How To Stop Spam And Keep Hackers At Bay

Everyone is keen to keep spammers and hackers away from their blog. Sure thing but do you know how to stop spam?

Well, I was over reading Adrienne Smith’s blog and she has discovered a couple of great ways you can do this.

The first one is via a plugin called Limit Login Attempts.

This plugin blocks an internet address from making further attempts to log into your website.

You can specify the number of retries and for how long the internet address will be blocked.

I’ll let Adrienne explain in her video about how you can stop spam and another very effective way you can stop people from accessing your blog.

How To Stop Spam On Your Blog

So now you know how to stop spam on your blog!

I also use the following plugins to help keep my blog safe.


I’m sure everyone knows Akismet already as it comes as standard with WordPress.  I think it is an essential piece of kit.

Antispam Bee

I also use the Antispam Bee plugin to compliment Akismet.

This plugin doesn’t slow down my blog and is anonymous and confidential – it doesn’t save any data on remote servers.

It checks trackbacks and pingbacks and has an optional strict check for incoming comments.

One great thing about this plugin is that it supports Project Honey Pot.

This project aims to collect information about IP addresses used when harvesting email addresses for spam or other similar purposes such as bulk mailing and email fraud.

The project organizers help various law enforcement agencies combat unsolicited bulk mailing offences and overall work to help reduce the amount of spam being sent and received on the internet.

Source: Project Honey Pot Wikipedia

I’d be pleased to hear any comments you have about how to stop spam and people trying to hack your blog.

Which plugins do you use?

Have you tried any of the plugins mentioned and how are you finding them?

It would also be great if you could share this post with your friends and followers.

You never know, it may just help them too.

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