I Love Italian Ice Cream

Italian Ice Cream
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I love Italian ice cream and so do my family.  What’s not to like?

I know it’s great on warm lazy summer days.  I know it’s great on cold winter evenings sitting indoors watching a good film.

In fact, I know I like it all year round. My kids like it even more than I do and would eat it for breakfast if I let them.

Do you want to know what the best thing is about ice cream though?

I live across the road from an Italian ice cream parlour.

Maybe that’s the worst thing about ice cream too!  It’s too close to me for comfort.

They make some great flavours and they always have their core flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Recently though more flavours have appeared –  toffee fudgy wudgy, key lime pie, raspberry ripple and mint choc chip to name but a few.

Moving With The Times

Now, it’s great that they have their core flavours and believe me the vanilla is to die for.

Old favourites are certainly a solid foundation on which to work but to keep things fresh I’m glad they’ve come up with new ideas and products.

That’s exactly what my local ice cream parlour have done with the new flavours, a great range of sorbet and some wonderful chocolates.

I had begun to become a little too familiar with the so I have found these new flavours very intriguing.

And I know the flavours I have mentioned don’t sound particularly mind-blowing but there’s two things I know.

  • The ice cream will be of a superior quality;
  • Even though they’re not overly complex flavours, often keeping things simple can give better clarity.

I am already a satisfied customer with their core offering so by giving me something new I’m more likely to give it a try as I already trust the brand and know what to expect.

They’re not reinventing the wheel with raspberry ripple and mint ice cream.

The important thing though it is my local Italian ice cream parlour’s interpretation of those flavours.

Relating Italian Ice Cream To Blogging?

Actually, from my experiences, there are some links I know I can make with blogging:

Keeping things simple makes things easier to understand

Don’t use complicated words when simple ones do the job more efficiently by making your work more understandable.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can offer your own interpretation of something;

If you look around the blogosphere most topics have already been covered.  That doesn’t mean you have to be original in your subject every time. Find a subject you’re interested in and give your own interpretation of it.

Familiarity breeds contempt

Try something different in your blog posts.  If you’re always doing the same thing, people are going to get bored.  Surprise them!

Provide a quality product and gain a loyal following

If you give quality content on your blog, you’ll not only get some Google love, but you’ll also attract some loyal followers.

I know most people love ice cream and it’s so convenient for me to have an Italian ice cream parlour just across the road.

So what do you think ice cream has to do with blogging?  Any other things you can relate to it?

I’d love to know your thoughts, so please give comments and I’d be grateful for any sharing you’d like to do as well.

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  1. says

    Really interesting way to describe blogging, and by the way, I love Italian ice cream too :)

    It’s very important to focus on a niche and keep it simple, but its also very important to be personal. The being personal bit is what I’ve had the most success with.

    • says

      Hey Jens

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I’ve been trying to take a leaf out of your book so to speak and tell a story or two. I really love the way you take your reader on a journey.

      I can literally see the ice cream parlour from my window and I can feel the pounds piling on just looking out of the window!

      It certainly doesn’t help in getting the kids home when you have to walk past it every day either.

      Pizza followed by ice cream, bliss!

      I hope your sore throat is getting better Jens.


  2. Theodore Nwangene says

    I agree with you Tim, simplicity is the best, so we should always aim at keeping it simple. Another fact you stated here that i really like is the issue of uniqueness, it is obvious that there is no subject or topic that is still unique now, its only a matter of using your own voice.

    Maybe you should send me that Italian ice cream, let me have a test……Lol
    BTW: How is Mr bear?
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Khaja moin says

    Excellent comparison between Ice cream and blogging Tim.
    Going to post today something like this.


  4. says

    One more amazing comparison. By the way, I see one more similarity between blogging and vanilla ice-cream. It’s time management – you should eat ice-cream before it melts just like you should post your thoughts while they are fresh. Do you agree?

    • says

      Hi Jack

      Thank you for saying that. It means a lot.

      I completely agree with your comparison and am pleased that you mentioned it.

      I also thought about melting ice cream when I was researching the post but completely forgot about it in the final draft!


  5. Annie Andre says

    You clever devil comparing something we all love to blogging. I love what you said about not reinventing the wheel and just tweaking something that already exists. So true and really good advice.
    i love watermelon Gelato and Cassis flavour too. Very popular here in the south of France.

    • says

      Hey Annie

      I’m not sure about clever but thanks for saying that anyway! :-)

      I thought when I started blogging that I needed to think up a completely original idea every post.

      But to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure there is a subject left that hasn’t already been written about.

      It’s more about putting it in your words, how you relate to it and that’s what will make it unique.

      Now that sounds like an interesting ice cream flavour Annie. That is something I would love to try.

      We’re spoilt here where we live as we have not one but two Italian ice cream parlours within a short walking distance!

      Thank you for your comments Annie and I hope you are well.


  6. says

    I’ll have to pipe in here too Tim, very clever reeling us in with our love of ice cream. By the way, mint chocolate chip is my favorite. Of course anything chocolate will do but I’ve got a weakness for mint chocolate chip. Yummy!!!

    Love your comparison to blogging Tim. I totally see that when reading through what you shared here. I know that people are afraid to blog about something that’s been told a million times before but just make it your own. You know, I shared how to do that in my post but you can make it fun. Just like you did here.

    Love this post Tim and will be sharing it as well.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne

      Snap, mint choc chip is my daughter’s favourite flavour too!

      I’m really pleased that you liked the comparison Adrienne.

      I’m trying to relate my posts as much as possible to what’s going on in my life and all around me and I learnt that from both you and Jens.

      So, I really appreciate what I have learnt from you both.

      Thank you so much for sharing my post too!


  7. says

    Hi Tim

    Didn’t know what to expect from you today. But you got me on the ice cream! Ice cream brings a smile to one’s face, it does relate to a care free attitude. And I have been so pleased with the fact that I have not eaten any ice cream this summer, expect for one yogurt sundae from Costco that I shared. Glad I don’t live across the street from such temptation. Although there is plenty of places to get some within a block from here.

    Oh yeah, to your question. Maybe that there are so many flavors (blogs) to choose from and that we all don’t love the same kind (blogs) and that doesn’t make the other flavors (blogs) bad, just doesn’t happen to be our taste.

    Darn, now you got me thinking about ice cream…chocolate something!


    • says

      Hi Mary

      “Oh yeah, to your question. Maybe that there are so many flavors (blogs) to choose from and that we all don’t love the same kind (blogs) and that doesn’t make the other flavors (blogs) bad, just doesn’t happen to be our taste.”

      I love your words above. I like the fact there are so many interesting and different blogs out there. There’s always something different to read.

      Living across the street from the ice cream parlour certainly has its challenges. Particularly when my kids want to go there every time we pass it!

      Chocolate something… Mmmmmm, now you’ve got me thinking about ice cream!

      I hope you’re having a great weekend Mary.


  8. says

    Sigh, I would like to eat ice cream but it hates me. I have to agree that I like your analogy and that I appreciate how you incorporate your kids into your posts.

    I am biased, but I like that kind of thing.

    • says

      I know what you mean Josh. As soon as I look at the ice cream, the pounds just start to pile on!

      It’s nice to have some every now and again though.

      I’m glad you liked the analogy and thank you for saying that about how I incorporate my kids into the blog; that means a lot.

      They’re what I know, so it seems a good fit!

      Have a great weekend Josh.


  9. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Ice cream.

    Oh, yes. It has been a while since I have ate ice cream (even though my college dining hall does serve ice cream). Too many ice creams aren’t good 😉 Not just for your health, but also for your taste (because over time, we lose the taste for it).

    It’s great that you can relate back the ice cream shop to blogging, Tim.

    I do agree with your point about keeping it simple (I am all about keeping it simple, although I doubt whether I keep it simple always). Simple is what people want (Well, we need complex solutions too, but our success comes in when we make those complex thing simple. Like code academy making learning coding simple and fun :D).

    Thank you for the post, Tim!

    • says

      Hey Jeevan

      I can’t imagine ever losing the taste for ice cream but you’re right if we have it in excess I’m sure it will do more than pile on the pounds!

      Learning code… Now that is something I would like to do. Great that it can be simple and fun. It always looks complicated and so not fun to me!

      I’m looking forward to your new blog when it happens Jeevan!

      Have a great weekend.


  10. Donna Merrill says

    Hi Tim!
    Love the analogy of Italian Ice Cream! That is a subject line that will pull anyone in.
    The analogy you use is great. And I do agree that we must keep our blog simple and then throw in a “shocker” here and there.
    I have experimented with it and one of my “shocking” posts still gets attention.

    • says

      Hi Donna

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I definitely agree, getting that “shocker” in there every now and again works really well.

      I’ve been trying to relate my every day life to blogging and marketing more and more and that makes writing so much easier for me.

      At least it’s something that I know about!

      Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate your comments.

      Have a great weekend.


  11. Praveen Rajarao says

    Now you have made me change my plans for the evening, i really have to go and get an ice cream and i love those italian flavors too.

    Nice way to relate to blogging and I think you nailed it perfectly. It is quite simple and there is no need to reinvent the wheel with blogging. You just have to be you and people who like will come and flock your blog :-)

    Thanks for a wonderful read.

    • says

      Hey Praveen

      Great to see you and thank you for your kind comments.

      Did you go and get an ice cream? I can see the ice cream parlour from my window as I’m writing this.

      It’s making me think of all the wonderful flavours again…

      I hope you have a great weekend Praveen.


  12. Andrew says

    “Try something different in your blog posts.”

    And this article is a great example itself. Loved the comparison between ice cream flavours and blogging!

    Thanks for the good tips, I believe I will always be working at the “keeping things simple” part. Blog readers are lazy, so you have to keep things simple for them to understand fast.

    • says

      Hey Andrew

      Wow, thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them.

      I’ve trying to tie things in with my every day life as much as possible.

      It’s what I know about after all! I think it makes it more interesting.

      I hope your week started well.


  13. says

    Love how you compared the 2 and reading that everyone has different tastes. That means there’s different blogs for different folks to read too. Some like long posts and others prefer short posts. Some like posts with lots of images or videos and others would prefer to read posts. We can all add a different flavor to our blogs. Interesting, because sometimes I’m afraid to blog about something I’ve read somewhere else. This one has me thinking Tim!

    • says

      Hey Lisa

      Everybody is different and everyone is unique and that’s what makes a blog interesting.

      10 people could write about the same thing and in general you’ll get a different post each time.

      That’s what I love about blogging.

      I try and bring my life into it as well.

      You definitely shouldn’t be afraid to blog about something you’ve read elsewhere.

      You’ve got an opinion and I’ve love to hear it!

      Have a great week Lisa.


  14. says

    Hi Tim,

    I just realised you must be English because of the way you spelt flavour (the correct way to spell it of course) and favourite. :-)

    There was a law-suit years ago, I forget who launched it, to stop the Brits calling ice-cream ‘ice-cream’ as it didn’t contain cream; I have a feeling it was the Italians who were getting all uppity about it as their gelati has to contain cream by law – funny how you remember these things isn’t it?

    Ice-cream and blogging? You could have a ‘flavour of the month’ theme on your blog; I don’t post enough to be able to do that but you might!

    Regards, Roz

    • says

      Hi Roz

      You got me! I’m English, although I’m currently living in Edinburgh.

      That law-suit sounds like typical Euro-babble! I hadn’t heard about that. I can understand getting protected status for Cornish pasties but for ice-cream?!

      I like the sound of a ‘flavour of the month’ theme, although I’d end up eating far too much ice-cream testing out all the flavours.

      My kids would really enjoy it though!

      Thanks for your comments Roz and I hope you’re week is going well.


      • says

        Hi Tim,

        I might easily have put my foot in it there if you were actually Scottish, lol! Thanks God you weren’t, but I should say ‘British’ in future 😛

        It’s true about the ice-cream but we’re talking a loooong time ago, 20 yrs or so, whoever it was lost the case (obviously). I love ice-cream, it’s only once a month Tim, come on, you can eat ice-cream for blogging glory. 😀


        • says

          I could definitely eat ice-cream for blogging glory Roz!

          My kids would enjoy it too. Mmmmmm, now I’m hungry again.

          My wife’s Irish, my kids are Scottish and I’m English. We’ll have to move to Wales next!

  15. Theodore Nwangene says

    Happy to here that you guys are having some fun Tim,
    Yea, I’m cool over here, just relaxing. My regards to your entire family.

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