Will The Real Tim Bonner Please Stand Up?

Tim BonnerI always thought my name was reasonably uncommon.

I mean, how many other people could have the name Tim Bonner (or even Timothy Bonner if you really have to!)?

It turns out I’m not alone after all. I googled myself and what did I find?

Well, there’s many more of us than I first thought. In fact, there’s an absolute tonne of us!

Here’s how I rank on Google for various sites and profiles.

There’s a few things I can see from this.

  1. LinkedIn could be a much more valuable asset than I had first thought. I barely use LinkedIn and here I am on page 1.
  2. My Facebook Page needs some love and attention. It’s my least favourite of the social media sites for promoting my blog.
  3. I need to get my blog on the first page. It’s languishing at the top of the second page. How difficult can it be to get tim-bonner.com even just one place higher and on that elusive first page?
  4. There’s a faceless Google+ profile higher than mine in the rankings. That’s a little embarrassing! I need to try to do something about that.

So, now I need an action plan. Here we go…

Tim Bonner Domain name

I really wanted to buy my domain name without the hyphen. It looks more aesthetically pleasing to me and I just like it more.

Unfortunately it’s not available. Currently that domain redirects to a totally unrelated domain name. What a waste!

It doesn’t expire until March 2015 so I’ll have to hope it becomes available then.

About Page And Bio

My about page needs an overhaul and I need to set up a bio as at the moment its sadly lacking.


If you can’t mention yourself on your own blog then where can you? It’s the perfect means to openly talk about Tim Bonner! I’ve started now…

Social Media sites

LinkedIn really needs to be more of a priority because I’m on the first page. Equally though, I need to revamp my Facebook Page and get more involved with Google+ and Twitter.

Blog Commenting

I need to be persistent with blog commenting and continue to do this on a daily basis, particularly on do follow blogs in my niche.


I’ve stalled on doing videos for my blog for a while now but I’m aware that it’s a really great way to increase exposure for my name and hopefully search engine ranking. The aim is to get the first video on my blog by the end of February.

Become An Author

An eBook has always been my long-term goal. I’ve recently removed my free enticement to sign up to my newsletter; the aim being to start by writing something as a giveaway. I’m aiming to do this by the summer.

So that’s my action plan to improve search results for my name, Tim Bonner, and to build on my personal brand.

Are there any other methods you’ve used successfully to do this? Are you unique or are there lots of you too? What about your ranking?

As always, I look forward to receiving your thoughts and comments.

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  1. says

    Interesting Tim, I hadn’t googled myself in a while. Slideshare comes up first for me followed by LinkedIn. Have you done a slideshare yet? It’s eaasy with powerpoint to convert it into a slideshare. You can even do it as a video too. I also have a wordpress site with my name and that’s up there (it’s my resume) and don’t really want it UP there :) Go figure!
    Mashable is up there too on page 1 as well as bloggers. Are you on there too?
    I like your new email box up top (not the pop up though!) I may try to redo mine when I start using mail chimp vs. the WordPress one.

    • says

      Hi Lisa

      I’ve not done Slideshare yet, no. Sounds as though it’s something I need to look at though if it comes up first for you!

      Neither Mashable or bloggers feature anywhere for me but I haven’t set anything up with them. I’m doing Mashable right now :-).

      The new email box is done using a new plugin I bought called Hybrid Connect (aff link). It allows you to add images and video to your optin but the best part is you can do lots of split-testing and squeeze pages.

      I’m just trying out the pop up at the moment. I’ll probably not keep it going but I just wanted to see how it converted.

  2. says

    Hi Tim
    What interesting facts, I have never thought of doing this for my name :) I had the same problem though when buying my domain, I had to use an hyphen which I did not want either but it had gone…. hey we can’t always get what we want in life LOL
    I have been with LinkedIn for ages now but sadly I am not that active so I must make more of an effort too… I am on Twitter and Facebook every day but know I need to expand to Pinterest & Google+ too, something for the to do list!
    I have just signed up for a site called Social Buzz which is increasing my followers on Twitter and getting my blog out there more so I need to spend a little time on there every day to build it up.
    Good luck with the book, I am sure you will get it done and it will be great :)
    Have a good week

    • says

      Hi Pauline

      I don’t think it’s too bad to have the domain with the hyphen really but like you, I really wanted it without. If the other one comes up for me to purchase I’ll probably just redirect it to my current blog address anyway because that is established.

      I rarely look at LinkedIn too but I know a few people now who are concentrating less and less on the other social media sites in favour of LinkedIn. I’m going to take a bit more notice and see what happens when I engage people on there!

      There are so many sites to be active on now, I find it hard to keep up! Twitter is what I mainly use as well.

      I’m hoping I can get inspired with the eBook. It’s only going to be for a giveaway so it needs to be fairly short and to the point. Here’s hoping I will get it done too by the summer! :-)

      Have a great week too Pauline.


  3. Sapna says

    Hi Tim

    Great to know about your priorities, your approach seems to be very focussed and with this laser focus apprach you are surely going to rock in 2013. I will be eagerly waiting for your ebook.

    My Best of wishes to you.


    • says

      Hi Sapna

      I’m trying to be focussed; at least that was one of my goals for 2013! Life sometimes takes over though.

      Let’s hope I can stick to my target of writing the eBook by the summer :-).

      Have a great week!


  4. Aaron Brinker says


    I have looked up my name numerous times. I compete with one Aaron Brinker in San Francisco, California on everything. He is CEO of a company. Linked-in does get top priority for name but that could be changing rather quickly. Do you use google authorship on your posts? It has been moving name up the list even quicker as has doing guest post. I do not own the linked in Aaron Brinker without a hyphen and my goal is to get him knocked off of the number 1 slot still….I am sad i guess….lol

    Aaron Brinker

    • says

      Hey Aaron

      That’s a great goal to knock the other Aaron Brinker off the top spot! I love that :-).

      I’m competing with someone from the pro-hunting lobby, an orthopaedic surgeon and a hockey player mainly.

      I do use Google authorship, yes. Although I haven’t set up a Google+ page as yet, just my personal account. Have you got a Google+ page as well? I’m thinking maybe an author bio after each post may help as well.

      • Aaron Brinker says


        I do have a google + page! I have had one for a long time. I have read that people belief that a bio with a picture helps in ranking (because it proofs authority and that your serious about doing something). It definitely could not hurt have a bio after each post.

        Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

        • says

          Hmmm, I think I may need to set one up on Google+, Aaron. I have a Facebook page but that tends to languish unloved so I don’t want to do the same with a Google+ page!

          I have a plugin I use which helps with Google authorship, Authosure and I seem to remember you can set up a bio after each page with it.

          So, that’s another thing on my list of things to do in the next few days.

  5. says

    Hi Tim,

    I believe this should not be a one time action plan mate :) I’ve been googling mine regularly, especially to see if my name goes on spammy websites. How about our name mentioned in a PORN site? Ugh! Never happened but one of my friend found her video at a porn site and for me, I’ve found some folks copying my content including the about page 😉 Since then, I google my name.

    The about page really matters and mention your social profile links there. If you can use rel=”me” attribute for that links, it’s even better Tim :)

    I hope you have added your blog to your Google+ profile :) It matters and make sure you have verified your blog there. It adds some points and rank your blog well for your name. You know Google prefer Google+ 😉 YouTube is a BIG plus as I hear from video creators and personally I don’t know as I’m not there yet mate.

    Missing in action such as commenting and interacting could be a disadvantage as I feel Tim :) Consistency matters there. Don’t worry, it will become a habit for you and it will be nothing at all.

    I think switching to another domain is bit of risk as you will need to redirect all the backlinks established and as you gonna use a domain already in use, do the homework on it mate. If that domain is blacklisted or considered spammy somewhere, you gonna get into hot water. My believe is, dash would never be a problem if you build your authority :)

    Wish you all the best with your eBook and I’m sure you will surprise your community :)


    • says

      Hey Mayura

      I know you’re right! I should be checking this more often, along with the page rank of my website in general. It’s one of my least favourite things to do and so it tends to get left to the side.

      Now that would be interesting; finding your video at a porn site. I wonder what the video was about!

      I have added my blog to my Google+ profile and verified it. I hadn’t linked any other profiles to Google+ though so I’ve now done that. I’m not sure if that will help?

      I’m trying to keep up with the commenting and interacting as much as I can and I hear you on the consistency.

      I’ve also decided to post once a week on a Monday going forward. I should be able to keep to that schedule no problem with everything else that’s going on around me.

      If I can hold of the domain without the hyphen I think all I would do is redirect it to my blog with the hyphen. I’d just rather not have it redirect to a totally unrelated website!

      I’m on a mission to get something written in eBook form by the summer so I can add it as a giveaway for my optin. Watch this space!

      Have a great week Mayura and thank you for your comments.


      • says

        The video was of a friend of mine Tim and as I remember it’s about personal development :)

        If you have verified your blog then it’s great Tim :) Listing your profiles on Google+ profile may help others to find you on other social platforms. Not helping for search ranking as I know though. Well, I was referring to your about page here on your blog mate :)


        • says

          Hey Mayura

          I kind of thought it wouldn’t help with search ranking really but hey ho!

          I knew you were referring to the about page but I thought I may as well update them on Google+ too :-).

  6. says

    You’ll have to let me know if you need any help with getting your e-book ready by summer. I was at the same point last summer. My e-letter list hasn’t grown astronomically because of the giveaway, but it is helping.

    • says

      Hi Erin

      That would be really useful and very kind of you. Thank you.

      It seems to be a given these days that you offer some small enticement for people to sign up to your list! Great to hear yours is working even if slowly.

      So let’s hope I can get something done by the summer :-).

  7. Andrew Stark says

    Hi Tim,

    Have you got this blog set up for google authorship? I’ve heard that if you’re writing good content it really helps to get your site and content ranked well. It may also help to put a signature line / author box at the end of each post that has your full name, and this coupled with the main site description is bound to help.

    Also it’s worth signing up for google alerts, so that you can see if any of the things you do on with social media or comments make it through to google. It will also help you learn what the other Tim Bonner’s are up to.

    I have to use some filters as one of the other Andrew Stark’s is a gay adult film star in America, so count yourself lucky about those others are doing for careers.


    • says

      Hey Andrew

      I do have my blog set up for Google authorship and it has helped my ranking for sure.

      I had considered putting a signature line / author box at the end of each post and I don’t know why I never did! Thanks for the reminder :-).

      I was getting far too many daily Google alerts so I’ve changed them to weekly but I do have one set up for Tim Bonner. It’s mostly a hockey player with the same name who I get alerts for.

      That made me LOL Andrew; a gay adult film star :-). I should definitely count myself lucky!


  8. says

    Hi Tim

    Very interesting indeed. I think I could fall into obscurity on this one. Although when I look on Google and eliminate my search profile to world, it did show up #25, but that was for Squidoo. But since Google searches, even with the modifying is questionable, so who knows where I am really at. Maybe what I need is an extremely unusual name!

    So since this will be a task in futility I think I will just stick with the comments, writing and psychology classes I am studying. Good luck with your endeavors.


    • says

      Hi Mary

      An unusual name would certainly help! I thought mine was reasonably unusual until I googled it :-).

      I know what you mean though. With Google serving different results depending on where you are in the world etc, who knows where we really are in the their rankings!

      I hope you’re having a great week so far Mary.


  9. says

    Interesting Tim. I thought that your name was unique too, and would have been really surprised to see the domain taken, or different profiles in social media. I am not sure if I want to Google my name, because I have always thought that I am the only one in the world with that name.. but who knows what I’ll find :)

    • says

      Hey Jens

      It’s surprising what you do find if you google your name!

      At least I didn’t come up with someone who is a male porn star with the same name like Andrew did. There’s not much you can do about that!

  10. Theodore Nwangene says

    Hi Tim,
    I’ve heard many times that Linkedin is very effective when it comes to driving traffic to a blog but just like you, I’ve never given it an ample time at all and you’ve just reminded me of that now.

    I like your plan and I’m sure you will achieve it.

    Do let us know of any way we could be of help along the way.

    Lets succeed together.

    BTW: Please what plugin are you using for your pop up?

    • says

      Hi Theodore

      I’m going to have a look at LinkedIn tonight and look at it a little more. That’s at least my plan started! :-)

      Thanks for your support. It’s always great to succeed together and I’ll definitely let you know if you can be of help.

      The plugin I’m using is Hybrid Connect (aff link) for all of the optins on my blog.

      I’m still experimenting with it at the moment and I’m not too sure whether I’ll keep the pop up or not.

      What I really like about it is the split testing you can do. For example, you could set up four different optin boxes that will rotate in your sidebar. Over time, Hybrid Connect will automatically track clicks and signups and remove the three optin forms which don’t perform.

      You can keep doing that over and over again and refine your optin forms.

  11. says

    Hi Tim,

    An interesting topic! I did once google my name and was chuffed to bits when my picture came up on the first page, but I think it was just a fluke. I’m really trying to develop both my WriteClever brand and my name – I think being active on Google+ under my personal profile might help in the long run.

    I’m hoping that my profile will gradually grow organically, as I become increasingly and consistently active and keep connecting with people via social media. I don’t have a strategy, as such, at the moment, other than just getting myself out there. I should probably do more on LinkedIn, but it’s just finding the time!

    Another thought-provoker, Tim – thank you!


    • says

      Hi Sue

      I agree. Being active on Google+ and also setting up Google authorship will definitely help you develop your WriteClever brand and your name.

      You’re doing much better at the social media thing than me of late and the commenting. I’ve struggled a little to keep up with things at times and I hear you when it comes to LinkedIn. When we’ve got Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and then you throw in another, it does get a bit much!

      It’s great that we’re all trying to achieve a similar goal though and can help each other along the way :-).

      Have a great week Sue.


  12. says

    Hi Tim,

    It sounds like you have a solid plan. It is not all that different from what I have been doing and I have found my name ranks relatively high on most searches.

    One of the big things is to be consistent and sustain your effort. If you keep plugging away with the posts and the comments it pays off.

    • says

      Thanks Josh.

      I’m glad to hear I’m on the right track as you’re doing something similar.

      I kind of lost my way just after the Christmas period a little but I’ve decided to sustain things by posting once a week for now.

      Once I made the decision, I found writing so much easier and so much more fun; rather than applying too much pressure to get things done around looking after the kids.

      It also gives me more time to make and answer comments.

      They say that the more you write the easier it gets so I will increase that back up to 2 posts a week and maybe more once I feel like I can keep that level going.

  13. says

    Nah, there’s only one me and glad the ‘real’ Tim Bonner stood up and sought to help others with this.

    I’ve never given importance to LinkedIN and maybe I should, after it ranks top for my name too. My blog’s on page 1 right now, so that’s a bit satisfactory.

    Thanks for sharing, certainly enlightened me a bit!


    • says

      Hi Aditya

      No problem. It sounds as though we should all be paying a little more attention to LinkedIn maybe :-)!

      Great that your blog’s on page one. Mine’s still on page 2 but I’m hoping to change that soon.

      Have a great week Aditya.


  14. says

    Hi Tim,

    It is really an interesting post. I enjoyed reading it. I am also looking forward to reading your book. I hope you bring it out asap :). Wish you a good morning .

    • says

      Hey Ashvini

      Thanks for saying that :-).

      I’m aiming to get a short eBook ready as soon as possible as a freebie for anyone who subscribes to my mailing list.

      It would be great to go beyond that by the summer. I’ll certainly try my best and I’ll no doubt mention it on my blog for sure :-)!

      I hope you’re having a great week Ashvini.


  15. says

    Hey Tim,

    Oh, I’m not surprised that you found a lot more of your name out there. I thought mine wouldn’t be very common but there are a few doctor’s, an athlete and even an actress with my same name (I’ve got her beat though).

    If you Google me, my blog shows up on the first page, in the fourth slot and further down the first page you’ll see my Twitter profile. Twitter is my #1 source of referral traffic so I’m really not surprised. It varies a little when you Google my name but my blog has always been on page 1. Yay!!!

    My Google+ profile is on the second page and my YouTube channel and LinkedIn are on the third. You’ll finally find my Facebook page on the fourth page and that’s really pretty cool to me because I only have a little over 500 fans. Oh and let me mention to you that there are over 15 million searches for my name.

    Not too shabby Tim and I have a feeling we can all do better to get everything on the first page. Huh, I guess I’ve got more work to do.


    • says

      Hey Adrienne

      Wow, your stats are pretty darn cool aren’t they :-). I have some way to go!

      Great that you’ve got the actress beat and I’m sure you’re doing all the right things to get everything on the first page!

      I still find it odd that my LinkedIn profile is on the first page as I really don’t do that much with it.

      I just googled myself again tonight and I came up in the images on the first page. That was a little strange but good I think :-).

      I still have so much to learn but at least I have a plan now in place for getting further up the Google rankings.

      I just checked Bing and my blog is on the first page in position #2 and I’m also on the first page for LinkedIn and my About Me page. That surprised me.


  16. says

    Sounds like a plan to me. Same thing happened to me with Bill Dorman, in fact the billdorman.com guy is somewhat active in social too and actually lives in Florida too. Maybe one day we’ll meet.

    Of course, I’m still trying to find any Dorman with money…….:).

    • says

      Hey Bill

      My biggest rival appears to be a pro-fox hunting chap from the UK, although there is a US hockey player with the same name as me too.

      I guess it depends on where you are in the world as to where we all rank as I’m sure the hockey player will be above me in US searches.

      That’s funny that the other Bill Dorman is also in Florida. He could live just around the corner!

      Who knows, he could be a long lost relative and a billionaire :-). Good luck with that one.

  17. says

    Dude, I’m the 2nd most famous Mitch Mitchell on the internet. Unfortunately, the guy ahead of me played with Hendrix, so he dominates the space. I also tried getting the domain name with my name in it but I think some folks are squatting on it, so that’s gone. At best I own the Google authorship and my presence is growing; I’ll take what I can get. :-)

    • says

      Hey Mitch

      The 2nd most famous Mitch Mitchell is still pretty cool I’d say! I’m sure you’ll surpass the guy who played with Hendrix one day soon :-).

      I like your philosophy; I’ll take what I can get too!

      Enjoy the rest of your week Mitch.

  18. says

    I did a similar exercise a week or so back and also found my LinkedIn page came up top, so i did a bit of souping up then. But I’m not very active with it.

    Funnily enough also on page 1 was a directory I’d listed myself with YEARS ago, and never even done anything with them. Must try and make contact.

    Some interesting suggestions for me to follow up on too.

    Here’s another suggestion, a particular favorite of mine: https://www.rebelmouse.com/joyhealey/

    Not showing up yet, but I like it!

    • says

      Hey Joy

      Great minds think alike!

      I’ve not done much with LinkedIn since I wrote this post but I’ve started to schedule in time to become more active with it.

      My Facebook Page really does need some love and attention so that will be my first task next week!

      I’ve not heard of rebelmouse so thank you for sharing that. I’m go and take a look.

  19. says

    Hi Tim, Fascinating. I’m glad you’re looking at owning your name. I connected with another Carolyn Mohr on Facebook. It’s always unnerving when she posts though.

    I couldn’t get carolynmohr.com but I did get carolynnicandermohr.com. I redirect it to The Wonder of Tech. I bought domain names for my daughters’ names. I had to use the middle name for one of my daughters, but I got the domain names for all three of them. They may some day need them, who knows? Domain names are pretty inexpensive.

    But I haven’t Googled myself lately.

    The reason I use my maiden name as my middle name is because there is only one Carolyn Nicander Mohr. Nicander is very rare of a name in the US, though Mohr is quite common.

    You’re the only Tim Bonner I know!

    • says

      Hey Carolyn

      I saw some other Tim Bonner’s on Facebook and thought about connecting with them but I haven’t as yet! I would find it unnerving too when they posted.

      That’s a great idea to get the domain names for your children. It didn’t even cross my mind to do that but as you rightly say, they are relatively inexpensive to get, so why not?

      I going to go and check out whether I can get my kids’ ones now. They are George and Maebh (the Irish spelling of Maeve since my wife is Irish!). I suspect there may be a few George Bonner’s around but not many Maebhs :-).

      You’re the only Carolyn Nicander Mohr I know too!

      • says

        Yes, in the beginning after I connected with the other Carolyn Mohr I thought I was hacked every time she posted. But now that happens only every so often. Luckily I like what she posts!

        Do you use middle names in your family? That will help getting a domain name that’s available.

        Yes, domain names are quite inexpensive and your children may find that owning their domain names will be very handy some day!

        • says

          Hi Carolyn

          Yes, my kids both have middle names.

          I checked earlier today and their domain names aren’t taken yet with or without middle names so I’m going to snap them up before they are!

  20. David Landen says

    I thought my name was fairly uncommon as well until I looked it up online. There are very many people with the same name and I think it is interesting to see what they are interested in. You could try contacting the person that owns the domain but then you kind of set yourself up for an expensive purchase. Good luck and make sure you mark your calendar for that expiration date!

    • says

      Hey David

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m pleased to meet you.

      It was interesting seeing what all the other Tim Bonner;s were doing on Google, I agree! No porn stars at least :-).

      I did think about contacting the person who owns the domain but for the very reason you mention, it could be an expensive purchase, I haven’t done it.

      I’ve got a diary note to check out when it becomes available so hopefully I won’t forget!

      Thank you for your comments David.

      Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope to see you again soon.


    • says

      I just did a check David and the .net is available so I may pick that one up. I’m not so keen on .org, although it’s taken in any case.

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  21. says


    I guess “Dee Ann Rice” is a little less common than some other names. I was still surprised to find that my Facebook profile is on the second page. My blog is at the top of the first page though so that is good. My YouTube, Ezine Articles and Kindle store are on page one.

    I had never looked at where all of my different sites landed when I searched for myself. That was interesting.

    I guess maybe I should do more to get some more things on page one but on the other hand all except for one thing on page one was about me. So I guess I am not doing so bad.

    Dee Ann

    • says

      Hey Dee Ann

      I would say you’re not doing too bad at all! Wow, that’s pretty cool that most things on page are about you.

      It will help to have a less common name but you still need to have great content etc so hats off to you!

      Have a great weekend Dee Ann and thank you for commenting.


  22. says

    Hi Tim,
    As far as I am concerned, the real Tim Bonner is right here with us!

    The truth is, I do not know any other Tim Bonner, but even though I did, you would still have eminence over them.

    For your name match domain, have you considered making the current owner an offer? I don’t think it is a big deal but if you want it that much no point waiting three years to get it.

    If you want to rank for your name, create more links pointing back to your pages using your name as anchor text. :)

    • says

      Hey Yeremi

      Thank you for your kind comments. That made my day!

      I did consider contacting the owner but I’m sure that would turn out to be an expensive way of acquiring it.

      To be honest I only want the domain so that no-one else has it! But it’s not the end of the earth if I don’t get it. My blog is established on the hyphen version of the domain so I would just do a redirect to that one anyway.

      Thanks for the suggestion about anchor text. I’ll need to find a place I can put a link with the anchor text as my name!

      Have a great weekend Yeremi and thank you for commenting.


  23. says

    Great topic Tim. When I was a lad, I was somewhat irritated that Mom and Dad had stuck me with Barrett, an Anglicanisation of my Lebanese grandfather’s name, Barakat (the same basically as Barack, which does not exactly please me…).

    But being the world’s one and only Barrett Rossie comes in pretty handy in some ways!

    Best wishes, Tim.

    • says

      Hey Barrett

      Great to see you.

      Barrett’s a great name and I’m sure it definitely comes in handy as it’s so unique.

      Although I’m sure a unique name can be an issue too if for any reason you want to be part of the crowd and not stand out.

      I don’t really like Timothy as my name, although Tim is fine. I’m not sure why but it makes me feel a little uncomfortable whenever people use the full version!

      I hope you’re having a great weekend Barrett.


  24. Annie André says

    Is it bad that this post made me giggle.
    I sometimes google your name to find your blog because i always forget to put the dash in your URL. I get very irritated when you are not at the top. :)

    On another note, I did my own search..
    #1 on Linkedin
    #1 on Pinterest
    #1 on Google plus
    #1 on Facebook, I think
    #3 on Youtube– Right after some video of an orchestra playing Annie’s song originally by John Denver
    #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #9 on Google woo hoo

    Annie Andre

    • says

      Hey Annie

      No, I’m pleased it made you giggle! I mean to entertain.

      I’m always trying to find new and interesting ways to get to the top of Google with that name of mine :-). One day I’ll get there.

      Great that you’re already there and you need to get that other video pushed off the first page!

  25. Shane Graham says

    I truly wanted to participate in the Free Commissions for Life.
    But when I tried to pay for the service the website was unavailable with an error of HTTP500 stating the website didn’t exist. As most people I was already skeptical so I canceled all charges. IF there is someone within your organization that would like to work with me on this issue please feel free to contact me.

    • says

      Hi Shane

      Welcome to my blog.

      I’m not sure what Free Commissions For Life is so I’m not sure how I can help you.

      Were your comments meant to be directed to another blog or website?

  26. Heru Prasetyono says

    I myself prefer showing my real name and real picture for my social media profile.
    The communication will be more enjoyable if each person knows one another well eventhoug they do not meet each other directly.

    • says

      Hi Heru

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting.

      I completely agree with you and I think the best thing to do when it comes to social media is to use your real name and picture.

      People like to know who they’re talking to and are less likely to connect to a faceless profile.


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