Will The Real Tim Bonner Please Stand Up?

Tim BonnerI always thought my name was reasonably uncommon.

I mean, how many other people could have the name Tim Bonner (or even Timothy Bonner if you really have to!)?

It turns out I’m not alone after all. I googled myself and what did I find?

Well, there’s many more of us than I first thought. In fact, there’s an absolute tonne of us!

Here’s how I rank on Google for various sites and profiles.

There’s a few things I can see from this.

  1. LinkedIn could be a much more valuable asset than I had first thought. I barely use LinkedIn and here I am on page 1.
  2. My Facebook Page needs some love and attention. It’s my least favourite of the social media sites for promoting my blog.
  3. I need to get my blog on the first page. It’s languishing at the top of the second page. How difficult can it be to get tim-bonner.com even just one place higher and on that elusive first page?
  4. There’s a faceless Google+ profile higher than mine in the rankings. That’s a little embarrassing! I need to try to do something about that.

So, now I need an action plan. Here we go…

Tim Bonner Domain name

I really wanted to buy my domain name without the hyphen. It looks more aesthetically pleasing to me and I just like it more.

Unfortunately it’s not available. Currently that domain redirects to a totally unrelated domain name. What a waste!

It doesn’t expire until March 2015 so I’ll have to hope it becomes available then.

About Page And Bio

My about page needs an overhaul and I need to set up a bio as at the moment its sadly lacking.


If you can’t mention yourself on your own blog then where can you? It’s the perfect means to openly talk about Tim Bonner! I’ve started now…

Social Media sites

LinkedIn really needs to be more of a priority because I’m on the first page. Equally though, I need to revamp my Facebook Page and get more involved with Google+ and Twitter.

Blog Commenting

I need to be persistent with blog commenting and continue to do this on a daily basis, particularly on do follow blogs in my niche.


I’ve stalled on doing videos for my blog for a while now but I’m aware that it’s a really great way to increase exposure for my name and hopefully search engine ranking. The aim is to get the first video on my blog by the end of February.

Become An Author

An eBook has always been my long-term goal. I’ve recently removed my free enticement to sign up to my newsletter; the aim being to start by writing something as a giveaway. I’m aiming to do this by the summer.

So that’s my action plan to improve search results for my name, Tim Bonner, and to build on my personal brand.

Are there any other methods you’ve used successfully to do this? Are you unique or are there lots of you too? What about your ranking?

As always, I look forward to receiving your thoughts and comments.

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61 Comments on "Will The Real Tim Bonner Please Stand Up?"

Heru Prasetyono
1 year 3 months ago

I myself prefer showing my real name and real picture for my social media profile.
The communication will be more enjoyable if each person knows one another well eventhoug they do not meet each other directly.

1 year 3 months ago

Hi Heru

Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting.

I completely agree with you and I think the best thing to do when it comes to social media is to use your real name and picture.

People like to know who they’re talking to and are less likely to connect to a faceless profile.


Shane Graham
2 years 1 month ago

I truly wanted to participate in the Free Commissions for Life.
But when I tried to pay for the service the website was unavailable with an error of HTTP500 stating the website didn’t exist. As most people I was already skeptical so I canceled all charges. IF there is someone within your organization that would like to work with me on this issue please feel free to contact me.

2 years 1 month ago

Hi Shane

Welcome to my blog.

I’m not sure what Free Commissions For Life is so I’m not sure how I can help you.

Were your comments meant to be directed to another blog or website?

Annie André
2 years 1 month ago

Is it bad that this post made me giggle.
I sometimes google your name to find your blog because i always forget to put the dash in your URL. I get very irritated when you are not at the top. :)

On another note, I did my own search..
#1 on Linkedin
#1 on Pinterest
#1 on Google plus
#1 on Facebook, I think
#3 on Youtube– Right after some video of an orchestra playing Annie’s song originally by John Denver
#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #9 on Google woo hoo

Annie Andre

2 years 1 month ago

Hey Annie

No, I’m pleased it made you giggle! I mean to entertain.

I’m always trying to find new and interesting ways to get to the top of Google with that name of mine :-). One day I’ll get there.

Great that you’re already there and you need to get that other video pushed off the first page!

Barrett Rossie
2 years 2 months ago

Great topic Tim. When I was a lad, I was somewhat irritated that Mom and Dad had stuck me with Barrett, an Anglicanisation of my Lebanese grandfather’s name, Barakat (the same basically as Barack, which does not exactly please me…).

But being the world’s one and only Barrett Rossie comes in pretty handy in some ways!

Best wishes, Tim.

2 years 2 months ago

Hey Barrett

Great to see you.

Barrett’s a great name and I’m sure it definitely comes in handy as it’s so unique.

Although I’m sure a unique name can be an issue too if for any reason you want to be part of the crowd and not stand out.

I don’t really like Timothy as my name, although Tim is fine. I’m not sure why but it makes me feel a little uncomfortable whenever people use the full version!

I hope you’re having a great weekend Barrett.


Yeremi Akpan
2 years 2 months ago

Hi Tim,
As far as I am concerned, the real Tim Bonner is right here with us!

The truth is, I do not know any other Tim Bonner, but even though I did, you would still have eminence over them.

For your name match domain, have you considered making the current owner an offer? I don’t think it is a big deal but if you want it that much no point waiting three years to get it.

If you want to rank for your name, create more links pointing back to your pages using your name as anchor text. :)

2 years 2 months ago

Hey Yeremi

Thank you for your kind comments. That made my day!

I did consider contacting the owner but I’m sure that would turn out to be an expensive way of acquiring it.

To be honest I only want the domain so that no-one else has it! But it’s not the end of the earth if I don’t get it. My blog is established on the hyphen version of the domain so I would just do a redirect to that one anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion about anchor text. I’ll need to find a place I can put a link with the anchor text as my name!

Have a great weekend Yeremi and thank you for commenting.