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When it comes to making money online, it’s always wise to diversify your efforts and not rely on one single source of income. If you’re a blogger, one way to do that is to write sponsored posts like this one I’ve done for teliad.

I recently signed up to their Link Building and Blog Marketing service and I must say, I’m very impressed with their platform and customer support. The site looks and feels professional compared to other similar services I’ve signed up to and the customer support have been very helpful and welcoming.

But what really stands out about teliad is that they offer many different ways for bloggers and other publishers to make money online.

How Can You Make Money With Teliad?

teliadThere are currently 10 different products that you can take advantage of with teliad (aff link). In each case, you submit your offer and this is manually reviewed to ensure it meets quality standards. If it

It’s completely free to sign up as a publisher and you can create as many offers as you want. You also decide on the price and you can use teliad’s handy Price Check Calculator to get an idea of how much to charge and how much you can therefore earn from your offers.

Here’s a quick overview of the products you can make money from.

Text Link & Text Link+Content

You can offer to place text links as pure HTML backlinks anywhere on your website or with anchor text.

Post Link & Post Links+Content

If your site has a news feed, you can offer post links in your existing content or an advertiser may suggest new content to contain the link.

Presell Page

You can offer to set up a sub page on your domain with content created by you based on an advertisers request. The content will contain a permanent link to the advertisers homepage as well as several links within the content as agreed with the advertiser.

Blog Post

Just like this post I’ve written, you get paid to write a unique, authentic article on behalf on an advertiser. The advertiser specifies the backlinks which must be contained in the blog post.


This is similar to the blog post offer, however the content in the blog post is provided by the advertiser in its entirety. If you offer Advertorials on your blog then an advertiser has the option to request either Advertorials or Guest Posts. With the second option, guest authors are able to link their Google+ author profile with their name in the article.

Video Marketing

You can offer to place an advertiser’s video on your blog, alongside a short commentary to summarize what the video is about.


Infographics can be a great way to attract readers. Why not earn some cash whilst adding them to your site? The teliad (aff link) platform makes this easy. The advertiser provides the infographic when taking up your offer and all you need to do is write a short introductory text about the infographic.

Press Release

You can offer to publish a Press Release on your site. The text is provided by the advertiser and contains backlinks as HTML links.

Affiliate Program

If you want to, you can also promote teliad as an affiliate and receive a commission payment when you sign up new publishers.

Need Some Help With Content? Teliad Can Do That Too

teliadNot everyone has time to write blog posts or text for their sales pages. Sometimes other things need to take priority. Does that sound like you?

If you’re not used to writing or just don’t consider it to be one of your strengths it can take hours just to produce a small amount of text. Maybe that’s you?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that teliad now also delivers content and in five different languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian).

You can place an order from your free teliad account (aff link), specifying a category and keywords. This ensures your order only goes to relevant authors who are familiar with the subject.

Teliad also monitors the quality of the text supplied and ensures that only authors with proven high quality writing skills can take on your order.

You can select from 4 different quality levels depending on the price you wish to pay. These range from 1.6 ct per word to 6.3 ct per word for the very top-rated authors.

Why Is Teliad Right For Bloggers?

Well, one of the things that sold it for me was that you can specify in your offers whether you accept NoFollow links, DoFollow, or both. That applies to Blog Posts, Advertorials, Video Marketing, Infographics and Press Releases.

With Google being a source of traffic for bloggers, having the option to only allow NoFollow links is an important one. Google’s stance on paid links is that they must be NoFollow or it goes against their quality guidelines. So depending on your own feelings on this, you have the option to only offer NoFollow links if you want to.

Another important consideration is that any bookings which an advertiser makes are non-binding. You have the choice of whether to accept them or not and if you don’t think it’s the right fit for your site you can decline the booking at the click of a button.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? When will you start using teliad (aff link) as part of your income generation strategy for your site? Remember, you can sign up for FREE today!

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  1. Chris says

    Great post Tim.
    IMHO teliad has significantly improved its platform in the last months. teliad is now one of my top 3 sources of income.

  2. says

    Hey Tim,

    I have known this platform since last year I think but the recent moves by Google have been so bad that I had to watch my steps.

    When postjoints got hit, it was a big signal. However, the dofollow option on teliad is a bit of relief. But still at that, any guarantee Google will not punish Teliad members?

    • says

      Hey Enstine

      I’m always a few steps behind when it comes to finding out about these platforms it seems :-).

      I’ve not used PostJoint at all, although I do have an account. I’ve used GuestCrew very sparingly too (one post I think). I deleted my account with MyBlogGuest months before they got hit because I found their site was quite poor in quality.

      That’s a very good question about teliad Enstine and I’m not sure of the answer to be honest.

      However, the way I view it is that Google have confirmed it’s against their quality guidelines to pass PageRank through paid links and these should therefore be tagged as nofollow.

      So, if I use only nofollow links with teliad, I’m not passing PageRank and therefore I’m not breaching their guidelines.

      • says

        Hey Tim,

        Thanks for the quick reply

        Here is the point…

        All the links on content from Teliad have a monetary reward so why is the nofollow an option? I thought that should have been an obligation.

        Google may still consider them promoting web activities that are against their quality guide lines.

        I’m just thinking

        • says

          Hey Enstine

          I didn’t read Google’s advice that way.

          From everything I’ve read and from Matt Cutt’s videos my understanding is that Google aren’t against paid links so long as they don’t pass PageRank.

          With regard to teliad, here’s a copy of an email I received from them about the NoFollow option:

          “Dear teliad user,

          Our advertisers use our marketplace to operate link building and blog
          marketing in a sustainable, efficient and reliable manner. Link building
          focuses on the SEO aspect while blog marketing adds familiarity and
          image enhancement through content. For some projects, however, the SEO
          aspect plays only a minor role or none at all. Therefore, advertisers
          have been able to book offers with nofollow links for some time now.

          In the past, a few publishers contacted us, as they only wanted to allow
          Nofollow links for their offers. We decided to turn this option into an
          offer detail. With immediate effect and for each of your content offers
          (Blog Post, Advertorial, Video Marketing, Infographic and Press
          Release), you can specify whether you want to allow nofollow links,
          follow links or BOTH.

          Moving forward, we advise you to allow follow and nofollow bookings, as
          allowing only one of them may make your offering less appealing.
          Therefore, you should introduce this restriction with full understanding
          of its consequences. On the other hand, you can easily modify your
          existing offerings and your recent bookings are obviously kept.

          We wish you continued success with your activities on

          Your teliad Team”

          Teliad are giving people the option of NoFollow because they asked for it but they have no obligation to offer it. Google have no legal jurisdiction after all.

          I’m sure some bloggers still aren’t too bothered about Google quality guidelines and will put up paid links that do pass PageRank.

          Google would have no grounds to consider anyone who uses the nofollow tag with paid links from teliad against their quality guidelines though because that’s the advice Google have given.

          If on the other hand people do pass PageRank using links with teliad, I’m sure Google may find out at some point and penalise them.

          • says

            Johannes from teliad here :)
            Interesting conversation, here are my 2 cents. We believe it’s very important to give bloggers the option to offer nofollow / follow articles. We try to advise the publishers on the issue, however, in the end it’s their choice on what they want to offer (Just like Tim said). More importantly a lot of our advertisers do look for great content and great bloggers with whom they can connect and often feel that their site and content (if provided) does deserve a normal link.

            With that being said, some advertisers are going more and more into the direction of nofollow bookings, while others prefer to use normal links. It will always be up to the blogger however, if he/she wants to accept the booking be it follow or nofollow.

  3. says

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for the info, and it’s an interesting discussion above. I’m pretty busy with “other stuff” so I won’t add this one to my portfolio at the moment, but I do hope you’ll update us on how it turns out, as it may be something for me to look into when I get the famous “round tuit” LOL.


    • says

      Hi Gagan.

      I love the teliad platform and you should definitely take a look!

      I’ve only just started working with them but I see it’s going to be a good thing.

  4. says

    Hi Tim,

    It has indeed been a while since I came around with my comment. Please I do hope you’re doing great?

    With respect to Teliad, just like Enstine, I have heard about them as well but didn’t place much priority on them and moreover the issue with respect to follow and no follow has really raised some eyebrows from my end.
    But I think it is worth checking them out once more. I found this post shared on

    • says

      Hi Emmanuel.

      It’s good to see you! I’m very well thank you.

      I’ve been very happy with the way that teliad deal with the nofollow/dofollow issue. The fact that I can choose to only offer nofollow links was one of the main reasons I signed up with them.

      It may mean I get less offers from advertisers but it will at least keep Google happy and still allow me to earn some money!

      Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. says

    Hi Tim,

    Great article about Teliad. I remember seeing it somewhere and might check it on it soon! Didn’t know it was so ‘high up there’.

    Thanks and keep you informed of the outcome!

    • says

      Hi Reginald

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      Teliad is one of the better platforms out there when it comes to getting paid blog posts. With the option now to only offer nofollow links in paid blog posts through your account, it keeps people safe from the wrath of Google!

      I have the added issue of the requirement in the UK to disclose a post as being sponsored or paid for in some way. Just to make it even harder.

      Great to see you and thank you for your comments.

  6. Les Wallack says

    Hey Tim…

    It’s been quite a long time and a tough year. You have one very nice looking site!! I am impressed and still have a lot of studying to do. A super job on your “About Tim” page!!

    As most of your subscribers are commenting on or about Teliad, I guess I will too. It may not be a great match for a fitness website but I have another website that I am getting started with that will be of a more general content. I’ll have to check it out! I’ll have to see if they can e-mail me some particulars.

    Take it easy Tim…I’ll be back!

    • says

      Hey Les

      It’s good to see you. What have you been up to?

      Thank you for your kind comments on my site. It’s getting there and I’m pleased with my About Me page now.

      It sounds as though teliad might be a good fit for the website you’re just starting. There is a Health & Wellness Category for sites on teliad so you should check it out for your fitness website too!

  7. says

    Hey Tim,

    Interesting post about a service I’ve never actually heard of. It looks like it’s possible to earn good money if you do things right. At the moment, I’m thinking about focusing on creating a community on my blog and then maybe I’ll continue with developing a product. I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing with my blog in the future. So far, everything I’ve been doing has been about sharing my experience and connecting with people – eventually I need to integrate my blog with my business, and that’s the tricky part.

    • says

      Hey Jens

      I’ve been less active on my blog whilst my wife and kids are off school but I’ll get back into it during September.

      teliad, I think, is one of the better services I’ve seen in terms of professionalism for earning money through blogging.

      I think it may take some time to get going once signed up but in the long term, I think it will be possible to earn good money.

      I signed up to the Blog Marketing Academy a few weeks ago but haven’t been able to do much of the training yet. I plan to start that in September too.

      Once I’ve done that, I’m hoping I’ll know which direction I’ll be taking my blog in too!

  8. says

    Tim, I like the sound of this one especially with the infographics. I think I’ll be signing up to check it out. Thanks for sharing. There are several ways bloggers can take advantage of this one, I like that. Thanks again Tim and hope your summer is continuing to go well there.

    • says

      Thanks Lisa.

      I think teliad will prove to be a good way for us to earn money from our blogs.

      I think it can take time to get offers but in the long term, they certainly seem a very professional site.

      I’m currently down in England at my parents until tomorrow. The weather has been brilliant so far!

  9. says

    Hi Tim,

    It has been some time since I left a similar platform. Now, I’m more interested in the private ads, I still try though. :)

    Even so, this is the first time I knew about teliad. Thanks for sharing.
    Nice info!


  10. says

    Hi Nanda

    It’s worth taking a look at teliad if you think it might work for you as it’s free to sign up.

    I hear what you say about private ads though as I’m sure they could be quite lucrative.

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