Are You Real Or Are You A Fake?

Real Or Fake
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Who me? Fake? I’m definitely real.

But how do I know you’re real?

That’s a great question.  I’ve been asking myself that very thing.

How easy is it to tell if something is real or faking it?

Take the Art world. Art forgery has happened for centuries.

It’s a lucrative business.  Although with modern-day techniques of being able to pin-point the approximate date that something was painted, perhaps not so much as it once was.

And now we have it online.  People who try to get ahead online by faking it.

How are they doing that?  Well, one example is paying for Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

It’s great to see that Facebook are taking a stance on this by purging accounts and Page likes.

But what about Twitter…

Are Your Twitter Followers Real Or Fake?

How can you tell?  Are you able to spot the real ones from the fake ones?

Maybe you’ve already bought some followers.  Whatever floats your boat but do you know which ones they are?  Do you care?

Well, if you’re using Twitter to be social then hopefully you will.

I have discovered a couple of ways to weed out the real Twitter followers.


With Twitblock, you can check how many of your followers are fake.

It’s a completely free service which scans all of your followers for various characteristics associated with Twitter accounts that aren’t real, scoring each from 0 to 4 points.

The points are then added together to give an overall score which is then expressed as a percentage of how certain Twitblock is that a follower is fake.

Through Twitblock, I’ve discovered a couple of Twitter followers which more than likely are suspect and now I can simply block them.

You can also see who you’re already blocking too, something which you can’t do on

In addition, by reporting fake accounts and spammers to Twitblock, they can then report it back to Twitter via their API, allowing Twitter to look into those accounts much quicker.

Twitblock also has a blacklist system which can further aid you to find those accounts.


StatusPeople offer a free check to see how many of your Twitter followers are fake, inactive or good.

You can see from the above image that this information is provided by StatusPeople in percentage form.

If you want to see the data behind those figures though you have to sign up to the Fakers Dashboard which requires a monthly subscription payment.

Similar to Twitblock, this service will give you a list of your Twitter followers which StatusPeople believe aren’t real.

From there you can block any of these from following you.


TwitterAudit takes a random sample of 5,000 Twitter followers from your account and calculates a score for each follower.

This is based on the following criteria:

  • number of Tweets
  • date of the last Tweet and;
  • ratio of followers to friends.

Based on those, TwitterAudit will then decide whether your followers are real or fake.

The one thing that TwitterAudit doesn’t do, which the Twitblock and StatusPeople do, is share which followers have been deemed not to be real.

To me, the point of completing the audit would be not only to find out how many fake followers I have but also which ones they are.

TwitterAudit is now in beta testing however, so this may be something they have considered or are considering for the future.


There you have it.  The Twitter police have been to town.

In all seriousness, I’m sure having fake Twitter followers really doesn’t bother some people.

Maybe they don’t use Twitter for social purposes or they just want that feel good factor of having a whole load of numbers following them.

But for those who it does bother, I hope you’ve found this post useful.

I would certainly recommend taking a look at Twitblock if you haven’t already.  Remember it’s a free and it’s made in Britain, so you can’t go wrong!

Now, over to you…

Have you heard of any of these apps?  Have you used any of them?  What do you think of them? Does having fake Twitter followers or Facebook likes bother you?

I’m really interested to know what you think and I would be really grateful if you would share this post with your friends.

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  1. Theodore Nwangene says

    Hey Tim,
    Happy new week, hope you enjoyed the weekend well. I have never purchased any fake twitter followers before and don’t intend to either.

    I’m also bordered and eager to weed out my fake twitter followers, so this post is really cool and specifically made for me.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a cool week.

    • says

      Hi Theodore

      I had a great weekend thank you and am enjoying time with my family this week.

      I’m glad that you found the post useful and thank you for your feedback.

      I hope you have a great week Theodore.


  2. says

    Hi Tim
    I have not heard of these apps but they sure sound good so I think I will be taking a further look at them. I do not like the idea of fake followers so I need to weed any out that I may have so I am glad I read this post, thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day

    • says

      Hi Pauline

      It’s great to see you again.

      I don’t like the idea of fake followers either. It just makes me feel uneasy.

      You should definitely try Twitblock as it’s free. I only found 2 possible fake followers but I only have around 200 at the moment so that’s pretty good really!

      I hope you have had a great day too.


  3. says

    Well that was very informative Tim, thank you so much.

    I wasn’t aware of these sites but I have been using ManagerFlitter and that will show me the people who have never posted at all. We know those are fake accounts and then it will share with you who is inactive, their last tweet, how many followers they have, etc. Lots of helpful information but doesn’t actually tell you if they are fake or not.

    I’m running a scan on my account right now as I write this comment and we’ll see how many fake people I still have.

    Thanks again for this very helpful info and for telling us more about these sites. Definitely checking them out Tim.

    Enjoy your week.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne

      Snap, I hadn’t heard of ManageFilter either so that’s good to know about as well.

      I found Twitblock really useful so I hope you did too. Did it flag up any of your followers?

      It’s generally wise to use it as a guide though.

      When I ran it, it brought back a couple of followers and when I checked them out they were just sending the same Tweet day after day.

      Straight away I knew they were automated spam accounts so I’m glad I did the scan.

      I like the fact you can see who you have blocked through Twitblock as well.

      Have a great week Adrienne and thank you for your comments.


      • says

        I love Manage Flitter and they continue to improve the site.

        I did get quite a few but there were only a handful that were fake accounts. Some of the others I really had no interest in what they shared so it was helpful Tim, thanks! Useful site for sure.


  4. says

    Nice! Need to bookmark and come back later for this one! I have always earned Twitter followers organically; that’s why I’m only at 4200 or something after 3.5 years. Buying followers does nothing for me; just clutters the stream.

    Great research; thanks for sharing, Tim!

    • says

      Hi Jayme

      Good to see you here again.

      That’s the way to get Twitter followers, Jayme, and I like the fact you’ve used the word earn.

      I wish Twitter would follow Facebook’s example more closely and start cleaning the fake accounts up more quickly!

      Thank you for your comments Jayme. Much appreciated!


  5. says

    Hi Tim,

    I had not heard of these apps either, so first of all, thanks for sharing the names and the lowdown on them.

    Like Adrienne, I use ManageFlitter to have a periodic cleanup, though I still get the odd direct message that says ‘someone has been saying bad things about you … click here!’ LOL

    Thanks for the information and the detailed write-up – really appreciate it Tim.

    Have a fantastic day.


    • says

      Hi Dee

      Thank you for your comments.

      ManageFilter sounds like a great app and I will definitely check it out.

      I really like the fact that Twitblock maintain a blacklist of followers, effectively generated by Twitblock users.

      Hopefully, it helps to clean up those fake accounts with Twitter more quickly.

      I’m still thinking of that beach you shared on your blog now!

      Have a great week Dee.


  6. says

    Wow, Tim, this is indeed a good revelation for me. I’ve really been worried by many of my followers on twitter knowing that many of them are not real but I didn’t know there were tools like these to weed them out!

    I’m definitely going to check these out and do something about my twitter account. Thanks for sharing this.

    • says

      Hi Chadrack

      I hope you find the apps useful.

      I certainly really like Twitblock and would recommend it.

      Thank you for your comments and I’m glad to see you here.

      Have a great week.


  7. says

    Interesting post. I have no worries that all the accounts I follow are real. That’s because I look at every person that connects with me and check out at least 100 messages or so to see if they ever interact with anyone. If not, I don’t add them and life goes well. Of course, that can be time consuming here and there but I’m not worried about that.

    • says

      Hi Mitch

      Welcome to my blog Mitch. It’s great to see you here.

      That’s a great way to look at things Mitch. I admire you for checking every single person!

      I try to but I have to admit I don’t always get things right.

      I appreciate your comments Mitch and hope to see you again soon.


  8. says

    Hi Tim,

    I just cleaned out my twitter account last week and notice there were a few who follow, you follow back, they then unfollow. Others who had minimal tweets to none at all. As for paying for followers, I do not understand why one would, same with facebook likes.

    Those sites are really good to have a sift out. Nice one Tim, thanks for this info.

    Hope you all enjoyed your trip to Edinburgh Castle and the Zoo. I’m enjoying my heavenly childless week. :-)
    Take Care

    • says

      Hi Julie

      I’ve noticed a few people who do the same as you; they follow you, you follow them and then they unfollow.

      At least we can have a good spring clean every now again and get rid of some followers that do and say very little!

      The trips to Edinburgh Castle and the zoo were fantastic thank you.

      Only a few more days of holiday before my wife goes back to work. We need to make the most of it!

      I hope you’re enjoying your childless week!


  9. says

    Hi Tim,

    There was a time when I thought about paying for followers because I was truly curious to see what sort of impact it would have on things like my Klout score. I have seen several other people do it and it looked like they received some short term benefits from it in that they received some opportunities they might not have gotten.

    I decided against it because I was concerned about whether it would have a substantial negative impact and I didn’t want to take a hit for what I thought would be minimal benefit.

    Might be worth blogging about again, it is an interesting topic.

    • says

      Hey Josh

      I can see why people might want to buy followers for the short term benefits.

      It goes against the way I want to do things however. I think it’s a way of cheating the system and eventually that system will find out and any benefit gained will be lost.

      I would certainly be interested in what you have to say on it in a blog post!

      Thank you for your comments.


  10. says

    I want to get rid of my fake followers, but some of them are such beautiful women… do I HAVE to, Tim?

    It was so funny when Stacy Acevero wrote about fake followers on Spin Sucks a couple of months back. Her profile photo is so… well, let’s just say she could be a fashion model. I had to ask Gini Dietrich if Stacy was a real person, or a fake profile they concocted to make a point.

    • says

      Hey Barrett

      Sometimes it’s difficult to let go Barrett.

      You don’t have to if you don’t want to! I know some of them have very beautiful profile pics.

      I’m just giving you the heads up on tools you can use to block them when and if you feel you are ready ;-).

      Thanks for your comments and I hope you’re having a great week.


  11. Khaja moin says

    Hi Tim,

    That`s very useful tool! Yes it`s been a BIG problem for bloggers as they spend lot of time working & networking but at the end we find it is a BOT :(…..

    Hope now we can save our time.


    • says

      Hey Khaja

      I hope you find the tools really useful and thank you for your comments.

      It’s quite frustrating isn’t it when you’re trying to be social using Twitter and then you find bots or spammers in your followers!


  12. says

    Last time I checked I had 1% fake followers. I’ve also used SocialBro and TwitBlock sounds very interesting. Will have to check it out. Thanks Tim! Fake followers need not apply :)

    • says

      Hi Lisa

      1% is very good. Twitblock could certainly help you weed out those few extra.

      I use quite a lot now. I’ve not used SocialBro so I’ll take a look at that app.

      The other followers who I don’t like are people who follow you, send you a promotional message, you follow them back and then they unfollow you.

      Hmmmm, very social! More like anti-social…

  13. says

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for bringing these services to our attention. I’ve got them open in others windows and will make a point of checking them out.

    I’ve seen giggs on Fiverr for fake followers and think it’s just a trick to fool people into thinking you’re popular.

    When i first started on Twitter I didn’t have a clue about it and was following a product that pointed me to SocialOomph where I would automatically follow people back. Now there’s nothing wrong with SocialOomph but automatically following people back is a big no no.

    In my opinion we want real people following us that are on the same wave length and have things in common.

    I use a few service to monitor who’s following me but have never come across anything to check whether they’re fake or not…. Until now, thanks :)

    Nice one Tim,


    • says

      Hey Barry

      Welcome to my blog. It’s great to see you here.

      I completely agree that having fake followers or fake likes is a trick to fool people into thinking you’re popular.

      It’s completely cheating the system!

      I always take a look at anyone who follows me, particularly if I don’t know their face.

      I understand that some people and even employers put importance on Klout scores but that still doesn’t excuse buying popularity.

      I really appreciate your comments Barry and I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

      Have a great weekend.


      • says

        I also check new followers, their bio’s link etc and will only follow people that share an interest of some sort. A wide variety of interests maybe but they must share at least one 😉

        I know what you mean about Klout Tim, but doesn’t that score us on our interaction rather than our numbers?

        To find targeted people to start following give Twellow a look Tim…. shhhhh don’t tell anyone else, our secret 😆

        Catch up again soon mate,


        • says

          I think you’re right about Klout Barry. Interaction is the name of the game!

          I’ll definitely give Twellow a look too. Sounds good. I’ll not tell though, promise! 😉

          I hope you have a great weekend mate.


  14. says

    Nice one Tim, I let it run in the background and just blocked 15 people. unfortunately I could only scan up to 3,000 followers but that found the 15 I wouldn’t have know about otherwise :)


  15. says

    Actually, I’m sure that most people are quite content to have fake followers because it builds up their numbers. I’ve actually never thought about it and so this post has given me something to think about.

    The one thing that I do dislike are those people who follow you and then immediately unfollow when you follow back.

    • says

      Hi Peter

      Welcome to my blog. It’s great to see you here.

      If you’re not bothered by spam on Twitter then you really don’t need those apps, I agree.

      I think you’d be surprised and that many people are bothered. They don’t want to just make up their numbers with spam accounts.

      Something to think about for sure!

      I completely agree with you on the people who follow you, you follow them back and then they unfollow. What’s that about?

      I keep an eye on it and of course they get unfollowed as soon as I spot them.

      Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you again soon.

      Have a great weekend.


        • says

          That’s not a site I know Peter, so I’ll certainly have a look at that one. Thank you for sharing it.

          I tend to use to do the same thing but I’m always interested to learn new ways of doing things.

  16. says

    Hi Tim, This is funny to me. Some people pay for fake followers and you’re telling people how get rid of them.

    I’ve never paid for fake followers and I have blocked some fake ones. I have used some services to find fake ones and get rid of them.

    But why would we want to get rid of them if they’re not doing any harm? Some people are lurkers and don’t want to tweet, they just want to read. I am very careful in blocking followers, I generally only do it with spam or porn.

    What do you recommend?

    • says

      Hi Carolyn

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it!

      I do see why people pay for Twitter followers or Facebook likes Carolyn. It just doesn’t feel right to me though.

      Maybe I’m naive about it, a little old-school even. I see Twitter and Facebook as being “social” and buying followers and likes goes against that in my opinion.

      Buying followers and likes is there to cheat the system and to make people look more popular than they really are.

      I’m definitely not advocating blocking all the quiet followers who just want to read. I have a few like that who never say a word (including my wife!).

      Twitblock, as far as my experience has been, hasn’t flagged any of my followers as fake who fall into that category.

      To be honest though, I just want to get rid of the fake followers to make Twitter a safer place.

      They’re not always easy to spot and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to be taken in by the many scams that are out there.

      It is personal preference at the end of the day though Carolyn. If you have fake followers and they’re not doing any harm and you want to keep them as followers then that’s okay.

      Twitblock in that sense would be of no use. I agree you do need to be very careful about blocking followers and I don’t take that lightly.

      Of the two people I have blocked so far, one tweeted the same thing over and over again for the past three years to anyone and everyone who followed them and the other person Tweeted complete goobledy gook.

      I now tend to check everyone that follows me to make sure they at least appear semi-normal!

      I would certainly recommend running Twitblock or something similar every month and then taking a look at any followers that are flagged as fake.

      See what they are Tweeting, how often, is it gobbledy-gook? and then you can use your discretion as to whether they get blocked or not.

      Many thanks for your comments Carolyn and I hope to see you again soon.

      I hope you’re having a great weekend.


  17. says

    very useful information, knowing own twitter followers is crucial, even if one is only interested in numbers, fake followers can’t be converted, so this information is really crucial. thanks for sharing such a good piece of information.

  18. says

    Hi Tim,

    Maybe I’m being a bit slow on the uptake here but why on earth would someone want to create a fake Twitter account and what would the purpose of following people be? I know I get followed by bots a lot, who’ve followed me because my profile is in their niche but at least that is a genuine profile even if it was a bot that found me, but a fake account?

    • says

      Hi Roz

      Welcome to my blog. It’s great to see you here.

      People create fake Twitter accounts for a number of reasons, for example:

      -To sell fake followers;
      -To send spam links to people;
      -To send malicious links to people.

      With the use of URL shortening services such as, you often have no idea where the link you’re clicking on will take you.

      Don’t get me wrong not all fake accounts are going to do harm. Some bots are perfectly harmless.

      It is of course entirely up to you whether you block any bots following you or not.

      I’d just rather be safe than sorry so I block them.

      I hope I’ve helped but if you need any further explanation, please let me know.

      Thank you for your comments Roz and I hope to see you again soon.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    • says

      Hi Lahaul

      Welcome to my blog and I appreciate your visit.

      In terms of fake followers it all depends on personal preference as to whether you leave them alone or block them.

      I would certainly have a look over each profile and check there’s nothing untoward.

      Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you again soon.


  19. says

    Really good info! I haven’t bought any followers either but I am curious to see how many of my followers are real. I tend not to use Twitter as much as Facebook but I really would like to get the most out of it since it seems my readers prefer to follow me there…if they are real that is.

    Thanks again for the info!

    • says

      Hi Ralph

      Welcome to my blog.

      I’m glad you liked the post and I hope you found the tools useful.

      I have neglected Facebook over the past few weeks and used Twitter and Google+ more.

      I definitely need to get back to Facebook one of these days!

      Thank you for your comments and I hope to see you again soon.


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