add to your site so people can subscribe to your list doesn’t feel very intuitive. What makes it harder is that you can’t preview your design until you’ve been through the whole web form set up.
  • By default, you can’t change the text in the message that is sent to your subscribers for them to confirm their subscription. You have to contact the INInbox support team in order to get this activated.

Whilst there are a few niggles, they’re not things that should put you off though. The idea of broadcasts being reviewed for quality might appeal to people who struggle with writing emails for example.

Final Thoughts

One of the things I haven’t mentioned but I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear is that INInbox allow affiliate marketers to use their service.

So unlike with MailChimp you won’t get into any trouble if you promote products and services you’re an affiliate for.

You can also pay on a per broadcast and autoresponder basis by purchasing credits if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

At a price of $0.0008, 20,000 credits would only cost you $16 and for anyone who likes pay as you go this will be a useful solution.

Grab yourself a free account today and give their service a test drive. Remember, it’s risk free!

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  1. says

    Thanks for the great review Tim.

    If anyone has questions or want more information
    about the INinbox Email Platform, please contact our
    support team, and we can setup a call or demo.

    We are more than happy to help you guys out
    with your email needs,

    Have an INspired day,

    Tim Bekker
    CEO @ INinbox

    • says

      Thank you Tim.

      I appreciate you approaching me to write the review.

      I know that INInbox is a great email marketing option and I can’t get over the value for money you guys offer.

      Thank you for your comments and I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. says

    Hey Tim,
    I quit Aweber for this solution months back and experience has been a great one. My open rate got doubled and the tech team is so wonderful. I have leaned a lot of tips that have positively influenced my email marketing skills through 1 on 1 conversation with Jelle. I remember also having read personally from Tim Bekker, the CEO

    I think they really are caring 😉

    • says

      I’m glad to hear you’re a happy customer of INInbox Enstine.

      I remember reading on your blog that you’d moved. I’m seriously considering it myself. I’m trying things out at the moment.

      Still, when you consider the value for money that INInbox offer, it’s such a tempting prospect!

      It’s great that INInbox give the level of support they do. I quite like the idea of having my emails reviewed before they’re sent.

      So long as you plan ahead, I’m sure it doesn’t hold things up much.

      Thank you for commenting Enstine. I appreciate you sharing your experience of INInbox!

      Have a great weekend.

    • says

      Hi Tim,

      I first heard INinbox from Enstine Muki. He did an excellent post about this and after he posted it I created a video on this “How to Create a Welcome Newsletter on INinbox” coz I was very confuse on my first time on INinbox. This will save anyone time. I spent 3 days trying to figure out that Dashboard. It’s like Aweber but not quite. Their panel is different.

      Anyway, I haven’t migrated all my Email List on INinbox. I am still with Aweber. But I should transfer this as soon as possbile. Anyhoo, great post.


      • says

        Hi Angela.

        I remember Enstine writing about his move from AWeber to INInbox and was very interested to hear his findings – particularly as it was so much cheaper than most other email marketing providers.

        I’m still playing around with INInbox but am very impressed and am seriously considering moving from GetResponse.

        They put my mind at rest that in most cases when you transfer a list that you don’t necessarily have to get people to resubscribe.

        That’s something I hated with AWeber and was one of the reasons I moved to GetResponse.

        Great to hear your thoughts on INInbox Angela. I appreciate you sharing what you’ve learnt!

  3. says

    “So unlike with MailChimp you won’t get into any trouble if you promote products and services you’re an affiliate for.” — I think I may have missed something when I signed up for Mailchimp. Am I not allowed to post affiliate links in my emails? What happens if I do?

    Wowza. So glad I read this post, Tim! I’m looking forward to your reply…

    • says

      Hi Lorraine

      Affiliate links are a bit of a grey area with MailChimp. It depends on how much you promote and how aggressive you are with the promotion.

      You can certainly post affiliate links but you have to be careful about the types of things you’re promoting as you do with any email marketing provider.

      Depending on whether their system flags the link up as spam, or if your subscribers report the email as spam, determines what will happen. If those things happen, then I suspect they will warn first and suspend second?

      The reason I mentioned about getting into trouble is that I’ve read posts from genuine bloggers who have included affiliate links in their emails from MailChimp and have been suspended. I’ve always been wary of using MailChimp because of that.

      I’m sure you’re not an aggressive affiliate marketer though Lorraine :-) so you’ll more than likely be fine!

    • says

      Thanks Susan.

      I’ve never used Mailchimp myself because of what I’ve heard about their affiliate marketing policy.

      However, I know there are many people who use and love their service and if you’re getting good results with them, there’s no reason to change, I’d say :-).

      Thank you for your comments and have a wonderful week.

  4. says

    Hi Tim,

    You know, the first time I find information about ininbox is from Enstine. Looks like I will also use these services to build my list and this article gives an adequate explanation to convince me. Thanks Tim! :)


    • says

      Thanks Nanda.

      I’m still playing around with INInbox at the moment but I’m certainly impressed with their set up.

      It’s always difficult to find your way around something new and to get used to the dashboard. Once I’ve done that, I suspect I may move my list over too.

  5. says

    Hey Tim,

    INInbox seems to be a very interesting service, but I’m also sending emails in Norwegian, do the team need to approve every email? It might not be possible with Norwegian emails then?

    – Jens

    • says

      Hey Jens

      I had a look on their Knowledgebase and it doesn’t mention what languages they support.

      As far as I’m aware the support team do have to approve every every you send out until they’re happy with the quality.

      That will definitely cause an issue if they can’t speak Norwegian!

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