The Art Of Blogging: Theory Or Experience?

The Art Of Blogging
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My son was born in January. I remember there was snow lying on the ground and the short cut I was taking to the hospital was pretty hazardous in the snow.

We’ll soon be approaching his fifth birthday and all of a sudden today I thought back to some classes my wife and I attended shortly before his birth.

We were both nervously anticipating meeting our first-born and we wanted to get everything right. So we signed up for some ante-natal classes to make sure we were going to be well-prepared.

Several weeks of learning the theory before the big event and a steep learning curve.

Nothing was left to chance; we covered everything from what was going to happen at the birth right through to a mock-up of changing a nappy (or a diaper if you’re in the US).

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really want to be there and I’m sure neither did most of the other men but we all went along to support our expectant partners.

But was it all worth it in the end? Did learning the theory mean we could be confident in practice? You’d like to think so wouldn’t you.

Well, in our case unfortunately not. Nothing could prepare us for the experience we had with the birth of our son. I don’t want to go into details here, other than that it was a difficult birth and nothing went smoothly.

Instead, what I do want to say is that theory is often no substitute for experience. But at that stage we had no experience and the theory did us no good. Theory was just that, theory.

Until you actually go through something, experience it and figure it out for yourself, theory isn’t always worth a great deal and if there’s anything I’ve learnt from blogging, that is also the case.

You can read all the books about blogging you want, watch tonnes of videos on the subject but the best thing to do is get out there and do it – learn the art of blogging from experience.

Yes, you need to decide on a niche and write about that subject but there really is no substitute for your life skills and your life experience.

Sure, there’s definitely going to be a learning curve but don’t be afraid to draw on things that have happened in your life and are happening now and write about them.

The most enjoyable blogs I find to read do this very thing. They speak to you; have a conversation with you even.

You can read books upon books about blogging but until you experience the art of blogging and put it into practice, those books really aren’t much good to you.

I had a crisis of confidence a couple of weeks ago. Where was my blog going? What on earth is my brand? Should I be concerned that I’m not making any money?

Actually, the crisis came about because I read other blogs that covered these very subjects. But the thing is, I do know where my blog is going, my brand is developing and making money will come or it won’t.

The thing is, I enjoy researching the topics I write about and I really enjoy helping people. That’s the reason I blog so nothing else really matters at this stage in my blogging career.

And don’t forget, one of the best places to learn about the art of blogging is other blogs. You still need to find your own way though.

Do you need to be passionate to blog about a particular subject? I’m sure it helps but I don’t think that passion is the only thing that will make a good blog.

You need to be able to do research for each post, write a good story and pass on what you’ve learnt. Above all though, you need to enjoy doing it. Without enjoyment, you’re not going to last too long writing a blog.

Over To You. What Do You Think About The Art Of Blogging?

So what do you think? Do you need to be passionate about blogging to be successful in it? Should you spend time learning the theory before you begin or dive straight in? Maybe a bit of both? Do you buy the latest books on blogging or internet marketing? If so, how good are you at following the instructions or do you give up half way through?

Now, one of the best places to start if you’re looking for a book about blogging is Dan Sumner’s Bloggers Roadmap. While it’s a great place to start, remember to put the theory into practice!

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  1. says

    Hi Tim,

    I think passion certainly makes a difference – it’s obviously easier to keep going when you’re passionate about your subject, also I think it makes your writing more authentic if you’re talking about stuff you believe in. But I suspect there are some canny marketers out there making a lot of money in niches that they don’t really give a damn about and, conversely, some passionate bloggers who don’t make a dime.

    So passion alone isn’t enough. I think you need some basic theory and relevant experience to pull you through (together with a good dose of perseverance and determination, of course) – difficult experiences often teach us more than anything, as long as we don’t give up and see them as learning opportunities. I think the main mistake a lot of bloggers make is in trying out different things, pick ‘n mix style, flitting from tree to tree and never seeing anything through to completion.

    We need to learn from the experts who’ve already had some success – the challenge is in discerning which bits of advice, which strategies are going to work for us. And whatever anyone says, I think it involves a lot of hard graft and long hours – which is fine if you’re having fun (that’s where the passion comes in!)


    • says

      Hi Sue

      I agree blogging definitely takes a lot of hard graft and long hours although I’m not sure I’d say I’m passionate about it. However, I really enjoy the research and helping people and I think that’s where the passion is going to come from.

      How I look at blogging has evolved over the past few months. When I started, I stuck rigidly to writing about internet marketing in a very blinkered way. That’s not how I see my blog in the future though. It needs some life, some personal experience and definitely some personality. I guess that’s another place where my passion can show through.

      I must admit, I struggle with listening to many of the so-called “experts” out there. In most cases, I find they are after a fast buck themselves or another marketing opportunity. Not to help. Now there are certainly exceptions to the rule and someone who I know has helped me incredibly is Adrienne Smith. For that I am truly grateful.

      I can see that you are passionate about writing and the written language Sue. I really enjoy what you have to share and the best thing is, I’m also learning new things from you too.

      Thank you for your comments Sue.


      • says

        Know just what you mean about the not-so-helpful ‘experts’, aka ‘leeches who’ll bleed you dry as soon as look at you’ – I think one of the great things about getting out and about on the blogging circuit is the opportunity actually to get to know some people properly, which makes it easier to discern the wheat from the chaff.

        I share your admiration for Adrienne and gratitude for her support and guidance – she’s the real deal – I credit her with a lot of the progress I’ve made to date.

        BTW, I think your blog has plenty of life – and your personality definitely shines through already, Tim – ‘way to go’, as the saying goes!


        • says

          Thank you Sue for your kind comments. That’s made my week!

          I really love the blogging community we’re all making and getting to know people is the best part about it.

  2. says

    Our first ended up being 10 lbs and 1 ounce….delivered vaginally and with only one shot of demoral. We almost didn’t have a second one……:).

    The classes prepared us a little bit and my wife thought she wouldn’t need any help; but when she could hardly get out of bed for two days she was begging her mother to stay with her.

    I remember the birth of both my sons very well; now they are 27 and 24, big men indeed.


    • says

      Hey Bill

      They sound like great strapping lads you have!

      Our first was 9 lbs and 2 ounces, 2 weeks overdue, induced and was delivered by emergency C-Section after about 3 days in labour.

      It was a very distressing experience at the time. They couldn’t find the baby’s pulse so had to get him out quick! It really did put us off having a second one but my wife was keen for my son to have a sibling.

      My daughter was an elective C-Section because of the trauma of the first birth. It sort of went more smoothly, apart from nobody realised the baby was breech until the surgeon pulled my daughter out legs first!


  3. says

    Tim, you definitely have to be passionate about it to keep at it, day after day or week after week for any length of time. I think you learn best by doing. You can read til the cows come home but until you do something – it’s not the same. I find it amazing to look back at some of my older posts. Our lives are always a work in progress I believe. I can relate to your son’s birth experience, I was in labor 24 hours and then had to have a c-section for my first. No class preferred me for that either! And then my second was born less than 40 minutes at the hospital. Go figure. We can plan and read but nothing totally prepares us for what life teaches us.

    • says

      I’m still not sure I’m passionate about blogging at the moment Lisa.

      Although, because it’s really a thing I do in my spare time perhaps passion doesn’t need to come through just yet.

      I really enjoy it, particularly the research and helping people and I think that’s where my passion is going to come from.

      As I mentioned to Bill, things got pretty out of hand with my son’s birth and my daughter’s birth was breech so we had some interesting times at the hospital!

      Wow, your second birth was amazing in less than 40 minutes. Your first sounds a little like our first. You’re definitely right that no classes could have prepared us for this.

      That’s what I like about blogging. My experience is going to be different to everyone else even if subtly and there’s where your uniqueness comes through.

      The trick is to make sure you bring yourself into your blog otherwise, at least a little, otherwise it’s just going to be same old, same old.

  4. Sapna says

    HI TIm

    Passion is really important to start the journey of blogging. But it cannot teach the nuances of blogging.We learn those by reading, it has be from others blogs, there is no substitute for that.The more we read the more we are bound to improve.
    I would say right mix of theory and practical will really help in becoming a good blogger.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • says

      Hi Sapna

      I love reading other blogs and learning from people and I find new and interesting places to visit each and every day from blog hopping.

      I think sometimes people believe that by reading a book they will be able to put things into practice without any work.

      There are many books out there that tempt us with the promise of immediate riches and the truth is that’s not going to happen to many of us from blogging.

      Really the best way to find the right books to learn from is by recommendation from others. But the important thing to do is once you have the right material to learn from that you follow through with the advice given.

      Thanks for your comments Sapna and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  5. Khaja moin says

    I agree with you Tim, when I was in my high school my teacher who`s name is Sailaja, used to teach us that theory is not the end of knowing subject but trying it practically is very important to be perfect.

    Same goes with blogging too, unless you don`t blog you can`t get what actually blogging is. It`s like to know how tasty Mango is, eating is only way through which you can know better.


    • says

      Hi Khaja

      That’s a great way at looking at it. You really won’t know how tasty a mango is until you actually eat one.

      So you can read as many books and blogs as you like but if you don’t get out there and blog yourself you’re never going to know what blogging is.

      Thank you for your comments Khaja!


  6. says

    Hi Tim,
    I could not agree with you more that theory is nothing without practice. This rule is equally right for different spheres of life, and blogging is not an exception from it. On the contrary, blogging is one of those spheres where practice and passion can mean everything. Sometimes a relatively simple post discussing sb’s personal experiences can be reshared and actively discussed only because it was written in a passionate and sincere manner. In my humble opinion, passsion+theory is a sure-fire formula for success. Yet, if we have to choose only one of these components, I would choose passion, because theoretical knowledge is definitely insufficient.
    Thanks for giving me this food for thought=)

    • says

      Hi Diane

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments.

      I think personal experience is so important when blogging; it’s what makes us different from every other blogger out there.

      I’m still not sure I’d say I’m passionate about blogging but I’m passionate about researching things and helping people.

      If I can marry that with my blog then that’s where I will move forward with my blog.

      I hope you’re week is going well Diane and that you will visit again soon.


  7. says

    Hi Tim,

    I liked your post a lot. I do think that there needs to be a “passion” in blogging. I think a body needs passion in anything he wants to pursue. If he or she does not…it will show shortly before the un-passionate ones disappear from the scene. My biggest problem is the technical stuff (even to understand how to work Facebook!) I am not a “techy” but I won’t go there. As far as Dan Sumner’s “Blogger’s Roadmap” – I love it!! If anyone has got any questions on blogging – they should check out the Blogger’s Roadmap! Great post Tim.

    To your great health,

    • says

      Hi Les

      I’m not too bad with some of the technical stuff but what I struggle with is code.

      I’d love to be able to write CSS and html. I know some but nowhere near enough. It’s one of the things I hope to put right one of these days.

      I’m passionate about helping people and doing research but maybe not so much about blogging. That doesn’t mean to say I can’t try and marry all of them together and I hope I’m starting to do that.

      I really appreciate your comments Les and I wish good health to you too.

      Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope you’ll visit again soon.


  8. says

    Boy I agree with you on this one Tim. You can prepare yourself as much as you can but experience it what’s really going to help. Until you dive in you really don’t know.

    I’m not sure if you necessarily have to be passionate about blogging but you do about the subject. Like I’m not passionate about blogging but I am about helping others. I just use blogging to accomplish this. Knowing that you’re going to have to write about the area you are diving into week in and week out you better have a darn strong interest in it. That I do know for sure.

    Those that don’t won’t stick with it long. I do love helping so I’m sticking around for awhile longer.

    Enjoy your week.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne

      I love doing research and hope people find things I write about useful. That’s what I’m passionate about. I enjoy blogging though; it gives me a focus away from looking after the kids.

      I was drawn to your blog many months ago and I really enjoy being part of the community you’ve made. You’re incredibly generous with everything you do on your blog and I can see how passionate you are to help people.

      I’m gaining more experience from blogging now but there’s always something new to learn!

      Thank you for your comments as always Adrienne and I hope you have a great weekend!


  9. says

    Hi Tim

    I think if we do it right, it will always be a work in progress. Started my blog back in 9/2010 and I have learned so much along the way and each week there is something new to know.

    You were more prepared to have a kid than I was. Although I had babysat my niece and knew something about taking care of babies. Just didn’t know about having them. My doctor gave me a book to read, which was how it all should happen, but it did not prepare me at all for the pain. Things have definitely changed over the years and that is a good thing.

    As you say theory is in fact all it is. It is just like degrees in school that one might get, until you actually put it into practice all it is, is theory. A blog is not “build it and they will come”, wish it were, but unfortunately it is not true. We definitely have to offer so much more and that more is part of ourselves.

    Great subject.


    • says

      Hi Mary

      Yes, I can definitely relate to things being a work in progress. It’s great that you’ve learnt so much from your blogging endeavours.

      Gosh, just having a book to read about giving birth would definitely not prepare you. Although I don’t think our classes did either. I guess nothing can really prepare you for what’s going to happen.

      You’re so right Mary, we definitely need to offer part of ourselves in our blog and even if we’re writing great content we may never get a visitor across our door. It’s a shame and I’m sure if that happens many people just give up their blogs. That’s why it’s important that we’re creating blogging communities so we can help and support each other.

      Enjoy what’s rest of the week Mary and have a great weekend.


  10. says

    Hi Tim,

    Been doing this for an awful long time and the one thing I am certain of is the need for fun. You don’t necessarily have to be passionate but you have to enjoy blogging or you won’t last.

    That doesn’t mean that you won’t go through periods where it feels like a drag or that there won’t be times when you wonder why you are doing it, because that is normal. But most of the time it should be enjoyable and that will help you find your way.

    There is no single road map to success.

    • says

      Thanks Josh.

      I think you’ve put in words exactly how I feel about blogging; not necessarily passionate but I enjoy it and it keeps me out of mischief!

      And I’m glad there’s no single road map to success. Everyone must find their own route and hopefully one day it will happen.

      Great comments Josh. Thank you.

      Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend.


  11. says

    That’s a grea analogy Tim. I am a father of three kids, and I had all the theory in the world, but I wasn’t prepared enough anyway, and it feels like it’s close to impossible to prepare for every single day now :)

    I believe in blogging, we need to have a structure set, about what we want to accomplish, and then, we need to keep going and be passionate about what we’re doing. But, along the way, we might shift directions and be flexible, anything can happen and we should be ready for it :)

    • says

      Thank Jens.

      I’m the same. Preparing for each day is certainly challenging and I’ve only got two kids!

      I don’t really have a structure set as such. I guess I have some long term goals but they seem very far away. For the moment I’m enjoying blogging and getting to know people. I’m passionate about the research and hopefully helping people along the way.

      I like the fact that we can be flexible and shift directions as I don’t think blogging should be rigid. As you say, anything can happen and we should be ready for it!

      Have a great Friday Jens and an awesome weekend!


  12. says

    Hey Tim, well I felt left out on this one since I don’t know anything about babies, other than they cry a lot, sleep a lot and eat really frequently.

    Having said that, I may know a thing or two about the technical side to blogging since my background is in computer engineering but when it comes to blogging specifically, there’s no other way than to do it ourselves just like you said.

    We can read all the professional bloggers out there, learn all about how to write amazing epic content we want but until we don’t go out and do it ourselves, then we can’t say we are “bloggers” and that we understand everything about it.

    I believe you’re an amazing blogger (and writer) and not focusing on money is one of the first things that will actually prepare you to start making some serious money.

    I know this because I already been through it.

    Great article Tim and congratulations on celebrating your kid’s 5th year! 😉


    PS. Dan Sumner’s Bloggers Roadmap ROCKS!

    • says

      Wow Sergio

      Thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate them. I’m sorry you felt left out though! I certainly didn’t mean that to happen.

      I really enjoy your blog too Sergio. I especially love the videos and you make blogging fun! That’s got to be what it’s all about.

      I’m not focussing on the money and maybe one of these days things might just click. You’ve certainly helped inspire me to that Sergio!

      My son will be five at the end of January and he’s always pleased about that because he doesn’t have to wait long after Christmas until he gets even more presents!

      Thank you for your comments once again Sergio and I hope you’re well.


  13. says

    I really LOVE this example, Tim! When I started blogging six years ago, NO ONE was blogging so it was all about experience. You had to do it to figure it out. Then 2009 hit and blogging became more popular. Suddenly you had all these people talking a great game, but had no experience to back them up. It’s like anything else, right? You can get an education, but until you actually get out there and do the work, it won’t make sense.

    • says

      Hey Gini

      Thank you for saying that. It really has more than made my week!

      I’m just at the start of my blogging career and things are making sense more and more each day. I can’t blog as much as I’d like to but I’m really enjoying doing the research, writing and being part of a community.

      Blogging to me is like the most gigantic social network around. I spend less time on Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ than I ever have done before because I’m spending time getting to know other bloggers and doing some networking.

      That’s me getting out there, gaining experience and hopefully doing some of the right things. My blog is becoming an extension of me almost.

      I’ve learnt so many things from so many people already for which I’m truly grateful and I’ve learnt, for the most part, to spot the people talking a great game from a mile away!

      Thank you for your comments Gini and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  14. says

    Hi Tim,

    I am back for more of your insights!

    I could not agree more about your view that we really need to go through something, experience it and figure it out for ourselves. Having said that, knowledge and theory can help us start on an easier path.

    There are plenty of passionate bloggers out there helping newer bloggers. There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel. I remember about a year ago, I was led to many more useful blogs because of Adrienne Smith’s generous sharing!

    I also agree about learning from other bloggers. I guess the main challenge is that there are so many out there! Who to follow? Who to collaborate? I experienced a lot of hurdles before settling in to this stage. Do you know of any MLM bloggers who actually focus on directing others to other useful blogs? Would love to hear from you if you do have someone you would recommend.

    Viola The Business Mum

    • says

      Hi Viola

      Great to see you back!

      I agree there are so many blogs out there it can be like a minefield as to who you follow.

      I try and visit and comment on at least ten blogs a day and from those I add at least one new one into the mix so I can expand and meet new people. I was lucky that I found Adrienne’s blog early on and she’s really helped me too!

      Having a little bit of theory behind us can be a useful thing and I would encourage anyone to learn from other bloggers but in the end it’s definitely about getting out there and doing it yourself. You need to discover how and when you want to blog. Blogging is an ever evolving and flexible thing and we need to build on what we learn so as to move forward.

      I have to confess I don’t know many MLM bloggers as I’m not in the network marketing field. If I come across someone in my blogging travels I will certainly let you know.

      Thank you for your comments Viola and I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


  15. Theodore Nwangene says

    Xup Tim?
    How are you doing? Hope all is going well with you. Now to your post…….

    To my own opinion, i think passion is well needed for a blog to grow, but its not mandatory. I will say that we can also do very well in a topic we’re not passionate about but is interested on.

    Interest is also necessary, there are many bloggers that are into it just because they’re interested in it. So, passion is needed but its not the all and all.

    Learning is equally a must because the more we learn, the more we discover how much we don’t know.

    Finally, There are some things we cannot learn in classroom and blogging is one of them, its just like learning how to drive by classroom method.

    In other words, there is nothing like front-line experience bro.

    Thanks for this awesome post.

    I’m sorry i didn’t come here on time, its just that I’ve travelled to the village to celebrate the xmas with my family, so I’m somehow in lack of internet services now.

    BTW: How are you planning to celebrate this xmas, are you a christian? and will you travel?

    • says

      Hey Theodore

      I’m passionate about research and helping people but I’m not sure about blogging itself! Perhaps I just need to view it as a means to an end, allowing me to achieve my goals.

      I do think learning about blogging is important but if we don’t apply what we have learnt then it becomes meaningless and a waste of time. I have found the best way of learning really is to get out there and do it! Just like your analogy or learning to drive in a classroom, unless you then actually go out and drive a car then what was the point?

      I appreciate you coming over and commenting Theodore but don’t worry how long it takes. People have lives to live and celebrating Christmas is much more important!

      I’m not religious Theodore but I enjoy the festivities and the spirit of giving. I’m spending Christmas here in Scotland with my wife and kids. My extended family live in England and my wife’s in Ireland and I like the kids to be able to open their presents at home on Christmas day. Maybe next year we’ll invite one or both families up here for Christmas or New Year.

      I hope you have a great Christmas Theodore and a happy New Year.


  16. Sarah says

    Hello Tim,

    I am passionate about the subject of my blog. I found out I have not been blogging often enough, and I was spending too much time writing stuff for the blog. I have now narrowed down the topic, because I think that was part of the problem with my previous blog. I learned a lot along the way, though. I haven’t read your book yet. I definitely will look at it very soon. I prefer to read blogs that are well-researched and meaningful. I know blogs work better when writers post on their blog consistently.

    • says

      Hi Sarah

      Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s great to see you here.

      It sounds like you’re on the right track with your blog. I’ll come over and check it out in the next couple of days.

      I used to post to my blog at least twice a week but at the moment I have cut this down to once a week because of the lack of time.

      I don’t think there’s any right answer about how often you post to your blog. It all depends on your circumstances and the type of blog you’re writing.

      Thank you for your comments Sarah and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  17. says

    Passion is necessary towards blogging to get success in it. Theory alone can not do anything. you need to go through the theory and try implementing the things you read in theory because without implementation learning is waste. I
    So I want to say that whatever you learn just keep implementing them.

    • says

      Hi Atish

      I think where I’ve gone wrong in the past and where many people stumble is when doing an online course, for example, we don’t necessarily follow through with the instructions given.

      And I agree if you don’t implement what you have learnt then it really has been a waste of time and more than likely money.

      I’m now particularly choosy in what I buy in terms of training material and really only get something if someone I trust has recommended it.

      I hope you had a great weekend Atish and than you’re raring to go this week!


  18. Raaj Trambadia says

    Tim, first of all, sorry about your not-so-smooth experience for your first born. But congratulations on his upcoming 5 birthday!

    Now about doing a theory (by reading books, videos etc.) can be beneficial provided that the blog is already started and the journey has already begun. For example, the book might contain “You Need To Make Sure You Have The Following Line Of Code In Your Single.php” – if there’s no blog, how on earth is the person going to find the single.php? I wouldn’t say that the ebooks and videos are completely useless until there’s no material. If I’m read a book about blogging and I don’t even have a blog, I’m simply wasting my time.

    • says

      Hi Raaj

      I’ve learnt most of what I know about blogging from other bloggers and I love the way people online are willing to help and share what they know.

      I’m pretty terrible at following through with advice from an eBook. I tend to get bored with it and then it becomes another thing clogging up my hard drive.

      One of my New Year’s resolutions is to revisit the two eBooks I bought in 2012 and take another, more sensible, look at them.

      Thank you for your comments Raaj and I hope your week has started well.


  19. says

    Hi Tim,

    I think passion matters as it is a factor what keep us doing what we doing mate :) Mostly someone passionate about something like cooking, but use blogging, videos or such media to go with it. Some goes without the help of online tools such as speaking to public.

    I had no idea and never thought or reading about blogging. I think there are basic theories behind that and we get nervous, but no one needs to teach how to if they really gonna write about something they love. It’s more like a personal diary to me and just some people make us feel that you need $100 book to start blogging 😉 They just need to get on board and start learning as they go, else trap in someone else’s guidelines. But there are people who used to be in safe zone and get to know about it before starting even the simplest things 😉 Anyway they can make use of it, else those book never get written.

    If there’s something I don’t know and I need to be ready or know something about, I’ll definitely think of a reference Tim. Else not obsessing with it, cause I know it’s not my way.

    You are very right that reading other useful blogs and knowing how they deal with it, is the best way for me too. I didn’t know first but now I find it helpful. I find it better than reading bunch of books written about ’em :) I’m just lazy to go through all. That’s my way and everyone has their own way, right Tim? :)


    • says

      Hi Mayura

      Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate your visit. I’ve seen you at other blogs I visit and it’s great that we’ve finally connected!

      You speak wise words mate! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to reading eBooks too and then it becomes a pointless exercise to buy them.

      Learning from your peers can often be the best way to do things and there is so many people out there who are willing to help it makes thing even easier.

      Sometimes I feel pressure to look at what the so-called “gurus” are saying about blogging though but as you say, most people find their own path in the end.

      I’m not sure what 2013 is going to bring but I know I’ll still be blogging and meeting and connecting with new people online.

      Great to see you Mayura and thank you for some great comments.


  20. says


    great analogy to reach a point. very well done. You were asking about the importance of passion. It is a strong drive, i agree, but for how long we can keep this passion going? For a week, month or year (I don’t believe that :)). After that we have to rely on something deeper and powerful to keep us moving in the right direction. This is our purpose. This comes from being truthful to ourselves and being fully responsible of what we do. Purpose has to do with clarity and values. Those are not easy to find within, because often what we think is important is actually not. Hard inner work is required for good results.

    • says

      Hi Margarita

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. If you don’t have a resolve to keep things going, not necessarily a passion, then you’re going to give up sooner rather than later.

      That is how I think about blogging too Margarita. You definitely need to have to have a purpose, even if you don’t know what the end goal is fully.

      I’m sure many people start out with blogging thinking it’s going to be easy and I’ve learnt from experience that’s it’s not.

      As you say, hard inner work is required to keep moving forward and to achieve good results.

      Great comments Margarita. I hope you had a great Christmas.


  21. Dan Black says

    When it comes to blogging I jumped in and learned along the way. I think a lot of times the learning aspect prevents a lot of people from starting.

    A passion in the area of our niche/writing is essential. It’s the fuel that drives us forward and through the challenging seasons of blogging. I have seen many people stop blogging because they lost or where not focused on passion areas.

    I recently read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform which was amazing. Have you read his book? Looking forward to connecting with you and reading your blog.

    • says

      Hi Dan

      Happy New Year and welcome to my blog. It’s great to see you here.

      I think jumping in and learning along the way seems to be the best thing to do. If you read the theory you may never get beyond the book without ever trying thing out for yourself!

      I think my blog is gradually evolving into something I can become passionate about. I enjoy doing the research, the writing and the aspect of helping people. Passion wasn’t the reason I started the blog but it’s becoming something I enjoy at least.

      I’ve not read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform, no. I struggle to do anything beyond looking after the kids and keeping my blogs up to date but I will certainly look into it. Sounds interesting!

      Great to see you Dan and I’ll be sure to had on over to your blog in the next couple of days.


      • Dan Black says

        I hear you about being busy. When you do get a chance the book is worth reading. Looking forward to connecting more and reading your blog.

  22. says

    Hi Tim

    Your post really reminded me of those scary months with my first-born and not a CLUE what to do.

    I always remember getting to the end of the list in the “What to do when he cries” chapter and that awful feeling of hopelessness because he was still crying, louder than ever.

    But I plodded on regardless and he’s now 30, so he – and his brother – survived my ineptitude.

    Bit like my blogs – made some awful mistakes, despite doing courses, watching the videos etc etc. I only seem to learn by my mistakes.

    Do I wish I had done blogging AND mothering differently? Most certainly. But hindsight is a wonderful thing, and “We are where we are”! I did it MY way LOL.

    • says

      Hi Joy

      I remember the first few days after we first brought my son home from hospital after he was born.

      The first night went really well and he slept fine. The next night was absolute hell though and I stayed up with him most of the night.

      Sometimes we can read the theory behind something but without actually experiencing it, we’ve never learn for ourselves and our mistakes.

      Hindsight is definitely a wonderful thing but I also don’t think we should look back too much.

      Have a great weekend Joy!


  23. says

    hello tim
    visisting your blog for first time and i have seen some great articles here. i guess, blogging is both theory as well as experience you start with theory and end up with gaining more experience and skills. thanks for sharing these article with us

    • says

      Hi Prabhat

      It’s great to see you and thank you for commenting.

      I didn’t really begin with the theory when I started blogging, I just started writing. I’ve learnt more of the theory from the blogs I’ve been visiting and commenting on.

      From there I’ve gained more experience and made up my mind how I want to take my blog and my writing forward. It’s definitely a constant learning process.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend.


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