HostGator Is My Web Host Of Choice

I’ve used HostGator as my web host for as long as I can remember.

They were recommended to me when I first set up a website and I’ve never looked back.

It’s amazing to think that the web host started out in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University in 2002.

I wish I’d thought of that or at least from my garage or something!

Now there’s over 9 million domains hosted by them on more than 12,000 servers.

That makes up about 1% of the world’s internet traffic! Now that is some statistic.

They offer a whole range of services from unlimited web hosting to dedicated servers and everything else in between.

I’m on one of their unlimited web hosting plan on a shared server. It works really well for the amount of traffic I get to my blog.

There is some wiggle room in shared hosted plans so I will be fine for a while.

But when I need to step up to the next level, HostGator offers both VPS, and as I’ve already mentioned, dedicated servers.

Now before I go any further, I just wanted to make you aware that I’m a affiliate. So, if you do decide to take up any of these plans, I’ll get paid a commission.

I’ve got lots of links and banners on here, but this really isn’t meant to be a hard sell :-)!

I just want to let you know about all the different plans available, explain a little about what they are and what you can get from them.

You’ll find similar plans with most other web hosts too so it would be great to hear about your experiences with your web host. Please let me know in the comments below.

One thing to note about shared hosting plans is that whilst they may state certain things are unlimited, there usually are restrictions on CPU usage.

For example, HostGator allows a maximum of 25% of the CPU usage limit and you may not exceed this limit for more than 90 seconds.

CPU usage can be lowered by installing a caching plugin but you can also help by removing any non-essential plugins and banners and ads.

Check your plugins with P3 if you experience any problems with CPU usage as it might help to point out which of the plugins may be causing the issues.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plan

The shared hosting plans start from as little as $3.96 per month (which currently includes 20% off).

Shared hosting means exactly that. You share the server your sites are hosted on with many other peoples’ sites that also use resources, bandwidth, CPU etc.

There are three plans available: Hatchling, Baby and Business depending on your specific requirements.

The Hatchling Plan is a starter plan and allows you to have a single domain on the server. The Baby and Business Plans both allow unlimited domains.

So, what do you get with a shared hosting plan with HostGator?

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Site Building Tools and Templates
  • 24/7/375 Award Winning Technical Support
  • 1-Touch WordPress Installation
  • Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts and Email Accounts
  • Free Website Submission and SEO Tools
  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • They’ve even invested in Wind Energy to help offset server emissions.

And if you’re moving from another host, you get free Domain Transfers, free File Transfers, free Database Transfers and free Script Transfers!

HostGator Reseller Hosting Plan

Maybe it’s Reseller hosting you’re looking for?

If you’ve ever fancied starting your own web hosting company, well now’s your chance.

You can set up websites for your customers with their own control panels, allowing them to create and change their own websites. Reseller hosting is usually also on a shared server.

A HostGator Reseller hosting account comes with a free billing system so you can create your own prices, packages and features.

With the 20% discount you can get this from as little as $19.96 for the first month and then $24.95 per month thereafter.

HostGator VPS Hosting Plan

VPS Hosting fits neatly between shared hosting and dedicated servers.

It uses Virtual Private Servers, allowing each hosting account to be fully independent of each other, even though they are hosted on the same server.

With VPS hosting, you can install any software you like or even restart your own VPS account without affecting any of the accounts hosted on the server.

On a shared server, problems with one website might cause other websites on the server to have issues.

Similarly, if a website on a shared hosting account is using up a lot of resources, this can cause other websites to become unreachable.

This can’t happen on a VPS server as the website having problems or using up resources is segregated from the rest.

VPS hosting gives you all the flexibility of a dedicated server but at the price of a high-end shared hosting service.

VPS hosting with HostGator starts from $15.96 for the first month and $19.95 recurring thereafter.

HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

A Dedicated server is the ultimate solution for power and flexibility.

You’ll get a fully managed server including the latest cPanel control panel for free.

And HostGator typically deliver your Dedicated server within 24 hours of purchase.

With a Dedicated server, you get exclusive rights to bandwidth, memory and storage space as well as admin access to the server.

It will also give your websites with a higher level of security, speed and uptime.

You’re going to need deep pockets if you want a dedicated server as the cost per month massively increases.

Dedicated server hosting starts from $139.00 per month for the first month and then $174.00 thereafter.

If you’re thinking of changing your web host or you like the sound of any of these options, head on over to HostGator and take a look.

So, do you fancy a change of web host? How are you getting on with yours lately? How about a 20% discount on their web hosting plans?

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