How To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog

How To Stop Spam CommentsWhen I started blogging I was excited about every single comment that I got.

I was a bit suspicious I was getting comments so easily, but I didn’t worry about it; a comment is a comment and the more the better.

Back then I didn’t know that I was receiving spam comments. They were general, broad comments that can be left under any kind of blog post.

I had no idea that these types of comment are often left by bots and more importantly that they’re harmful to blogs.

Eventually I started fighting back against these spam comments. My most obvious attempt was to just delete them after they got published on my blog.

Well, it’s not too big of a deal, if you are constantly in your WordPress dashboard.

When you start generating some decent traffic though, it doesn’t matter how often you are monitoring your site, it will be full of spam.

A Practical Solution To Spam

So, you need something better and that thing is Akismet. It’s a plugin that detects spam and deletes it before it gets to see the light of day or something like that.

Activating the plugin was probably the best thing that I’ve done in a long time.

Spam didn’t bother me any more and it became quiet on my blog for a long time. When I did get a comment I knew it was from a real person.

Now, it was all cool until recently and I started noticing that Akismet wasn’t doing it’s job properly.

Apparently spam bots had became smarter and I again started receiving some spam comments – not too many, just an occasional spam comment two or three times a week, but it started to get annoying.

I assumed that updating Akismet would solve the problem, but it didn’t.

Other Effective Ways To Fight Spam Comments

After a long time fighting spam I decided to change the comments settings on WordPress so that every comment has to be approved by me first, unless the person commenting already has an approved comment.

It’s a bit drastic. I actually loved having comments automatically approved, because it allows people to discuss things on my blog even when I’m not around.

However, I definitely don’t want to be glued to my computer forever. I just can’t allow spam to appear on my blog at all.

It can negatively impact Google rankings and it’s also harmful to your blog’s reputation.

People don’t enjoy scrolling to the comments section and seeing spam bots talking about something totally unrelated.

So, if you have problems with spam comments on your blog then you should definitely install Akismet and change your commenting settings.

My recommendation would be to set it so that you would only need to approve comments from people who are commenting for the first time.

Now, there’s another thing that you might use. You could load up a huge database of spam phrases and when any of these appear in a comment, set it to be held for moderation.

It’s an option, but it’s not guaranteed that you will catch all the spam comments like that either.

One other plugin that I recommend you try is Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP). That plugin requires someone to click a tick box before they can post a comment.

It’s probably as effective as Akismet, but smarter spam bots can still go through this. Using both Akismet and GASP together should help things though.

Over To You

How do you keep spam comments at bay? Do you use any of the plugins mentioned? Have you stopped accepting comments at all or do you close them after a time?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post on your favourite social media site!

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  1. says

    Hi Liudas,

    Oh my! Hi mate, glad to see on Tim’s blog :) Nice write up.

    I had the similiar experience with you back in 2005. I received so many general comments which I thought, “hey, that’s nice”. However, I soon realize that those are actually spam.

    I don’t use Akismet but I use GASP that comes with CommentLuv Premium. Not bad with certain settings.

    I really hate spam … nice to see you wrote about it.

    Thanks for sharing this, both Tim and Liudas :)

    • Liudas Butkus says


      Whoa, you are blogging for a very long time now :). Yeah, when you are new and inexperienced it’s hard to understand that these are spam comments, because they sound very generic.

    • says

      Hi Reginald

      It’s great to have Liudas as my first guest author.

      I think everyone is so excited to receive the first comments on their blog posts, but as you say, often it’s not what it seems.

      At least with moderating the first comment in conjunction with GASP, Akismet or both it makes managing spam comments much easier.

      Thank you for your comments Reginald and have a great weekend.


  2. says

    Hey Liudas,

    I use akismet on some of my popular blogs, i have to admin that some spam comments does pass through it’s filter which I manually delete. But they aren’t too many, so it does not bothers me much.

    I haven’t used Gasp – am planning to do so soon. Will use both as you suggested.

    In the past, i had used another plugin that used to stop bad comments and trackbacks. The problem with plugins like those was that it was blocking some good comments too… which is why i moved away from them and stuck with akismet so far.

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Liudas Butkus says

      Make sure to keep updating your Akismet plugin when the updates get available so, less spam comments go through.

    • says

      Hi Uttoran

      Using GASP will add that little bit of extra protection from spam comments.

      I use both Akismet and GASP and it works well.

      You do need to check the spam comments regularly though to make sure Akismet hasn’t identified a genuine comment as spam.

      Thank you for your comments and enjoy the rest of the week.


  3. says

    Hey Liudas

    Thank you for being the first to guest post on my blog.

    I’ve always moderated the first comment by any of my readers and it works well for me. It means I can check someone out and make sure they’re the genuine article.

    I must admit, I’ve let a few people through the loop that I thought were okay and then had to go and clean things up at a later date.

    I have CommentLuv Premium on this blog which has GASP included and it certainly makes spam easier to control.

    I didn’t have Akismet enabled for a while because I wanted to see how things would be with just having GASP enabled.

    I started to get quite a few spam comments coming through but because I moderated the first comment, I could stop them.

    Reactivating Akismet has certainly helped keep the spam comments away even more so I now have both Akismet and GASP enabled.

    I’d not thought of adding a list of spam comments which would then automatically get moderated. That will help with keeping spam away even more. I’ll definitely add that to my list of things to do.

    Thanks again Liudas and enjoy the rest of your week.


    • Liudas Butkus says

      You have a really popular blog and I was the first one to guest post… that’s interesting :)

      Yes, moderating the first comment is crucial, once they have an approved comment then you can be pretty sure that they wont spam you.

      Adding a list of spam comments/phrases can also help, but you can’t go overboard with it, because you can risk marking as spam legit comments.

      • says

        I only recently opened my blog up to guest posts.

        The link “Write For Me” is tucked away at the bottom of the site so not many people pick up on it.

        I’ve done that on purpose so I don’t get inundated with requests but I may move it to the top menu at a later date.

        • Liudas Butkus says

          That’s actually a quite smart thing to do. For one of my blogs the search engines have picked up on the write for us page and ranked it quite highly so, a lot of these “guest posting services” find my blog and I get a ton of requests, but usually they just write total crap.
          It’s much better to target only real bloggers.

  4. Efoghor Joseph Ezie says

    Liudas, thanks for this tutorial here. It is actually annoying and even frustrating to have a bunch of spam comments on your blog. What’s so annoying about the whole thing is the way they are disguised to first look like legit comments; but on a closer look you discover those comments are from bots.

    Spammers have perfected their strategies that they can easily leave those rubbish on your blog without you seeing them for what they are – spam comments. Spammers don’t care what happens to your blog, they are just selfish people looking for places to satisfy their ambitions.

    You must be a vigilant blogger if you don’t want your site to be harmed by those brutes. But deleting those comments manually can be so exhaustive. So you need something more than manual job; you need plugins that can help you to actively fight spam comments on your blog. If you cannot afford the cost of subscribing for akismet, you can use the other alternatives available.

    Recently, a friend advised me to instal the “Anti-spam” plugin on my blog and I did. It has been helping to weed out those bot comments. You don’t even know it works because you don’t have anything to approve. It simply gives the bot some tests and it it fails the test, the comment is automatically deleted. The only concern you could have sometimes is how to face the human generated spams which are just minute.

    • says

      Hi Efoghor

      I’ve not heard of the Anti-spam plugin Efoghor. It sounds like a useful one.

      Anything that will help keep spam at bay is a good thing to have.

      I have GASP installed through CommentLuv Premium and I do also have Akismet.

      It does mention that if your site is for a business or if it promotes a product that you are required to sign up to a paid account.

      My blog is a personal blog, although I do have ads on the site I haven’t made much money from them.

      For that reason I still have the personal free account at the moment.

      Great to see you Efoghor and enjoy your weekend.


    • Liudas Butkus says

      A rule of thumb for identifying spam comments: If it doesn’t mention anything specific about your article then it’s spam.

  5. Liudas Butkus says

    Hi, Akismet is actually a free plugin, if I remember it is run by donations and if you don’t want you don’t really need to pay for it.

    • says

      Hi Liudas

      I think they changed it to a paid subscription if you promote any products or your site is a company blog.

      I still class my blog as a personal site at the minute as I don’t make money from the ads.

      That will change if I do start to see a significant increase in traffic and conversions though.

      • Liudas Butkus says

        Hmm haven’t heard nothing about that and I’m using Akismet for free as always. Will, have to take a look at that.

  6. says

    Hey Liudas,

    Nice to meet you and congratulations for being Tim’s first guest blogger. How exciting. I just had the privilege of Tim being a first time guest blogger over at my place this month too!

    I remember when I first installed Akismet and was told it was a fabulous plugin. Oh my word, everything went to spam and I had hundreds of comments to go through to find the good ones that weren’t spam. I quickly uninstalled that one and got GASP.

    When I first installed it all my spam disappeared. Unfortunately now those spammers have caught on so what I hear a lot of them do it pay people to comment. I’m getting a lot more now then I ever have but because I have CommentLuv Premium, Andy is testing a great addition that I’ll so get my hands on to test as well that will stop more of them in their tracks. I can’t wait to write about that beauty.

    Will we ever stop them altogether? Probably not, they just love to pester us but we sure can slow them down.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and again, congratulations on being Tim’s first guest. I hope you both have a wonderful end to your week.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne

      It’s great to have Liudas as my first guest author.

      He came to my attention when he wrote about the Google Penalty Checker a few weeks back.

      I have Akismet installed and along with GASP it seems to keep things under control.

      I do get the occasional rogue comment that goes into spam but generally Akismet’s pretty spot on.

      I’m sorry you experienced otherwise, although I have heard similar stories from other people too.

      I’m really looking forward to the addition to CommentLuv Premium that Andy’s putting together.

      I’m not sure if it will be a separate from CommentLuv or an integral part? It would be great if it were included.

      Thank you for your comments Adrienne and enjoy the rest of the week.


    • Liudas Butkus says

      Whoa, I actually went through 22 pages of spam comments and found 2 legit comments.
      Not so good, maybe will need to do some adjustments or start monitoring my spam.

  7. Silviu says

    Hi Liudas and Tim,


    I used Akismet on another blog of mine, an older one. On the actual blog I don’t use it. I did a research on the internet and found out a lot of scary things about Akismet. The banning part was particularly scary so I decided not to use it.

    The only plugin that I use is GASP. For the moment I took drastic approaches. I do not allow registration on my site. Any comment must be approved first. I set the program to check for particular phrases in the comments. I do not approve comments without a gravatar. When I get a new comment with a gravatar I check the site to see if the person is real, and the site activity is normal etc.
    Good idea: closing comments after a period of time. I will do this today.

    Congratulations for your first guest post. Liudas is an interesting blogger and I will check his site to see what he does. I like his style of writing and I will try to see if I can comment on his blog.
    Important and useful topic, Tim. Congratulations.

    • says

      Hi Silviu

      I’ve never had an issue with Akismet and I’m quite happy to ban people who send me spam comments!

      Any comments that get caught by Akismet by mistake are manually corrected by me and Akismet then learns from that.

      Nothing’s 100% perfect though Silviu. I’ve read some of the articles on Akismet banning people too so I understand your concern.

      I definitely don’t allow registration on my site, even for guest posts. I’ve had to use 2 plugins to get around it!

      I do allow comments without a gravatar sometimes. It depends on the content of the comment and it’s relevance.

      If I allow a non-gravatar comment through, I add the email address of the commenter to a list of people that always need to be moderated in the WordPress settings.

      I haven’t closed comments on any post at the moment but I can see how that would stop some spam comments on older posts.

      Thank you for your comments Silviu. You should definitely check out Liudas’ blogs and YouTube channel.

      I hope you have a great Friday!


    • Liudas Butkus says

      Well, if you are using just GASP it still catches most of the spam and with some other tweaks to your blog commenting settings you can make sure you are spam free, but Akismet helps with fighting spam as well, though I haven’t read about banning.

  8. says

    Hi Tim & Liudas,

    Yes you are on the dot. I have both Akismet and GASP together they worked beautifully. I have posted about SPAM too and this is what I recommended also. Both of them. Anyway, congrats to your first guest post, Tim. And good job Liudas!!

    Have a nice weekend.


  9. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Hey Liudas,

    First off, nice to meet you :)

    As with the topic at hand, I have used Akismet in the past, but I was never truly satisfied with that (I wonder if anyone has).

    For most of my blogging time with WordPress, I have used GASP or some other plugin (I have used other commenting systems such as Disqus which has in-built features to discourage spammers).

    As for approval of comments, I agree with you. It is better to take some time approving comments rather than blindly replying on any particular plugin to do the job for you.

    As with closing comments, I have tried that too (I love to experiment so I play with any factor I can find).

    I have also tried completely disabling comments (Some bloggers do that too). But, I reopened it after a day or two.

    Personally, I prefer to keep comments open forever (unless it is a time based article – like the launch of a particular product or something like that). Sure, I might need to go back and reply to comments then and again. But, comments are the life blood of a blog; it will keep the posts “alive”.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your insights!

    • Liudas Butkus says

      Yeah, I have seen that others disable comments altogether, well, not saying that it is stupid, but you would definitely miss out on a lot of SEO benefits and the benefits of building an audience which are far greater than the problems spam comments make.

    • says

      Hi Jeevan

      Wow, completely disabling comments is very drastic! I’ve not considered going that far yet :-).

      Comments definitely keep posts “alive” and whether people agree or not, I believe they show a certain amount of social proof.

      Without them, you land on a blog and it looks desolate, like no-one cares!

      I’m happy enough with Akismet and GASP working together to keep spam away.

      I do also approve the first comment for anyone who comments. At least then, you can get an idea of whether a comment is genuine or not.

      I haven’t tried closing comments yet. It may be something I do in the future.

      I’ve seen that work for others in cutting down spam on older posts.

      I’m so pleased to see you back Jeevan!

      Enjoy the rest of the week.


      • Jeevan Jacob John says

        It is a drastic measure, but it might help in certain situations (like, if you are going for a small vacation).

        Closing comments is a good way to increase the number of comments we get (the scarcity principle – demand increases when scarcity increases). But, in blogging, it only applies to a certain limit. Closing comments on the 2nd day isn’t going to work (unless your content is really really good and compels people to comments – perhaps controversial topics?). Having a good relationship with your readers can also help.

        Indeed, when I first visit a blog, the first things I look at are the content, design and the comments; helps me to “judge” whether I should add the particular blog to my reading list. There are exceptions of course – I have seen blogs with amazing content, but a very small community (shows why marketing is important).

        No problem :)

        • says

          That’s very true Jeevan!

          I went away on vacation for 2 weeks, had little to no internet access and came back to a tonne of comments.

          If I’d turned them off for that time then it would have saved me lots of work when I got home!

          Maybe closing comments after 6 months is worth doing, although I have a plugin which automatically Tweets old posts.

          I’d need to reconsider using that if I did close comments after a period of time.

  10. says

    Hello Tim and Liudas,
    I may not be able to continue doing it as things get busier for me, but for now I just keep everything on moderated and then approve the comments as I reply to them. It helps me keep track of who all I’ve answered and who I haven’t, so for not that’s the plan.

    • Liudas Butkus says

      Yeah that’s definitely an option, but it’s good to install an anti spam plugin so the queue would be much shorter :)

    • says

      Hey there George

      That was one of the options I considered, moderating every comment.

      It does help you keep on top of things but it can also be very time-consuming.

      I now use a plugin, Comments Not Replied To, to keep on top of who I have and haven’t replied to.

      The only problem is, it doesn’t work so well currently if you allow trackbacks or have guest posts on your blog.

  11. says

    Hi Liudas,

    I am glad to know about these plugins, this is a similar experience with me, when I started blogging with blogger platform, it was full of spam comment always but couldn’t help to my satisfaction even when I restrict who can comment, yet there are lot of spam comment but since I have a taste of wordpress, spam comment was reduced to it lowest pit with these two plugins.

    • says

      Hi Adesanmi

      Great to hear that you’re seeing some success at keeping spam at bay with Akismet and GASP.

      I’ve not used Blogger before. It sounds as if you don’t have so many options to control spam comments.

      At least with WordPress you can add all sorts of plugins to make things easier!

      Thank you for your comments and have a great weekend.


  12. says

    Hi Luidas !
    I am using GASP and CAPTCHA plugin by BWS , both these plugins work really well .I have seen lot of blogs recommending Akismet ..I would be trying out Akismet .I think every blog with very high traffic requires spam plugins as sometimes comments will flow like a river , and you need a system to filter out the genuine comments from spam comments. Thanks for sharing the information .


    • says

      Hi Pramod

      I’ve not heard of the CAPTCHA plugin by BWS but it sounds as if it’s working really well for you with GASP.

      For me, Akismet with GASP have really helped to control spam comments on my site.

      GASP, particularly has helped to moderate spam trackbacks which seem to be becoming an increasing nuisance!

      Definitely give Akismet a try. If it doesn’t work for you, you could always go back to the CAPTCHA plugin.

      Great to see you Pramod and thank you for your comments.


    • Liudas Butkus says

      I don’t really like captchas as probably most of the people unless it’s very simple.
      Personally I wouldn’t go as far as adding GASp and captcha, because it’s basically the same method of fighting spam (having the spam bots to take action).

  13. says

    Hi Tim,

    I use Akismet and the GASP function in CommentLuv – they still let the odd dodgy one through, and they catch some that sometimes seem to be genuine, but I’m getting much harsher about rejecting any I have any doubts about at all. I tend to check the url and see if there’s an identifiable person linked to a blog if I’m not sure. I don’t like accepting comments wtihout an avatar of a human face, but I’m also aware a lot of smart spam uses fake photos, so you have to watch out for that. If a newbie sends me a genuine comment without an avatar I usually accept it but ask them to get one for future comments, directing them to

    Automated spam comments are a real pain, but I’m almost more irritated by the genuine bloggers or IMers who just leave crappy comments in the hope of getting links to a crappy site that’s probably just full of affiliate links.

    Great advice, Tim – I think everyone should use Akismet and GASP if they want to control their spam.

    • Liudas Butkus says

      Yeah quality over quantity. Though when you are just beginning it’s best to just accept all the genuine comments :)

    • Liudas Butkus says

      Yeah quality over quantity. Though when you are just beginning it’s best to just accept all the genuine comments :)

    • says

      Hi Sue

      I do things in exactly the same way as you Sue.

      I’m not sure if a commenting policy would help. I know a lot of people have them.

      As Barry mentions in his comment, if you have rules, stick to them and don’t falter from them.

      I have let a couple of people through in the past that I probably shouldn’t have.

      Now if I think there’s anything that could come back to bite me on the bum, I add their email address to the moderation bit in the Discussion settings.

      That way, I can see if I was right about them or not and if I was, they get moved to comments not allowed!

      Have a great weekend Sue and thank you for your comments.


      • says

        Good tip, Tim, about saving the email address of any questionable ones. I’ve just had a really cheeky FB post from someone who’d left a comment on my blog – I’d published it but removed the ComLuv link because I didn’t like the look of the page it led to. He left this post on my FB page basically telling me to publish his comment with the link. I’ve deleted his post and ignored him, resisting the temptation to give him a piece of my mind. This is the one thing that makes me sometimes think about ditching ComLuv – it annoys me that people seem to think just because you’ve got it installed, they’ve a god-given right to have any old crappy links published. I’m afraid I’m getting pretty ruthless about deleting any links I don’t like the look of – maybe when that’s the case, I should just refuse to publish the comment at all. I sometimes think I’m a victim of my own reluctance to upset anyone 😉

        • says

          Hi Sue

          It’s your blog at the end of the day! Your blog, your rules.

          I don’t publish any links that point to sales pages, discounts etc.

          I used to worry that it would put people off coming back again but if they don’t get the point of CommentLuv that’s their issue, not ours!

  14. says

    Hi Tim, good to see a guest post here and the name in the author field, “result” 😉

    Hi Liudas,

    Good to see you here on Tim’s blog.

    I can so relate to your post. When I first started I’d go all “woopy doo” when I got comments and allow them. Only for later to realise the mistake I was making.

    I’ve had Akismet installed since starting my blog but we can never rely on it 100% as I was still getting some spam, and approving it.

    I had to go back through all of my posts, right from the first one, and remove everything that looked spammy and I removed over 200 comments.

    I now have CommentLuv Premium, which helps deal with spam as GASP is built in but I also have comment rules in my head and disallow anything that breaks my rules.

    I advise everyone to have comment rules, but not display them, then stick to them and don’t allow anything that breaks YOUR RULES on YOUR BLOG :)

    All the best Liudas.

    Have a great weekend Tim and Liudas.

    Hope your little girls better now mate.

    • Liudas Butkus says

      Yeah it was crazy, I were like blogging is working better than I could imagine, just a few posts and I already received comments 😀 Superb…NOT.

      When you are starting to receive a lot of real comments then you can definitely get picky :)

    • says

      Hi Barry

      I had to use 2 plugins to get the author field to work, along with some PHP!

      I really don’t want to add any more plugins. I’ve managed to speed the site up really well though with a couple of things.

      I’m going to write about them in another post.

      I’ve not got comment rules written down but I have an idea of what I want in my head, like you mention.

      I know some bloggers do display them publicly. I haven’t gone down that route as yet.

      I don’t want to be too rigid with things so I can always bend the rules!

      I went back through some of the comments on my blog a while ago and realised I’d let a bunch of trouble through the doors.

      It’s always worth doing that every once in a while. I’m not sure in the long term if CommentLuv’s going to be the answer.

      I love having it but it takes up quite a big part of the database. We’ll see how things go.

      Have a great weekend Barry.


  15. says

    I really hate spammers. These are some great tips.

    I’ve not been overrun by spammers (though I do get a few here and their) so have not considered a commenting policy. It’s something I’m willing to implement if needed. Great topic!

    • Liudas Butkus says

      If you are getting just a few spam comments here and there then there isn’t necessary to do any changes :)

    • says

      Hi Dan

      Great to see you.

      I’ve not implemented a comment policy on my blog as such.

      I have a general idea of what I’ll allow and what I won’t.

      By moderating the first comment, I at least catch a lot of the comments which don’t add any value.

      If I’m suspicious of someone, I also add them to the moderation required section in the Discussion settings.

  16. says

    Hi Liudas, welcome to Tim’s Blog. I use the Gasp function of CommentLuv premium and love it. I haven’t had as many of late. I did at one time and tightened security up too. Spammers are so nasty and I don’t understand why companies still use spam to generate dollars. It doesn’t make logical sense to me.

    Have a great weekend and Hi Tim!

    • says

      That’s true.

      Sometimes Akismet gets things wrong and legitimate comments do go into the spam folder.

      I think the idea is that when you unspam them, Akismet will learn from it’s mistakes.

      You just have to remember to check the spam folder though!

  17. says

    Hi Tim,
    Happy Monday to you 😉

    I use GASP in CommentLuv premium and I think it does a good job. About 2 weeks ago, I changed my password on and that disabled the commentLuv plugin on my blog. Just within 24 hours, I had over 50 spam comments. It came purring like rain. No one noticed it because I have set to manually approve comments from new visitors. Things came back to normal as soon as commentluv GASP was enabled.

    GASP does not filter 100% though but I think it’s a recommended solution to go with

    Have a great week ahead Tim

    • says

      Hi Enstine

      If that’s not a great reason to have GASP then I don’t know what is!

      You’re right, it doesn’t filter spam 100% for me either.

      With Akismet and GASP together though, I see very few spam comments these days.

      Great to see you Enstine and thank you for your comments.

      I hope you have a great week too!


  18. says

    Hi Tim and Liduas

    I use Akismet. Some times legit comments get stuck in spam so I go through my spam before deleting. Usually it is very easy to tell what spam is. Always block the first comment until I can approve. I got a great comment one time and something did not click, it sounded like something I just read a few days before. Sure enough it was a comment that one of my readers had left earlier. Some people are very low that they would copy and paste a previous comment on your site and claim as their own.


    • says

      Hi Mary

      You follow a similar way to keeping spam comments at bay as I do.

      I can’t believe that someone copied an earlier comment and submitted that as their own!

      I’ve not come across that but it was great that you spotted it. Good catch!

      Have a great week Mary and thank you for your comments.


  19. says

    I think the best way to stop spam comment is to manually approve each comments, it could be a tedious job for blogs receiving huge number of comments, but comments should be taken seriously and manual approval will keep you updated with every comment making it easy to reply.

    • says

      Hi Dhiraj

      I used to manually approve each comment but I decided that was too cautious.

      I now only moderate the initial comment and then let GASP and Akismet take care of the rest.

      I use the Comments Not Replied To plugin to make sure I keep up with every comment that I haven’t answered yet.

      Thank you for your comments and have a great week.


  20. Carolyn says

    Hi Liudas, Great to see you here at Tim’s place! I had problems with Akismet blocking some major bloggers from commenting on my blog so I got rid of it. Now I filter with GASP as part of CommentLuv and with Stop Spammers plugin.

    Stop Spammers lets me check against data bases for spammy IP addresses and email addresses. It can also black list and white list IP and email addresses.

    You’re right, it’s important to keep those spam comments off of our blogs. I even had one link to a malware site. We must be diligent.

    • says

      Hi Carolyn

      It was great to have Liudas as my first guest blogger.

      I haven’t had any issues with Akismet so far. If it adds someone to the spam folder, I just unspam them and it learns for the next time.

      I’ve heard that it doesn’t work for everyone though so I can see why you looked for a separate solution.

      I’ve not heard of the Stop Spammers plugin. It sounds like a good one. I’ll have to check it out too.

      At least you were able to catch that link to a malware site. That could have caused a big problem with Google ranking!

      • says

        Hi Tim,

        After you commented on my blog, and Askimet flagged your comment, I discovered a few others from a while back that should not have been pulled. So that one’s not infallible.

        If you try the Stop Spammers plugin, let us all know what you think of it.

        – Cole

        • says

          Hi Cole

          I know what you mean about Akismet.

          Every now and again it flags things on my blog as spam which really shouldn’t have been.

          Supposedly Akismet will learn from it if you unspam those comments.

          I’m going to keep it installed for now and see how things go. If I need to though I’ll definitely give the Stop Spammers plugin a shot and report back!

          Thank you for your comments Cole.

          Have a great week.


  21. says

    Hey Tim: I realize this is an old post that I’m commenting on, but I just wanted to say thanks for the reminder about Akismet! I’d completely forgotten about it on my site, for some reason?? All of a sudden I’m getting all these spam comments and I couldn’t figure out why or how to stop it!. I had an account with Akismet….I must have let expire or something! Thanks for the post….it helped a lot.

    • says

      My pleasure Laura.

      I hope that Akismet helps.

      For a while I just had GASP installed but I was still getting quite a few spam comments.

      Since I’ve now got both GASP and Akismet installed it keeps many more spam comments away!

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