I Love Italian Ice Cream

I love Italian ice cream and so do my family.  What’s not to like?

I know it’s great on warm lazy summer days.  I know it’s great on cold winter evenings sitting indoors watching a good film.

In fact, I know I like it all year round. My kids like it even more than I do and would eat it for breakfast if I let them.

Do you want to know what the best thing is about ice cream though?

I live across the road from an Italian ice cream parlour.

Maybe that’s the worst thing about ice cream too!  It’s too close to me for comfort.

They make some great flavours and they always have their core flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Recently though more flavours have appeared –  toffee fudgy wudgy, key lime pie, raspberry ripple and mint choc chip to name but a few.

Moving With The Times

Now, it’s great that they have their core flavours and believe me the vanilla is to die for.

Old favourites are certainly a solid foundation on which to work but to keep things fresh I’m glad they’ve come up with new ideas and products.

That’s exactly what my local ice cream parlour have done with the new flavours, a great range of sorbet and some wonderful chocolates.

I had begun to become a little too familiar with the so I have found these new flavours very intriguing.

And I know the flavours I have mentioned don’t sound particularly mind-blowing but there’s two things I know.

  • The ice cream will be of a superior quality;
  • Even though they’re not overly complex flavours, often keeping things simple can give better clarity.

I am already a satisfied customer with their core offering so by giving me something new I’m more likely to give it a try as I already trust the brand and know what to expect.

They’re not reinventing the wheel with raspberry ripple and mint ice cream.

The important thing though it is my local Italian ice cream parlour’s interpretation of those flavours.

Relating Italian Ice Cream To Blogging?

Actually, from my experiences, there are some links I know I can make with blogging:

Keeping things simple makes things easier to understand

Don’t use complicated words when simple ones do the job more efficiently by making your work more understandable.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can offer your own interpretation of something;

If you look around the blogosphere most topics have already been covered.  That doesn’t mean you have to be original in your subject every time. Find a subject you’re interested in and give your own interpretation of it.

Familiarity breeds contempt

Try something different in your blog posts.  If you’re always doing the same thing, people are going to get bored.  Surprise them!

Provide a quality product and gain a loyal following

If you give quality content on your blog, you’ll not only get some Google love, but you’ll also attract some loyal followers.

I know most people love ice cream and it’s so convenient for me to have an Italian ice cream parlour just across the road.

So what do you think ice cream has to do with blogging?  Any other things you can relate to it?

I’d love to know your thoughts, so please give comments and I’d be grateful for any sharing you’d like to do as well.

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