5 Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills

You’ve just written the perfect post.

You’ve checked and double-checked it and it’s A-1 okay.

It’s your best work yet. It’s going to win awards in fact.

You can’t contain your excitement and you press the publish button. No need to improve your writing skills?

You proofread your work and yes, you’re good to go.

Then to your horror, you receive some comments about your poor spelling. What could have happened?

There must be some online tools that can help your writing skills.

Well, luckily there are a few which can come to your rescue.


Orangoo is an online spell checker and you can also check your grammar and synonyms via the online thesaurus.

You can  paste the text you want to be checked into the website and Orangoo will come back with suggested corrections. It will provide you with a spell check in 18 different languages.

Now if you’re a WordPress user, you probably don’t need this option as the built-in proofreader generally does a good job.

However, one thing you may be interested in is the service that Orangoo offer in partnership with TextTrust. TextTrust will scan your whole website and come back with details of all the spelling mistakes.

If you do this via the Orangoo website, you will receive a free sample report from TextTrust with information on a few mistakes that have been detected. In order to receive the full report, you have to sign up to the paid service. The following options are available to help improve your writing skills:

TextTrust Express $199.95

  • Full site review – complete report of your site’s text mistakes
  • Download report – excel friendly and easy to distribute
  • No software download – TextTrust is an online spell checker service

TextTrust Pro $299.95 (or $24.95 per month)

The same features as TextTrust Express plus:

  •  Pro Power Tools – Advanced reports and custom dictionary
  • Regular Reports – Scheduled or on demand as often as you want
  • Site insurance – automated scans, weekly or monthly reports
  • Support Staff – Phone and email support


Respelt is a completely free online spell checker which allows you to:

  • paste your document into a text box;
  • enter a URL or;
  • enter an RSS feed

and it will then spell check your data and come back with any mistakes it finds.

If you sign up for a free account, you can also get daily checks of your posts and you get your own private word dictionary.

Tip Of My Tongue

I’m sure it’s happened to you before.

As much as you will yourself to remember a particular word and it’s been bothering you all day, you just can’t remember it.

You could always try Tip of My Tongue. It’s a free website that you can use to try to help you remember that elusive word.

You can enter a partial word, letters, meanings and you can refine your search by word length.

Tip of My Tongue will then search the dictionary and report back on suggested words.

For $2.99 you can even get Tip of My Tongue on your iPhone.

Confusing Words

Confusing words is a collection of 3,210 words that are most often confused or misused.

Some of these words sound alike but are spelt differently and some are just commonly confused.

Here are some examples of confusing words that are covered: affect and effect; there, their and they’re.

Whilst this site hasn’t been worked on in many years, it is still a useful resource and appears to be the largest one of this type available online.


(Update: This service is no longer available)

Some words can have more than one spelling but how do you know which one is correct or the most-used?

With WebSource.it, you can test both and see which one comes out on top.

You can enter up to five words in the text fields and Websource.it will check out the number of resulting hits on Google to give you an indication of popularity.

Not too scientific; you’re relying on the wisdom of the crowd as to which of the two is correct.

It can, at least, give you an idea of what other people have used.

Over To You… What Tools Do You Use To Improve Your Writing Skills?

Well that’s all folks for today. I’ve really enjoyed researching and writing about these tools.

Now, what do you think of them? Have you used any of them before? Do you use any other online tools to help improve your writing?

I can’t wait to hear what you think. I always appreciate any comments you would like to make.

Please share this post on your favourite social media sites if you found any of the tools to improve your writing skills useful as you never know who else they might help.

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