Blog Traffic – Do You Need Help to Increase It?

Increase Blog TrafficI was over taking a look at DailyBlogTips the other day and I read an article which really made sense to me.

It’s called 4 Steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic.  It was written a little while ago but I think it’s still relevant.

It talks about a simple strategy which you can follow to increase your site’s traffic by planning out at least two and a half hours of your day by following four steps.

It certainly made me think about how I divide up my day.

So what are the four steps and how long should we spend on them as a minimum?

1. Killer Articles (1 hour per day)

Writing about things such as providing a detailed tutorial teaching people how to do something or creating a giant list of resources.

In other words, a killer article is a long and structured article that has a goal of delivering a huge amount of value to potential visitors.

These articles will more than likely bring in a great deal of blog traffic.

2.  Networking (30 minutes per day)

Commenting on other blogs and building relationships with others in your niche.

3. Promotion (30 minutes per day)

Telling people about your killer articles, guest blogging, doing some keyword research and generally getting the word out there that your blog is great!

4. Normal Posts (30 minutes per day)

Posts informing readers about news in your niche, discussing an article on another blog you’ve seen or a post asking a question of your readers to start a discussion.

I’m guilty of not managing my time effectively so the above four steps have come in handy for me.

I think they really set out how to go about blogging in an understandable and manageable way.

The steps also give definite and measurable goals so you can look back and see what you have achieved.

Hopefully they will also help to increase my blog traffic!

How Do You Get Blog Traffic To Your Site?

So over to you.  Do you have a time management plan in place that you follow for your blog?  Is it similar to the one detailed above?  What do you think about the plan?

I would be glad to hear any comments you may have.

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  1. says

    Hi Tim
    Yes I do have a time management plan for my blog and my working day, (I use my Livemail Calendar) I like to blog comment on at least 3 blogs every day which takes about 30-40 mins, I post a couple of times a week, more if I have something extra I want to share with my readers, if I write my post on the day I allow 1 hour roughly but if I want to write a few and schedule them then of course it is more.
    Sometimes it is easy to get distracted so I try and stick to my daily schedule but sometimes it does not go to plan :)
    Thanks for sharing

    • says

      Hi Pauline

      Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place. I’m still wrestling with mine! Sticking to a schedule isn’t always easy – at least certainly not for me 😉


  2. says

    Hi Tim,

    Everyone could always use some advice on getting traffic to their blog. I know that the ways we go about this really don’t change but maybe having more of a schedule would benefit many as you’ve laid out here.

    Ah, writing a “killer article” huh! I know my posts are a little long at times but I usually have so much to share. I only blog twice a week though and usually write several articles around a post I’m trying to rank for. I don’t necessarily do that same thing each day.

    I wish I could only network for 30 minutes a day. I’m a networking fool my friend.

    I definitely have to disagree about #3. You don’t want your promotion to be just about you. You want to promote other people posts mostly and then that will attract them to stop by your place. Unless you already have a good following I would then reach out to my friends and followers and ask them to spread the word about my killer article or guest post. I’ve found that to work so much better then you shouting to the world how great your content is.

    I do write down what I need to accomplish each day and it’s not always the same thing so my schedule isn’t really regimented in that respect. But I do watch my time and do my best not to waste it at all on things that won’t bring me results.

    I appreciate you sharing this and glad you enjoyed that post. See, it inspired this one!

    Have a great weekend Tim.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne

      That’s a great point about #3. I’d not really thought about it in that way. Hey, I’m still learning and have defintiely taken that piece of advice on board 😉

      To be honest I don’t do things as rigidly as the post from Daily Blog Tips suggests but it gave me a kind of ‘framework’ on which to base how I go about things.

      Networking is what I need to spend more time on, well maybe everything really! If only my kids would see it that way :-).

      I certainly appreciate any advice you give Adrienne. Thanks again.

      Have a great weekend.


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