How Do You Write A Blog?

I covered in an earlier post ‘what is blogging?‘ so the next logical step is to look at ‘how do you write a blog’?

Now, I know many people who visit here are seasoned bloggers and I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel.

On the other hand, it’s a great discussion point because every person will have their own answer to the question.

Here are some of the key points I focus on when I’m writing a blog post.

Is The Information Useful?

I love researching stuff and I spend a lot of time looking things up, making notes and researching more stuff!

When you’re thinking of subjects to cover, do you ever wonder whether other people will find them useful though?

Stupid question really; of course you do but I didn’t in the beginning. It was a case of getting something out there and I covered everything and anything.

You need to do some research to see what it is people actually want to know about and then find solutions to their problems.

A good place to start would be the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can input a keyword into the tool, find out how popular it is and it will also show you other related terms which you may find useful.

Other sites that may be of interest are Quora and Yahoo! Answers. Both sites are full of questions and answers that can give you inspiration.

Keep your eyes open for questions in the comments section of your blog as well because that can also be a great place to find ideas.

Read more about content: Content Is King – What Kind Of Content Is On Your Blog?

Have A Conversation With Your Readers

I find blogs which have a conversational tone much more enjoyable to read than those which are more formal.

I particularly like ones where people write exactly how they speak.

Having a conversation with your blog readers helps you connect with them and makes them feel part of your blog.

When I first started blogging, having a two-way conversation wasn’t something I’d ever considered.

But by being passionate, writing as you would speak and getting your point of view across is going to make people notice you.

Read more about putting personality into your blog: Why Blogging Naked Is The Way Forward

Tell A Story

People relate to experiences, not just facts and figures and they’re more likely to remember you if you tell a good story.

It helps put context and relevance to what you’re writing about and helps people to understand what it is you’re trying to say.

I read a fair amount of blogs without a personality every day and I don’t remember them from the moment I’ve left.

I do remember the story-tellers though who can craft a fine blog post to keep you hooked.

Read a story: I Love Italian Ice Cream

Grab People’s Attention

Spend some time thinking about your headline.

It’s not often that I end up with the first headline idea still intact by the time I publish a post.

Considering that your headline is often what makes someone’s decide whether they will read your post or not, it’s worth spending that extra time on it!

Here’s an example: Paying For Twitter Followers Is Like Paying For Sex 

Make It Easier For People To Get Around

If there’s anything I’ve taken away from using the Google Penalty Checker Tool, it’s that people need to find their way around your blog easily and the same goes for search engines.

Internal links are a great way for pointing people in the right direction and you may have noticed after each section I’ve given you more reading material from my blog to check out!

This helps people find things in your archive and hopefully draws them into reading more of your work.

If people can see how much bigger your blog is than just the post they’re reading then you’re more likely to encourage returning visitors.

How Do You Write A Blog?

If you had to give an answer with 4-5 tips on ‘how do you write a blog?‘, what would yours be?

I look forward to your responses below in the comments section. Please also share this post so that the sharing buttons don’t feel lonely!

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