The Biggest Problem With Your About Me Page And How You Can Fix It

About Me Page

After pausing for breath for a while, I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on things that I’d been putting off for ages. Concentrating on one thing at a time has certainly paid off and I’ve finally managed to update my About Me page.

When you consider that it’s often one of the most visited pages on a blog, it’s an opportunity to get across exactly why someone should read your blog. But exactly how do you go about doing that?

Before I updated my About Me page, it was a short biography of my life to date with a couple of sentences about why I’d set up my blog. In other words, it wasn’t fit for purpose.

What it really needed to be though was a sales page. Not a sales page completely about me though. Instead one to convince a prospective reader what the benefits of my blog are if they continue to read it.

How To Structure Your About Me Page

When it came to deciding how I’d structure my About Me page, I took my inspiration from David Risley. I wanted the page to follow the same minimal, clean design of the rest of my website but also to be a landing page.

It made sense to use Premise to build by About Me page seen as I’d bought it just before Copyblogger decided to remove it from the market. It fits in really well with my theme because I use the Genesis Framework.

Following David’s Effective About Me Page Formula, I decided to divide my landing page up into three sections.

Section 1 – Benefits

This is the part where you spell out the benefits of your site. I didn’t put the primary benefit as a headline but I might test that out in the future.

People are busy and don’t want to spend all day making a decision about your site. Their attention spans are short so giving them bullet points about the benefits of readership makes things easy for scanning.

Rather than being about you, the bullet points need to help your potential readers identify how your site will help and benefit them.

Section 2 – Short Bio

David advocates using bullet points in this section as well for easy scanning and I’ve followed his advice.

In this section, I talk more about what you can expect from me as a blogger rather than who I am. The reason being is that I wanted to cover that more in the final section.

I haven’t included social proof or authority indicators in this section but it would be a good place to put them.

Section 3 – My Story

In this section, you go into more detail about your background. Although be careful not to waffle and go into too much detail.

David mentions that it’s good to focus on things that are specifically relevant to your brand. I’ve put the sections I want to stand out in either bold or italic to facilitate that.

Above all though, you need to tell a story and make it interesting – even dramatic but never boring. I may need to tweak this part!

Call To Action

Between each section and at the end, you include an opt in form to encourage people to subscribe to your blog. By having people on your email list, you can communicate with them on a much more personal level.

I use Magic Action Box (aff link)  to add the opt in forms onto my About Me page. It allows you to add pre-designed forms into your post or page using shortcode. Alternatively, you could use Hybrid Connect (aff link) which has a whole host of design and placement features.

Does Your About Me Page Need A Revamp?

My About Me page isn’t perfect but it’s worlds apart from where it was only a few days ago. Now all I need to do is wait and see how it affects traffic and opt ins. From there I can make some more tweaks if I need to.

So, tell me. When did you last update your About Me page? Is it actually about you (like mine used to be) or do you promote your blog to your prospective readers?

Photo Credit: benjaminasmith via Compfight cc

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  1. Ashley says

    Hey Tim
    Back in the saddle I see. Just as I am laying off the blogging a bit :>
    But the about page is something I was just re-reading yesterday while copying it to a new site I have. I think mine needs a serious overhaul, for many of the reasons you mention.
    It is not about me, it’s about the reader. I think many a blogger told me to write about me, and personalize it, but as a business owner (which we are) it is more about the reader and whether they want to stay. So although you have the story in there, it is last and not the priority. So great job. I will take a leaf from your book

    I included my new site in the website url, pop over and take a look :>
    have a great week, and let’s see if I can manage a post this week

    • says

      Hey Ashley

      I’m on holiday in the Lake District at the minute but managed to bring a laptop with me and we have free wifi so I thought, why not?

      I’m sort of back in the saddle. At the minute I’m trying to finish working on things behind the scenes. I finished the About Me Page and now it’s on to landing pages!

      I was pretty much told the same thing when it comes to the About Me page. Write about you and personalize it. That’s exactly what mine was like until I updated it.

      I wanted to get the background story in there but make it relevant to the business wherever I could. It was harder than I thought it would be because I don’t have that much social proof or blogging experience to speak of – or at least not yet anyway!

      The new website’s looking bang on Ashley. I’m going to have a better look when I get back up to Scotland though.

      I’ve not been blog commenting at all recently. I read a lot of posts now on Feedly and have been using blog commenting less and less as a strategy. I’ve been following your podcasts and posts and love that I can share them on Buffer straight from Feedly too.

      Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by and also for your continued support!

  2. says

    You’re right Tim. The golden rule of sales copywriting is explaining what they can benefit from using your product or service. Ultimately you are selling yourself on this page. So yes you should heavily explain how you can help them.

    A story is about yourself is also good, as it helps you stick in their memory.

    • says

      Thanks Jon. It sounds as though I’m on the right track with my About Me page now!

      I think I’ll still tweak it in a couple of weeks time but for now, it’s good to have gone through the process.

      Good point about the story. I think there’s still a need for something personal on an About Me page but it needs to tell and story and be interesting!

  3. says

    Hi Tim

    That’s a brilliant About Me page. The only thing I would do to improve it is make it more visible from the rest of your blog – perhaps in the top menu bar? (Forgive me if I’m being short-sighted here!)

    My About Me page…… oh dear, 63 revisions and still not entirely satisfied.

    However, I did implement some of your tips and I think it’s better than it was, but I’m not sure whether to severely prune the bit about my other products.

    Thanks for your inspiration to go and do another 10 revisions LOL


    • says

      Hi Joy

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them very much!

      The About Me page does have a link on my top menu but I just realised my cookie policy bar extends over it if people haven’t clicked on it.

      Lisa also mentioned that she didn’t notice it either. It’s really good feedback from you both! I’m going to have to think about how I make it more visible, I can see.

      I’m on holiday in the Lake District at the minute Joy but I’ll take a look at your About Me page when I get back. I’m pleased you decided to implement some of the tips I mentioned though!

      I decided after I’d published this version of my About Me page I’d give it some time to bed down and see if it significantly improved opt ins via that page (assuming people know where to find it :-))

  4. says

    Hi Tim, I revised mine a few months back but I see I need to add more of the benefits. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Excellent points as it is an important page of a blog. Is your page only shown in your bio at end of post? It’s getting late and maybe I’m missing something. Glad to see you back blogging Tim.

    • says

      Hey Lisa.

      It’s good that you updated yours. That’s more than I had since I started my blog! I hadn’t really thought about it in the way that mine is now written but it’s definitely good to have the benefits there in black and white.

      My About Me page is on the top menu of my blog as well as in the bio but I suspect if you couldn’t find it in the top menu others might not either. I may have to move it or highlight in some way to make it more noticeable. Thank you for the feedback – it’s important stuff!

      I’m on vacation in the Lake District at the moment Lisa. You’ve probably noticed from my Facebook updates but I’m definitely back and blogging, although maybe not publishing quite as often as I used to.

      Thank you for commenting Lisa. I appreciate you stopping by.

  5. says

    Hi Tim,

    I agree with Joy Healey, I couldn’t find your ABOUT ME page on that top menu. If you didn’t have the link here in this post, I wouldn’t find your About Me page. But I like the new structure of your About Me page. It’s more personal and approachable.

    Short bio of yourself is always a great way to include in your About Me page. Your story creates a UNIQUE touch as a blogger. Anyway, I hope you have a great Tuesday!


    • says

      Thanks for the feedback Angela.

      I decided to move my cookie policy bar from the top to the bottom of the page again and put a timer on it so it disappears after 30 seconds.

      That at least means it’s not covering the top menu. I still need to make the About Me link stand out more in some way and I’ve got my thinking cap on!

      I appreciate your comments and once again, thank you for your feedback. It certainly helps!

      I’m currently on vacation but am managing to get online for an hour a day to keep on top of comments at the very least.

      Have a great weekend when it finally arrives :-)

  6. says

    Hi Tim,

    I am about to improve my “about me page” recently. Yours here is just perfect for my valuable resource. You just give me an idea how to improve it.

    Wish you have wonderful weekend

    • says

      Hi Okto.

      You’ve made my day because I’ve been able to help you in some way! That’s what it’s all about for me.

      I hope you have a great weekend too!

  7. says

    I was a little pissed off while reading this.

    A few weeks ago I wrote an 11 page About Me page for a client.

    While spending over an hour interviewing him, at the end, we were both at the understanding that this piece wasn’t supposed to be about him but was instead supposed to be entirely designed for the sole purpose of convincing his perfect prospect that she was at the right place at the right time.

    Especially since he wasn’t going to be the spokesperson for the site.

    So I kept this in mind during the whole week while I assembled it. I’ve never had a formula to go from when I’ve written these pages but I’ve just naturally followed my advertising copywriter instincts that tell me I need to make the case for the high concept of the site, the founder’s vision for what was possible for the perfect prospect, what they could expect to receive from the site and how it would be delivered to them. And in the midst of all of this I weave in back story about the founder throughout the piece as they’re relevant to points I’m making.

    Of course, being the arrogant bastard I am, I believe I did a great job of doing this for this project. But that doesn’t count for shit. What really counts is that this smart client was incredibly pleased with what he got for his pretty penny.

    And here’s what got me a little bit pissed off at myself . . .

    I went through hell writing this, as often happens when I write long pieces, because I’m not plugging things directly into an outline but am instead just free flowing, fighting with copy I’ve written because I know it works but not in the place it is now, and then having to go back and sort it all out into a message that makes sense and does so in a compelling fashion.

    And now I’ve gone from peeved to feeling relief with seeing this awesome formula here and I wonder if it would have taken me less than a week to finish that project had I had this at hand.

    I’ve decided conclusively that it would have.

    It is very cool to see Timbo that you’re helping people to not just get this right, but to get it right with the least amount of time and headache possible. My hat goes off to you. Keep up the good work. :)

    • says

      I’m sorry I pissed you off Lewis but I’m glad you found my post useful :-).

      It sounds as though you think about what you write very carefully and structure things very well.

      Unfortunately I can’t take credit for the structure behind my About Me page. That’s all down to David Risley at the Blog Marketing Academy.

      I put the meat on the bones though and I’m happy with the result, with maybe a couple of tweaks.

      Great to see you again Lewis and I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

  8. says

    Hi Tim,

    What a nice About Me page you have here :)
    Good timing. Actually, some time ago I updated my about page because I saw on the about page of some other bloggers, including you. In the past, my about page is very stiff, even though I know that it’s a page that is frequently visited by readers.

    Now, I’m trying to tell the readers about who I am and see what the results later. Well, it’s like trial and error I guess.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Tim :)
    Nice share, indeed!


    • says

      Thank you for the compliment Nanda. I appreciate it!

      I agree it’s definitely about trial and error. I’d been meaning to update my About Me page for such a long time because it wasn’t fit for purpose.

      I’m happy with the result with possibly a couple of tweaks in the My Story section.

      I’m glad you found my post useful Nanda and thank you for your comments.

  9. says

    Hello Tim,

    The tips and specific insights you shared here are quite valuable – considering the fact that I’m considering an overhaul of my about me page too. To this I must say ‘Thank you’.

    Have a great Sunday!


  10. says

    Good stuff. Thanks for this article. I JUST updated my About Me page by adding a link to the 1KSmiles Facebook page. I also put a picture of me and my girl out having fun and smiling since the site is all about things that make people smile.

  11. says

    Hi Tim,

    My about me page really needs a revamp. It’s been on my list for a very long time, and even though it’s probably one of the most important things I should do, I just keep pushing it away. It’s old, and outdated and doesn’t really do anything for the people who visit my blog.

    I needed that push from you Tim, hopefully I’ll be able to do something about it during this week.

    I’ve just come back online after 3 weeks offline. I hope you’re having an awesome summer.


    • says

      I’m glad to have given you the push Jens!

      We were both in the same boat by the sounds of things.

      It’s great to have a break. I had a couple of weeks off not long ago.

      So far the summer has been brilliant thank you!

  12. says

    Thanks for sharing..! I just want through the about page of your blog and I found that it is really amazing page. Many attractive function such optin was added in the right place with Call to Action. I love that I am going to copy your style. LOL.

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