Invigorated By The Trials Of Life

I always find this time of the year quite difficult.

The dark cold mornings when you’re tucked up in bed. The daylight just doesn’t last that long and before you know it the evening is setting in.

The last few weeks have tested my resolve; some difficult things to deal with, illness, tiredness from lack of sleep and “life takes over” stuff.

I’ve failed miserably to keep things going on my blog and it’s taking me ages to write posts and answer comments for which I apologise!

But sometimes life does take over. Life is after all for living not for blogging.

I’ve been so pleased to have the support of many bloggers over the past few weeks and I feel happy that I have become part of a growing community.

This doesn’t sound like the same man who wrote about starting a revolution and maybe I’m not that man at the moment.

Seeing my daughter try to cope with an illness for 6 days, seeing how helpless and vulnerable she is and how much she has grown to depend on me has thrown things a little.

It’s to be expected; she doesn’t want to disappointment me. I’ve become her world. Actually I feel it opened my eyes wider.

Going forward, I really need to be comfortable with the way I blog to get back into it. For about a week, I really didn’t feel like looking at my blog at all.

Apathetic perhaps? Maybe a little. But I’ve decided I should just stop trying so hard. Does it really matter if I don’t make money out of blogging for a long time? Or ever? Not really.

I want to go back to enjoying blogging and not feel like I need to step it up every time I write the next post. I hear that so many times it’s started to annoy me. That’s not what blogging’s really about for me.

Yes, I want to use it as a stepping stone to other things such as designing my own products and ebooks etc. But just keeping my blog up to date is keeping me busy enough to be going on with. I shouldn’t feel pressurised because that ‘killer’ article doesn’t miraculously appear each time I fire up my PC.

A little defeatist? Absolutely not. I certainly wouldn’t turn down any online opportunities that come my way but I need to think practically and realistically. Blogging is after all not my sole purpose in life.

I also need to reconsider how I go about building things on my blog with the tight budget I have. I know it’s important to invest in your business to grow but you also can’t do this blindly.

So, the first thing to go is likely to be AWeber. There’s other cheaper or even free options for adding subscribers and I’ll be researching these in the next few days to put them in place very quickly.

I also need to find alternative ways to make money for my business so I intend to look at doing paid surveys as a starting point.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stuck for money outside of my business but I don’t want to have to call on that particularly. I’m really not afraid to start again from the beginning and grow from there.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get where I want to be as I will have more and more time as my kids get older to move things forward and diversify. In that time I will continuously invest my time in learning new skills online which don’t cost the earth!

Out goes the idea of buying a premium theme for now. I’ve had trouble with the theme I have installed though so that may also need reviewing.

Actually, by putting this down in writing, I feel quite invigorated. Like I have a new purpose and a realistic direction; I’m no longer scrabbling around in the dark.

And I love blog hopping and commenting on other people’s blogs. I love to connect with other people but I stopped doing that for a couple of weeks. I’ve missed it and so that has to be my second priority.

I have to do what is right for me and I’m glad to not be following after the fold. I’m stepping it up in my direction not how I perceive other people think I should.

Hopefully you’ll continue with me on this journey :-).

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